Dag-Series Three-Episodes Five and Six-notes and dialogue only. In Norwegian with English subtitles. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Sky Arts Channel on Fridays @ 9pm-two episodes back to back.


Series Three
Episode Five
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“With strong language, adult sexual themes and adult humour which some may find offensive”

Dag to Ernst:
“I have one month..”

Graphic and text:
Don’t think I’ll let you live your life in that glass jar!
Father said.

Dag to his clients:
“Same time next week then?”
One of his clients:
“Why are you looking so happy then?”
“Because I’m going to start drinking again and maybe sleep around!”

But Malin is in another place..
Clue-Varg Veum is there!

Juanita to Eva:
“Hey, Bruce Springsteen just called, he wants his clothes back, before the tour..” ha ha.

Benedikt to Dag:
“Are you sure?
“I’m sure.”
Benedikt gets out a dice..
Benedikt: (in English)
“let it be the will of the dice!

“Eleven 0′ Clock, time to head out..”
Then: (in a karaoke bar)
Benedikt to Dag:
“Kenny or Dolly?”

Benedikt to Dag:
“Three things you’ve never done..”


Episode Six.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“Sexual references and adult humour you might find offensive..”

Dag and a mysterious man.
“Holds up his shoe to Dag.
“Wild Boar?”

Graphic and text:
God descends to earth as a child to befriend a boy.

Man to Dag:
“What we have done here is switch from dry to liquid phosphate..”

Malin to Dag:
“Is that really Eva Braun?…”
Me I’m getting worried about Malin.

Ernst to Dag:
“To understand human nature, you have to understand why children wave at their parents on a merry go round and why the parents wave back at them”.
Ernst continues:
“Great analogy, huh?”

Dag to Eva:
“I want you- in here”.
He points to his head.
Dag continues:
“I’m surprisingly simple, I hate human beings”
“..to avoid being how pitiful I am..”
“I have to get away.”
“I only want you.”
“You are a catch Dag”
“It must be in your eyes only..”


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