Quick note to my readers of some new series on in the UK: Beck-Saturday 12th September 2015 @ 9pm on BBC Four or channel number 107 with 164 being HD on Virgin Media TV. Plus Backstrom-on Fridays @ 11pm or Sundays @ 9pm on FOX Channel or number 157 with 199 being HD on Virgin Media TV.

Series Four.
A Swedish series.
BBC 4 or channel numbers 107 or 164 HD on Virgin
First aired on 12th September 2015.
With Peter Haber.

TV Description of Beck:
“Detective Martin Beck investigates crime”!

TV Description of Episode One:
Nb.  I am a bit confused as my TV description says this is episode two however I reckon this is incorrect as I have double-checked and this series airs today, 12th September 2015.

“When the body of a leading District Attorney is found in a shallow grave in a children’s playground, the chief suspect is the leader of a notorious motorcycling gang”.

So I am quite interested in this as I remember when I was researching for Scandi-Noir series to watch I came across good reviews for Beck. But the DVD’s were pricey.

See link for details of Beck on BBC Four and BBC i-player:

This programme is available for broadcast on the BBC.co.uk i-Player.


Backstrom. On FOX 157 or 199 HD
First aired on 2nd September 2013.  Fridays @ 11pm or Sundays @ 9pm.

I got all excited when I perchanced upon this in the TV schedules.  Because of the name.  Thinking it was some cool new Scandi-noir series.  But nope.

Although there is a link to Scandi-noir as this series is, as the credits fleetingly tell us:
“Based on characters from the Everett Backstrom novels by Leif H. Persson.”

“As a Detective tackles sensitive cases, he keeps trying to change his self destructive ways”

With Rainn Wilson- from the American series The Office plus Denis Haybert (from The Unit)

TV Description of Backstrom:
“After a five year banishment to the traffic division for offensive behaviour, the brilliant but self destructive Everett Backstom has returned to lead Portland’s newly minted special Crimes Unit.  (S.C.U)

Episode One TV Description:
“Detective Everett Backstrom and his team investigate when the apparent suicide of a Senator’s son turns out to be Homicide”

So I only dipped into this series briefly, ten minutes each of episode one and three.  Backstrom appears to be a spoof on Detective dramas.  I might be wrong.  I think so.

I wanted to like Backstrom.  Indeed it looks very cool and has some lovely lines of poetic dialogue in it.  However the whole jokey spoof nature to it is just too deep and meta perhaps for me.

Maybe Backstrom is an anti-Detective drama that is countering the (prevailing) narrative.  Yah.

Or it could just be rather dull, daft and ultimately generic.


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