Silent Witness-Series Nineteen. Episode Twenty-final episode. River’s Edge Part Two. Some notes and dialogue. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on BBC One. This episode follows on from Episode Nineteen-Part One of River’s Edge- notes and dialogue and Review posted on 17th March 2016

Silent Witness 

Series Nineteen

Episode Twenty-

Final episode of the series.

River’s Edge Part Two.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Short notes only.  Already wrote too much.

TV Announcer:

Now on BBC One…some scenes some viewers might find upsetting..bla bla as per usual the announcer announces some plot..

Here is the Lulu meets Twiggy (curly lipped and eyelashes) the oddly accented-Detective.

Jack and Niki wonder the woods.  Previously we got to see Jack doing his whole wading thing, in his gigantic overalls with his staff.

Now Jack is conjuring up actual film reconstructions that happen in the forest- as they (Niki and Jack) both look a bit, to the left!

Oh no.  Now we are getting a flashback of another story.  I do like how Silent Witness has these dramatic twists or quirks.

Jack is like some giant elf in appearance.  You realise he’s really tall (when) inside.

Uh oh.  A wishbone..

Niki and Jack having gone rogue a while back.  Forensic rogue let’s call it.

Thumping music ensues.

(Meanwhile Jack and Niki are still in the woods)

Niki has fallen over.  As only (ever) girls do in dramas.

Of course expert tracker hunter Jack is hiding her in the heather having self-camouflaged them both. He is the black-ops superman spiderman. Sorta.

The side story of the Wallander (series) style drama is interesting.

Crime scene.

Thomas is taking photos. At the scene.

Piano music plays.

Did I mention the character who looks like Brian blessed and Oliver Reed rolled into one.  Ah.  Here he comes now..and he is really quite sinister.

The curly lashed Detective who looks like she is from the 1970’s is growing on me.

Uh oh.  First autopsy.  Detective Inspector Butcher watches and chats, from the gallery..

First Autopsy.

Niki to DCI Butcher:

“We’re going to do them (the autopsies) seperately. to avoid cross contamination..”


“Long blond hair..”



“Her arms and legs have post-mortem scratches..”

“Branches and thorns..;”

…More stuff.  Ugh.


“There’s a strong smell of bleach, undiluted..”

Giant Jack is back.  At a crime scene at night.

The Detective Inspector is amping it up in the interview room.

Oh no.  The sad flashback in time continues.

So it’s all going down.

Get out of the car-now.

Look out behind you..

You just know that the envelope is not gonna be good.


“Cherchez the gun..”

In the interview room.

DCI Butcher: (to a suspect)

“There’s a singular pattern to the calls..”

C’mon.  No more bodies.

Then we find out how it happened.  From the beginning.

Don’t tell me.

Experimental music plays.

Jack empties the rubbish on the lab table. Clarissa and Jack are in the laboratory.  Going through the rubbish..



“”The depth and shape of the wound..”

So there’s going to be a denouement.  Great stuff.

Any time now Niki..


“One black BMW..”

Niki is on a mission.

Oh My goodness.

Well.  All in all a good one this one overall.

Piano playing now.

Terminal Two-Queen’s Terminal.  Is where it ends.



DCI Sally Butcher forgot that:

” A singular pattern to the calls” was not actually evidence.  She has been hanging out with the forensic team too long.


OK it wasn’t a wishbone..


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