Stan Lee’s The Lucky Man/ The Lucky Man. Episodes One and Two some notes and dialogue with Review at the end. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on Sky 1 Channel.

Stan Lee’s The Lucky Man


Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Beautiful, luridly filmed, London: London Bridge.

A man is giving a speech for his own leaving party.

We get the idea about how lucky or not the infamous bracelet is.

Officially Chinese man in a gambling den:
“Some people gamble not to win but to lose..”
Do Chinese people always have to issue wise sayings.

Who knew Nigerian guys still wore shirts like that.

Oh no. Here’s Omad Djali as the (owner of) official sleazy club and he is quoting Balthazar in the blink of an eye. It reminds me of when Omad Djali used to take the piss out of his own stereotype.

So next we have the eponymous ex-wife.

So Stan Lee makes an appearance-briefly-at his own book signing.

Episode Two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So. I hate those underwater scenes.

Beautiful, beautiful shots of London. Lit at night, day and luridly lit afternoon.

Miss Chan:
“”My father liked you..”
“Weak and broken man..”
(puff puff)

So I started off taking the Lucky Man seriously as a regular Police drama. Which is why it didn’t seem that good.
Plus a bit daft.
It seemed a bit exaggerated and flat.
Then I remembered it’s a Marvel Comic book creation by their creator: Stan Lee.

When I remember this everything seems to fit. I’m more in the zone. The wondrous colours and stylised scenes look Marvell-like.

Omad Djali is doing his best (officially) Iranian accent.
When he’s Iranian.

The lady Detective to Ben:
I’m Hindu, you’re…nothing!”
It is a Marvel comic after all.


So I do confess that it has been some time since I saw the Lucky Man. Well two episodes that is.

When the lone, suffering (for whatever reason) Detective goes to confession in dramas: the Priest is always his mate. Isn’t he.

So the Detective never does get to confess-does he. If he really was going to. (this really being a fact finding mission) confess I mean. Because the priest is his mate! He can’t now can he. But I digress.

The point of this preamble is to note the possible unfairness present in reviewing The Lucky Man after all this time.

When I went off and tried other things: Shadowhunter. Grimm of course and mainly Once Upon A Time (another long, lovely and long, five season series).

The main thing I remember about The Lucky Man is the glaringly bright daylight scenes in its depiction of London, some spectacular stunts and the two Detectives framed in the windscreen of that little red car.
An MG possibly, I believe.

This framing of two protagonists or characters: in a windscreen as a fixed frame while the car is still moving along- has made a comeback. In dramas recently. Well they used it to wonderful old Hollywood effect in the series Hemlock Grove.

Here in The Lucky Man the stylised dramatic effect of the framed two talking heads: appears quaint. And vaguely anarchic. Lending the drama a certain charm. In those scenes. For me it almost put the drama back in time. successfully. Whilst at the same time rendering the feel of the drama to be effectively timeless Classically timeless.

Apart from these artistic considerations there is of course a crime to solve for the two Detectives on top of the whole magic bracelet mystery. Eventually and predictably the two ongoing story-lines will collide..Impact on each other even.

Mostly so far James Nesbit runs a lot looking worried.

Oh and a beautiful mysterious woman pops up intermittently at times. On a motorbike. Dressed fetchingly in black motorcycle leathers. To offer impenetrable phrases to James Nesbit. Obscure in meaning. But meant to be warnings. None of which is very helpful at all.

Because people in dramas never just explain urgent stuff do they. No. They just have to be cool. And necessarily obtuse.

The unfortunate effect of being followed by black leather clad bikers in black helmets in dramas: is you’re never quite sure if they’re the baddies about to do a drive-by shooting.

So when James Nesbit as the Detective is followed by the black leathered biker in the black helmet: you’re never quite sure if she’s really evil, an assassin.

Meanwhile James Nesbit to the mysterious unsmiling woman (because cool, obtusely speaking characters never smile)
“But what about the bracelet?..”

The Lucky Man was all pleasingly stylish. But overall a bit soulless for me. A good Marvel Comic book rendition into a drama.

The Marvel book side was successfully evoked mostly by the characters. However the Police procedural story-line did not always gel with the comic book vibe.

Mixtures of the two different stories and characters sometimes fell flat. Not every character gets the Gotham vibe. As I call it.

That hyper realism conveying graphic comic books or novels: is a hard act to pull off. I reckon.

Yes, I know this is not Gotham. The Gotham vibe just nicely describes this successfully created: comic book feel.


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