Beck-Series Four-Episodes One and Two-some notes and dialogue on first watching. Minor spoilers only. Episode notes only. Review to follow after Episode Three. In Swedish with English subtitles. On in the UK on BBC Four or channel number 107 with 164 being HD on Virgin Media TV.

Beck-Series Four


Episode One.
“Buried Alive”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Voice-over announcer:
(some) scenes viewers might find upsetting, violent scenes..
(that is me-probably)

A lady comes into a petrol station.
She comes into the shop.
And asks to wash her car.
Suddenly.  she sees two motorcyclists go by.
She gets into her car.  Drives to the car wash..

You just know this ain’t gonna be good.  Because there’s gonna be someone in the back seat..
This always happens in dramas.  with cars.

I cannot say.  But it does get all supremely suspenseful.
Well car washes are. (suspenseful)

the cool stylish credits.
A verdant park.  A swing creaks.

Man on phone:
“She ran ahead to the swings..”
Little girl:
“”There was a big man on the swings!”
“Well he’s gone now.”
Then she decides to stick around anyways.

(a little later)
Pathologist to Peter Haber as Detective Martin Beck.:
“Buried alive you might say..”

So Beck’s Detective partner is cool.  He looks familiar as an actor.

So Beck as a drama is quite old as in circa/ date not sure.  This only notices however when we see someone on TV or on a cellphone.

Uhoh.  another lone woman.  Making dinner and drinking wine.  The doorbell rings.  Don’t answer it!  Nobody there.
She calls out:
“Hello/Ha loo” -Then shuts the back door.  Wait for it..

The murderer has a novel disguise and watches the Detectives talk about him on TV.

Detective Martin Beck:
“Torture, acid, ketamine ..”
“I think he’s trying to tell us something.”
Yeah.  Something.

I like how the Detective’s officially mad downstairs neighbour recites the Greek alphabet.

The detective is doing that shouty thing..  That shows when a Detective is cross.  That he is not getting anywhere.  In the case.

This must be the first time I remember a murderer phone up the Detective and speak on the answer phone to them.

So I think I know who the murderer is and it isn’t him..

I dunno.  Beck has been a a bit boring for a while now.


So I decided to give Beck another go.  Having got bored, zoned out and then ditched on it.  To return to see who did it at the end.  Much like getting bored and skipping a bit in a book.


Episode Two.
“Room 302/Rum 302”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Nordisk film production.  Norge.

Beautiful beginning-a cityscape.  Rail-road track.  The bridge, the motorway, gleaming with lights.

Rum/Room 302

So Beck and his office get a new boss.

Beck is growing in atmosphere and interest.

Stunning scene of a large white house with a snow covered tree beside it.

So it’s all getting quite Spiral-y.  Or more up to date.

Gunvald is a cool character and is very charismatic.  As a screen presence.  Pretty sure he is the same guy who was all beardy last week.  He looks completely different with a shave.

I like Martin Beck’s red-haired or rather orange haired neighbour. Except that a different guy was in that flat last week.

Beck’s neighbour to him: (they discuss drink and drugs)
“I like opium the best!”

Detective Martin Beck and Gunvald.
Beck on the phone:
“Oh hey, Klaus..” (the new boss )
Beck asks Gunvald:
“Hey what do you think of him?”
“Nice shoes, that’s it!.”

Gunvald and a bleeding suspect.
“Call me an ambulance!”
“I’ll make you cycle to the chemists..”!

So did I mention that Beck seems really really long.  I’m getting into it though.

So I am glad that they figured out who did it.  I already guessed..
(it’s nice when a drama does this)

Ah.  At the end Detective Martin Beck is left alone.  All the team go off and have plans.  Just like Wallander.

So at the end beautiful piano music plays.  Martin Beck is out on the balcony once more.  He has the chat with the elderly orange haired man.

City lights twinkle and dim.


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