Beck-Series Four-Episode Six. Some notes with short review of series. Minor spoilers only. In Swedish with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on BBC 4/ Four.



Episode Six.
“The Invasion”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

A beautiful blue night.  A Hospital lit up.

“Birgitte?, Birgitte?

I am minorly in love with the beginning of Beck.

Oh no.  The eponymous jogger.  I expect them to find a dead body then.

So it’s all quite sad.  So that was weird.  And then a guy is proper mad.

So I’m getting the idea that Beck is one of those dramas that lets the viewer know who the murderer is.  And then it’s all plain sailing.  But can it really be that obvious.  Not this time I don’t think.

There is definitely a baking theme going on.

I’m sensing a sinister theme.

Hilariously the really right-on Gunvald is super-cool about euthanasia.  Of someone with Muscular Dystrophy.

That was funny.

Ah.  I had been expecting that.

Gunvald tells a terrible joke about telling someone their husband had died.

Martin Beck’s Neighbour: (to Martin)
“Up like a sun, tumble in the rain, flat like a pancake”!

Oh no.  He invites Martin on a cruise,  He thinks Martin is as old as him.

Why do people in dramas always lock the door when they hear a noise.
Inside the house.

So the young Detective voices what I have been thinking- does Gunvald have a medical problem.

So it’s all been a bit yawn-some and long and we still don’t know who did it.

Martin Beck’s neighbour is in the most interesting scenes really.  Which is saying something.

Well that wasn’t a surprise.

Beck is about three hours long.

Oh wait-the jolly ending.  You just know that Martin’s neighbour is gonna die and/or never come back.

None of Beck really makes any sense.   It’s never gonna be Wallander, let’s face it.

Gunvald and Martin sit on the bench at the end. They share a meaningful moment.  We had to stare at them for about five minutes to get to it.  I still don’t get it.

Why didn’t he (Martin) go to his rendezvous?  Was she too beautiful?  Too married perhaps.
(was Beck late and she had given up on him and hence was feeding the swans with the baguette from the picnic basket?)  This is my best guess.

Who knows. who cares.  Not me.



So Gunvald was all shouty because he needed glasses?  Sigh.  I was looking forward to a brain haemorrhage at the very least.  Because I was getting flashbacks to another, un-named series..

So Beck was OK I guess.  Not sure if I would have watched any more episodes.  I was happy to watch this one having read that this was the last.  There were only six episodes.

Obviously a series will be settled in well in terms of characters and their story-lines.  Much may be lost to the viewer who comes to this series anew/ as new.

However at the same time I thinks a series should be able to stand alone on one episode too.  To the or rather for the: new viewer.  I’m not sure Beck always did.  Stand alone episode by episode.

For me really only “Family” came together in that way and worked as an episode.


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