Shadowhunters-Netflix. some short notes and dialogue.

Netflix description of Shadowhunters:

“Shadowhunters-The Mortal Instruments.”

“On her 18th/ eighteenth birthday, she must embrace a powerful legacy: protecting the human race from some frighteningly evil foes.”
Nb. “She” refers to the heroine of Shadowhunters, young Clary.

Shadow Hunters

Episode One.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
Ok Shadowhunters is unintentionally and minorly hilarious.  You get to hear dialogue like:


“Will the runes kill me?”
Hunky Shadowhunter to the other (Shadowhunter):

“We’ve broken seven Clave rules already and you want to meet the Silent Brothers?”
Hunky Shadowhunter to Clary: (the heroine)

“They”ll hold the Soul Sword to your head and with it’s blade, carve the truth from your mind..”

“And if you’re not strong enough, it will kill you”.

He continues:

“The Silent Brothers don’t speak..”

(no, really?)
The Shadowhunters call the humans:

“The Mundane”

often sneeringly as in:

“What’s a Mundane doing here?!”

ie. an uncool person, not like us..
The Shadowhunters have stylish runes seemingly tattooed on their necks but when they rub their arms with a glow light stick the rune tattoos seem to glow and burn.
Clary to (the) hunky Shadowhunter: (who has sprouted a sort of torch in his hand)

“What’s that?”

Hunky Shadowhunter:

“It’s witch light..”

“We carry it to remind us there is light along the way…”

“Plus it’s a kind of cool torch”.  Yep.
The hunky Shadowhunter continues:

“You have to understand, the Brothers are not like us..”

“Don’t let their silence fool you..”

“They’ll hold the Soul Sword to your head..”

“Read your mind..”

“I’ll walk through fire..”

“I’l do anything, to get my Mom back..”

“Battle demons if I have to”
Simon: (the heroine’s best friend)

“The funny dead friend that gets left behind..”

Hunky Shadowhunter-Alec:

“You’re not that funny..”

“The rune energy in the city of bones will kill any mundane who dares to enter..”

Simon to Clary:


“Be a kick-ass Shadowhunter..

” I’ll be right here..”

” I’ll be a Mundane..”

(I think he said that)

“Guarding the entrance to hell!”
OK I never made it to the end of the episode.  I did try.  This, above, the notes, was my second go at watching Shadowhunters.
I thought the drama might be fun, may even verge on enjoyable schlock horror.  But no not really. Not yet.  Well for me anyway.
Plus I just don’t like this use of the word mundane.
I guess I’ll never get to see what the Silent Brothers’ Sword of the Soul- that can read your thoughts-looks like.  Oh well.

OK there is another meaning to the word mundane apparently.

Google- Second definition of Mundane: (sourced 4th March 2016)

“Of this earthly world rather than a heavenly or spiritual one.”
But I say that mundane is meant to be an adjective, not a noun!
Plus it seems that the Urban Dictionary agrees with me that the word mundane can be used in a:

“sneering and elitist manner”.
Possibly Simon will be allowed to officially overcome all and even eventually be offered the obligatorily cool black leather jacket.
A torch is also known as a flashlight.

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