Silent Witness Series Nineteen-In Plain Sight Part Two. Notes and dialogue only. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on BBC One. (Follows on from Part One posted on 3rd March 2016)

In Plain Sight

Part Two.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

I dunno. Watching Part two is seeming like a real chore.  Because Part one has already lost serious credibility with me.

So  here’s the over-accented Cockney Detective.

I think it’s fairly obvious who did it.

In an every more unlikely representation of the Police force, a Policeman with a sub-machine gun guards a crime scene!

Jack sets to and starts taking evidence.  When not asked.


Phillipa Sharpe is seriously underwhelming and absolutely everywhere.  Is that even allowed? No matter..

Niki to soulful bearded Armed Response Unit man:

“What are you doing?”

“This is a crime scene!”

Nobody said that to Phillipa.

Now Jack is questioning a suspect.  As Forensic scientists do- ’cause that just happens all the time.

Jack is tagging along as some lone forensic-well I don’t know what.  Considering he is a private worker.

Thomas to Phillipa:

“I’m not going to talk to you about Tom Keating’s murder”

About time.

The over-accented cockney Detective is shouting this head off now in the interview room.  Meanwhile Jack is next door.  Now Jack is in the interview room!  Asking the suspect questions.

As you do.


They match up the bullet holes.


“Passed through the peritoneum..”


“Looks like the fatal wound was this one…”


“There should be blood spatter on this headboard!”

Jack: (at the scene)

“I think I’ve found the bullet hole, but no bullet..”


“This person wasn’t crazed or emotional..

“Or agitated..”

she continues:

“This was a cold blooded, efficient killer..

Confident with guns”.

The second mostly likely suspect comes to the Lyle laboratories.  Everybody does.  Go there, hang out and give emotional speeches that is.  How do they all know where the Lab is?

Oh look. it must be Mile End,  they have purple wheelie bins there!

Bruno is toast of course.

So another machine gun-toting Policeman guards a crime scenes.


“I’m going to do an Old School..”

“(a) Sodium Rhodizonate test”

So Jack is looking  moody and cogitating.

However I already know who did it.  Because this is BBC One.  Which is really tiresome.

Jack is in on the interview again.

Polish lady to Jack:

“We came from a good family..”

“When we came here, we were treated like dirt!”

Lovely and patently untrue.

Another search.


“Bruno Webley’s gun..”


“Traces of sweat, found in the groove..”

“Traces of metabolite..”

Now Jack is facing up to two fully armed men..

Oh my goodness.


So it wasn’t who I thought did it.  But not far off.  I knew it couldn’t be anybody outside this category.  Of BBC One’s official victims and perpetrators policy


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