Quick note to my readers-Knights Of Sidonia- A Netflix Original and Arne Dahl Series Two on BBC Four in the UK.

Quick note to my readers

Something on my list on Netflix:
Knights of Sidonia
A Japanese Manga animation series with an age 15 rating in the UK.  A Netflix Original.  In Japanese with English subtitles.

quick notes.
Nagate is the hero.  He is an Underdweller (great word).

Knights of Sidonia looks interesting  Plus it/ the animation is stunning to look at and beautifully drawn.  If that is the right word.  The colours are simply sumptuous to behold.

I saw three quarters of the first episode when I wasn’t planning to.  Just because Knights Of  Sidonia looked so gorgeous and has an interesting and classic-science fiction story.  Or future dsytopia.  Take your pick..

Episode One is called:

Nb.  Knights Of Sidonia reminded me a little of Residue on Netflix.


Arne Dahl  Series Two.  BBC 4/Four
So Arne Dahl returns!  Series Two follows on from Beck in the BBC Four/4  Saturday night foreign language series/ subtitled drama slot. At 9pm in the UK.

So I have written about Arne Dahl here, posted on 7th May 2013.  Series One.
 Nb.  I think the review of Arne Dahl Series One refers to the first few episodes and the second part of that same review titled –Update-reviews the whole series one.

Series Two of Arne Dahl -Saturday 17th October 2015 @ 9pm on BBC4 or channel numbers 107 & 164HD on Virgin media TV.

Series Description.
“Swedish crime thriller series about an elite team of Detectives”

Series Two-Episode one.
“A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream”
“The A Unit is rapidly reunited to trace an assassin targeting Polish women in hiding in Sweden, but new recruit Ida struggles to fit in, while former member Paul Hjelms ‘s personal dilemmas cloud his work..”

Series One of Arne Dahl is on Netflix in the UK and was first aired on 6th April 2013.

Series One: Episodes.
“The Blinded Man”-two episodes.
“Bad Blood”-two episodes.
“To The Top Of The Mountain”-two episodes.
“Many Waters”-two episodes
“Europa Blues”-two episodes


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