Dag-Series Two-Episodes Nine and Ten-Final episodes. Some notes and dialogue with graphic text at the end. Minor spoilers only. In Norwegian with English subtitles on Sky Arts channel number 200HD on Virgin Media TV Fridays @ 9pm. Each series continues directly after the other.


Series Two
Episodes Nine and Ten

Notes and dialogue only.  With graphic text at the end.

Episode Nine.
Graphic Text:
I sat in the car and held the wheel with my good and my bad hand.

Ah.  You gotta see the room that Dag makes.

Please don’t tell me that she, Eva that is, is going to give him the heave-ho.

Dag to his receptionist, Malin:
“Are you fucking crazy?”
“Yes, for sure!”
and smiles, wonderfully and cheekily.

I always thought that she was the best woman for him.

I just want Dag to be happy you see.
Dag is always looking after people.

Ha ha.  Dag is watching an old Bette Davis movies.  She looked like a Martian for a minute.
Or it could be Joan Crawford.

Ah. Could we be going to have a happy ending?
Something tells me Dag doesn’t get a happy ending.

O dear.  Benedikt.
You’ve really gone and done it this time.

Dag looks after everyone you see.  But sometimes they look after him.

Benedikt to Dag:
“Never tell God your plans”
“That’s a sure fire way to make him laugh!”

Benedikt to Dag:
“You’ll always be a glass half empty !”
Dag disappears momentarily around the door.
“We’re three!”
He says near gleefully and smiles.


Episode Ten.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So as I have been thinking all along, Malin, Dag;s receptionist I believe, is the one for him.  They are equally matched I feel.

Anyway, I digress.  back to the beginning of the episode and who do we have here?  Only Malin, looking stunning as always in a French sailor sort of outfit/ trousers by the window.

The shot pans in on her.  It reveals that she is drinking moodily.  From a a large whiskey bottles.

Ha ha.
I love Malin’s stories.

Ha ha.  Sebastian Bergman as Ernst comes to see Dag.  Ernst is in a funk.
“When I met Benedikt”
“I thought to myself, here is a little little man..”
Ernst carries on telling the story.
He weeps, again.
“He was just such a little, little man!”

Mia to Benedikt:
“At least he’s not a short dishevelled arsehole in a tarpaulin!”

I do hope Eva isn’t going to break Dag’s heart.

Ernst to Benedikt:
“Are you to be committed?
“Or is this a party?”

So Ernst and Benedkit look like they are choosing countries on the globe for drinks.  Until they get to Columbia.

Ernst to Benedikt:
“Fly away my son!”..
I hope nothing tragic is gonna happen with Benedikt.

Dag to Benedikt:
“Your backpack doesn’t hide the chaos in your eyes!”

Dag to Benedikt:
“I told you to be quiet!”
“It’s not us!”
(me and my backpack he means)

Oh no.  So things start a happening.

Me, I’m worrying about Benedikt.  ‘Cause he looks like hell.

Is this for real.  I’m not sure.

Dag reaches up to a little hiding place in the ceiling. And the floor.

Eva & Dag.
“What’s waiting out there, now?”
Smiling beautifically.
“The world.!”

 The end

End of Series Two.


Dag gave his beloved a hammock.  He strung it up for her from the ceiling on hooks.  (Luckily he has a gigantic drill)

Dag feels a lot less nervous with Eva swinging, above the ground.  Because when she is on the ground he doesn’t know what to do.

Or, in short: (as graphic text-too bad I can’t draw)
Dag bought his beloved a hammock.  Because she made him feel nervous when she was on the ground.


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