The Bridge-Series Three. Episodes Five and Six-some notes and dialogue only. Minor spoilers only. In Swedish and Danish with English subtitles. On in the UK on BBC Four on Saturdays @ 9pm.

The Bridge

Series Three
Episodes Five and Six

Episode Five
Avsniff 5/ Afsnit 5

Short notes only on first watching.

TV announcer/ voice-over:
“Violent scenes, some of a sexual nature”..

Echo stutters across the room..
Trembling noises that come too soon..
Spatial movement which seem too near..
Resonating a mask of fear..
Hollow talking an hollow gain..
Thoughts set out for the root of pain..
Never said it was good..
Never said it was near..
Shadows rise when you are near..
And everything..
Goes back to the beginning..

So Saga helpfully mentions that they have to go back to Sweden.  so presently they are in Denmark.

Henrik describes a cup of tea in sign language to a deaf lady.  Maybe he made it up.

So I had earlier though Saga’s boss to be super-cool but she (her boss) has been turning into Joan Ferguson and or Vera’s mother from the series Wentworth Prison for a while now.

Henrik’s story is deepening.  And there is a whole ‘nother twist.

This story is going to end in tragedy.  I knew this from the beginning.

Henrik has a photographic memory.  Which is very useful.

Every time Saga turns around her mother is pouring poison into the ears of Saga’s boss.
The whole thing is truly creepy.  Creepier even than the murders.

Saga and the handsome Pathologist.
“It’s a sign”
“It’s the Babylonian number system”!

Here is the other story, however I already know that it’s too late.

What did I say earlier about young love.


Episode Six.
Short notes only on first watching.

Aha.  It’s the actor from the Swedish series Never Wipe Away Tears Without Gloves.

Saga to Henrik:
“Psychology-The Science Of Mind and Behaviour by Neill Pott”

So is Saga’s boss on her side.  Or not.

Clouds fly overhead.

Saga’s Boss:
“I hoped we would have got further by now”.
“I don’t know how far you expect?”

Much later.
Saga breathes a sigh of relief.

Then goes to talk to Hans.

Who or what was that in Henrik’s bed.  We are starting to understand why Henrik does what he does. Why he has to go out sometimes.
And Henrik explains it to Saga.

This is all achingly sad.


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