Jessica Jones-A Netflix Original. Some random episode notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Netflix. First aired on 20th November 2015. Nb. Jessica Jones is previewed in posting dated 20th November 2015.

Netflix Description of Jessica Jones
” Hell’s kitchen gets another hero.  She’s a gifted P.I. hiding a past that’s left her broken but still fighting.  Revenge may be sweet but she isn’t”.

“Haunted by a traumatic past, Jessica Jones uses her gift as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen”..”

Jessica Jones is a Marvell comic book character.


Jessica Jones

Series One.
Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Wowee- loving the opening credits.
Startling sumptuous.
Almost like animation in the colours.

I have to admit I’m a sucker for a laconic voice-over by the Private Investigator/ P.I.
A la/ like the Raymond Chandler novels.

So Jessica has the banter.  Just like the regular or anti-hero dysfunctional Detective.

She receives the generic dressing down from her unofficial boss.  She swigs intermittently from a vodka bottle plus various others.

Now that she can’t sleep (we assume the classic nightmares) she is encamped upon an iron balcony photographing an apartment block.  Or is she watching it.

Jessica has one of those telescopic lens cameras. (like the Private Investigator Varg Veum)

Ha ha.
“Laser eyes?”

Jessica: (to herself)
“Birch Street, Higgins Drive, Cobalt Lane”

Incredibly hunky bartender to Jessica:
“A lotta booze for a small woman..”

You just know that the bartender is going to be like her and or become her unofficial partner.

The flashbacks are making me dizzy.

One of the fraternal twins to Jessica:
“You’re very strong, aren’t you?”


Episode Two.
Short note only on first watching.

“My greatest secret?”
“That I give a damn!”


Episode Three
Some (random) notes and dialogue on first watching.

Jessica: (to herself)
“But what if the devil really did make you do it?”
“Would you be able to forgive yourself?”
she continues:
“And even if you could prove it, could people ever forgive you for what you did?”

Jessica comes upon a room.

Man: (to the Police investigators)
“I thought it was a meteor, it came down on the beach”..
“And then a man came out of the waves..”
“Blue Zenga..”
“Then he gave me a purple staff”..

“I could storm the gates and get the money shot..”

Cop/ Simpson:
“I had G.I. Joes”
“‘Till they burned..”
“They saved Barbie’s Dreamhouse though”.

Simpson, the Cop/ Policeman has a lovely car with an extremely well tuned engine.


Episode Four up to and including episode seven.
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Jessica to her boss:
“How do you spell that?”
“Fa, fa, fa, felony?”

Jessica: (to herself)
“There’s before Kilgrave, there’s after Kilgrave”.

I like the slightly dopey seeming Cop/ Policeman, Simpson who is hunkily interchangeable with the extremely hunky bartender, Luke.

Lovely scene where Jessica and Simpson say what they think of each other when neither of them can hear the other.

So Jessica Jones is just getting better.

Best scene yet involves a black Harley Davidson motorbike and some World War Two helmets.  In black.
Luke to Jessica: (gives her a helmet)
“It’s the law..”

Luke to Jessica:
“It’s a long commute..”
“This time of day..”
“I can give you a ride..”

We watch the skyscrapers glide by.

End of episode seven notes.


First Review.
Written in chronological order of me watching Jessica Jones.

So Jessica Jones is snappy, sassy and sarcastic.  She also appears to be a good six feet tall.

Jessica stalks moodily around like a not quite pouting supermodel.  Or pouting but not pouting. Because even not quite is not cool.  Enough.

Jessica Jones is cool.  Not sure yet if she is super-cool.  This is only episode two.

I was getting that Gotham vibes, that hyper-real comic book feel.  After a while.  That thing where the drama appears almost cartoonish in nature.  The people too.

This artful and garish look to the characters, scenes and action: are meant to create, nay recreate that graphic novel book feel.  And it works.

However I have learnt ( I think-not being familiar with the art form) that graphic comic books sure ain’t comical. Jessica Jones- the series-sure ain’t funny.

Though she, Jessica Jones, and others frequently are.

Jessica for example appears almost superhuman.  Even alien-like.  In her unusual elongated face and enormous almond eyes.  Who exactly is Jessica Jones?


Second Review.
So I stopped writing episode notes around episode seven.  When Jessica Jones the drama: went all sorts of dark.

OK the drama was not exactly cheerful before this but episode seven took a whole new turn.  Into darkness.  Dreadful deeds and the other D word…

Well I did nearly ditch on Jessica Jones.  Around the end of a certain episode.  A particularly gore-some one. Shall we say.

Up to then I had been watching two episodes in a row: great stuff.  Well thinking of this gave me the idea that I could keep watching Jessica Jones: just one episode at a time.

I know- it’s meant to be a bit like a comic.  Cartoonish if you like.


Final Review.
So Jessica Jones was really rather wonderful I thought.  It did take me a while to really get into the drama: but once it took off I was hooked.

Hell- I was hooked from the beginning.  With the laconic voice-over.

Plus the story builds up slowly.  With just Jessica Jones stomping about (sometimes slumping) declaiming on her life and describing that life to us.  In the classic and stylised way: that Private Investigators do in old films.

Then slowly, bit by bit, more characters and hence more stories: are introduced.  Some of these characters are close or become close: to Jessica Jones.  They are her friends.  And then there is her nemesis…


Random dialogue.

Luke: (to Jessica)
“I’ll go put some clothes on then..”
(OK Luke- if you must)



I did worry about Luke’s helmet being the size of a saucepan on his head.


I especially enjoyed all the secondary characters.  Simpson for example was a wonderful and hilarious character I felt.


Jessica’s nemesis did not seem that scary to me.
(He just had increasingly starey eyes)
 But that may have been the point..


Nb.  Hans Van Dooneward is a Co-Producer.
 (He worked on the American remake of Secrets and Lies)


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