Hemlock Grove Series Three-Episode Five, Six, Seven and final episodes-some notes and dialogue with Final Review at the end. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix Original Production. This write-up follows on from Hemlock Grove Series Three Episodes One to Four posted on 31st January 2016.

Hemlock Grove

Series Three
Episode Five.
Nb. All notes are done in the chronological order of watching the episodes.

Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.
Aito to Shelley:
“Your idiosyncratic beauty..”
“And after, we can go to the dump, watch the raccoons scrabble for shit..”

Aitor Quantic is how you spell it.

“Chango, the protector of children..”

Shelley: (to the crowd)
“The poem was written by Bill Brautigan”..
“Spinning like a ghost in the space at the bottom of the top..”
“I am haunted by the space..”
she continues:
“Pass along the abundance..”

Olivia and Chango:
“What do you think Chango?”
“Do I look maternal enough?”
She takes of the coat.
“Who wants to look maternal?!”

Uh uh.  I know what Olivia’s up to..
Look out..

Antico Quantic: (to Shelley)
“Really think you’d like Piranha Two, it prefigures Cameron’s best work..”
Aito: (he continues)
“The warrior mother’s journey..”

Chacao: (to Olivia)
“If I leave before rush-hour I can make it by sunset..”
“There’s a Marlin out there, with your name on it..”

Aito and Shelley.
Personally I think Armageddon is happening all around us, in slow motion”..

Doctor Pryce writes:
Hello, I’m a scientist..
Yes, really.
Perhaps along the way I can find a friend who can show me where the light-switch is?

Aito to Shelley:
“If you’re looking for the truth, you’ll need a lantern, like Diogenes.”
“We start our story back in the time of Alexander The Great”
“Diogenes was going to be the greatest living philosopher of all time”..
“But he was begging for scraps..”
“Most nights he slept in a ceramic jar at the market place..”


Episode six
A note on first watching.

So you gotta love even Olivia really.


Episode Seven
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Olivia to Chacao:
“”We could have been happy..”
“Men, they always leave..”

Ha ha ha.  I am just loving Olivia’s story in these last few episodes.
I would say what film this story-line reminds me of but that would give it away.

Aito to Shelley:
“He sent this?”
“Looks like we got ourselves a benefactor..”

Doctor Pryce: (dictates)
“Organic pathologies..
“Full stop.”
He has stopped using so many commas.

“New assholes for everybody!

OK it’s really the end of the notes now.  Because in spite of all the wonderful quotes flying around Hemlock Grove is too much fun now.  So it needs my undivided attention.

Hemlock Grove is firing on all cylinders.

Um, did I say fun.  I might have to scrub that bit.


Notes for final review.
Containing some dialogue from the last few episodes of series three-episode eight onwards.

Yep.  One minute I’m thinking ha ha.  Then the next minute Hemlock Grove knocks you sideways.

Annie to Roman:
“There is room in my Father’s house”..
“It has many rooms..”

The dialogue is just so good.  Which might be why I can’t stop writing notes.

Chango: (to Olivia)
Now do you see why you should have listened to Chango?”
“There’s a reason I’m revered as a Demi-God!”

“He summoned the powers, from the realms seen or unseen”..

Even when Roman is surprising us yet again (or not perhaps) he still has that innocent boyish look.

Hemlock Grove could be said to just get gorier and gorier.  As well as gloriouser and gloriouser.
Filmically and in all round quality.

I like the progression of Peter along with Roman as characters.

Roman to Peter:
“A lot of unimaginable shit went down.”

“It was syncretic”
“Maybe one day we can be friends in heaven”
“I’m sending this e-mail into the cloud..”
“Maybe your cloud and my cloud will bump into each other one day..”

“Hell is murky..”
“Go, my Lord, fie, my Lord, fie..”
“We need not fear or take into account..”

It’s probably Olivia’s story I love best.  And Doctor Pryce.

The set scenes just get more wonderful as time goes on.

Doctor Blinksky to Olivia:
“Are you unwell?”
“I’m Motha bat-shit me suga!”

Olivia: (to herself)
“I didn’t shoot the Deputy!”
ha ha.

“She is the lady and the tiger!”
“Pip pip..””

end of episode notes.


Hemlock Grove Series Three-Final Review.

So I thought Hemlock Grove was really rather wonderful overall.  In retrospect, affecting too.  As in an oddly emotional experience.

Like while most of Hemlock Grove was all quite gloriously daft-at the same time it was horribly realistic and often disturbing.  But with touches of humour too.  I felt anyway.  Minor touches to leaven the gloom.

And yet another dose of sideways horror hits you.  Like an oncoming truck.

That surprising lurch into yet more unspeakable interludes gets me ever time.  Possibly because most of the time the viewer is concentrating on the various stories being told on screen.  That is the different characters and their friendships.

Friendships made up of loves, losses, crazy alliances.  Odd happenstances.

Yes.  Odd happenstances abound.  And that’s an understatement.  That last sentence I made up to go with Olivia and her dialogue.  It seemed to fit.  Like it’s something she would say.  Perhaps she did say it.  Who knows.  It was her kind of thing.  Her rhythm.  In her speech.

Yes, Olivia was an amazing character.  She would at first, only speak in dissociative, disjointed but poetic phrases.

Then, with Olivia as with the other main characters in Hemlock Grove, we observe their progression as people in their story-lines.  And there are quite a few transformations to be found.

For me Hemlock Grove is a story centred around the friendship of Peter and Roman.  The meeting of the two High School students after all: is how the story first begins..



I felt that there was something of the classical Cowboy/ Western film in the final showdown.


I think I have figured out the:
“Carthago endem est”
comment from Doctor Pryce which I referred to in the previous write-up.

“Carthago Delenda Est” is a well known phrase in Latin.  (I discover)
 This translates as:
“Carthage must fall!”
which apparently was a phrase coined by the Roman philosopher Cato who ended all his speeches with this phrase.  This is because he had come to believe that Rome could not survive without the fall of the city of Carthage.

So when Dr. Pryce says:
“Carthago endem est”
I believe that Dr. Pryce may be referring to his (beloved) clinic possibly falling like Carthage in the context in which he says this.  A kind of Latin in-joke then perhaps.

I think that he is saying;
“I am (like) Carthage”.

Any Latin scholars or Classicists out there? I would be grateful for any further explanations.


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