Dag-Series One-Review of Episodes One to Eight. This follows on from review posted 28th August 2015-(Did not do Episode Seven) Plus Episodes Nine and Ten-Final Episode-with Review. Dag Series Two-Episode Two only short notes. Minor spoilers Only. In Norwegian with English subtitles. On in the UK on Sky Arts-channel number 122 on Virgin Media Tv with 206 being Hd-on Fridays @9pm

Review of Dag series one- Episodes One up to and including Eight.

Dag is not as uptight as he thinks he is of course.  He is the essentially kind and classic curmudgeonly character.  The man or woman, who are set in their ways.  Like Fraser in the series Fraser or Jack Nicholson in As Good as It Gets.

And we all know what can unfreeze the heart of such a curmudgeon..

I particularly liked the graphic art and the texts in Dag.  The word art-breakingly good occurred to me later. or heartbreaking.  As some of the texts were.  supremely sinister too.  The picture of the clock for instance..

I love text anyway so perhaps I am predisposed towards liking these short sayings.   I believe I have found the correct word to describe the text and the art attached to it: graphic novel.

So yes, some of the texts I left unwritten.  Just because they were so sad and dark. Plus the whole has to stand together.

The text looks even bleaker without the picture I feel.  or is it the other way around.  I can’t decide.

You would think the opposite: that the text would look less bleak without the picture.  However no, they work as a whole-text and graphic art.

Dag has a pleasingly slow pace which is never boring at all.  There are some scenes that melt into almost exquisite beauty I felt.  These were just ordinary happenings.

The drama felt fluid, like a piece or work of art in progress. Or rather it’s progression. As a film.


Episode Nine
Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Lady to Dag:
“Talk dirty to me!”
“You’re fat!”

Graphic text:
Even an egocentric like me thought of others once in a while.

In this episode something really rather wonderful happens in Dag’s Counselling session.

Dag to his mate:
I’ll get the shoe rack ready for you..”
“The panda awaits..”


Episode Ten
Final episode.

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Graphic Text:
Such is life.  You only remember the best moments.

This has to be my favourite episode.

Dag to Eva:
“One step at a time Eva, one step at a time..”

She just keeps smiling.  Looking like the Madonna.  Or a nun.


Review of Dag series one.

So Dag was really rather wonderful I thought.  My notes are short because I didn’t plan to write them. But who can resist a graphic text.  I had decided to dive right in.  Dag was so engrossing.

Plus this was an exquisite chamber piece of a drama.  Made up of small parts you could say: and few things.

Like all the best dramas and acting therein: there are only a few good ingredients you need.  to succeed.  Accomplished acting from all and a highly believable story. Well to me.  That was what was experienced in the watching I felt.  For this drama.

All sorts of emotions: up and down are portrayed.  Extremes of every kind you could say.  All is framed in a surreal framework at first.  Then in time we too become more stoical as the surreal becomes everyday.

Like hey, this isn’t so surreal after all.  Funerals can be surreal.  For example.  We all know that.  Or rather those that have been to funerals.

All of the above examples are happenings in Dag’s life.  As we follow him along.  Day to day.



My text for Dag:

Dag knew deep inside that he would be nothing without his 45’s.
He just didn’t tell anybody.


Dag-Series Two

Episode Two
Short notes.

Graphic Text:
So they never got to see me cry..

So episode two is dark and dire and dreadful.  And I fell in love with Dag the series: all over again.

Graphic text:
Today’s direction..

Dag’s alarm is a siren! Ha ha.

Gotta go.  Lots happening.

Oh yes.  Did I mention that  (the actor who plays) Sebastian Bergman is in Dag.  In a brilliant part.

Girl in the therapy group:
“She had written my name, on the three items..”
A shadow of a smile plays over her face.


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