The Legacy/ Arvingerne-Series Two. Episode Seven-Final Episode some notes and dialogue with short review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In Danish with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on sky Arts1/HD.

Arvingerne/ The Legacy

Episode Seven.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Tidligere/ Previously..

Kim to Gro:
“The buyers in Hamburg..”
“A Verønika retrospective..”
“I showed them The Body..”

Emile hugs Frederik.

Signe and Emile walk through Grønnegard forest.  With the pram.

Some bad news.

So it’s all quite sad.

And Kim comes a calling.
“It’s because I need to include the sketches..”

So Kim managed to get himself down into the basement.  To look for the sketches.  (of The Body) the work of Art.

So the family, well Emile and Frederik, show that they know a lot about art.  (or the making of it)

So Signe holds the prototype of herself.  In the basement workshop.  I always thought that thing looked like a twisted squished raspberry myself.  Yet outside of the work of Art, the piece looks believable and almost new born.  As in baby.

You gotta love the Grønnegard family.  A horrible awkward silence ensues.  After a fairly spectacular revelation.

Could anything else possibly go wrong?  I wonder.
I keep expecting something dreadful to happen.  Like someone’s gonna get run over with a tractor.

Oh yes.  I forgot to mention.  The Twigs.
Great stuff.  I cannot say.

Gro to Frederik:
I know that word now.

Now the family will come a creeping.  To inveigle Signe.  Yet again.

Emile to Signe:
“In our family, we take care of each other!”

Just like the Mafia-as Isa previously described the family to Signe.

Meanwhile: Things do get worse markedly worse.  Oh well.  That is how the drama rolls.  With the punches.  As they say.

Signe is making her boulder wall again.  Wonder what it will look like when it’s done.  The rocks are more like boulders.  She must be very strong.
(this could be the real art)

The family wait for Signe.

So Gro lays a guilt trip city on Signe.

Boy, this is sad.
Gro to Thomas:
She strokes his cheek.

Now some light relief.
Ha ha.  Who said the guys, Emile and Frederik, didn’t know anything about art.
“We’ve got to find some paper from the nineteen eighties..”
Ah Hah.  Brilliant stuff.

So it’s someone else now who has an artistic go.

Signe and Henrik.
I swear that guy is just a little bit too perfect.

So a little like The Famous Five Go Sailing, the Grønnegard family get going.  Together.  Hilarious and well done.

It’s night.  The four siblings perform a task.  Then, in twilight blue shadowed night: they all walk back together.  With the pram.  Emile, Frederik, Gro and Signe.  Back to Grønnegard.


The End



So it seems redundant to write any more about The Legacy/ Arvingerne.  This feeling does sometimes happen when a drama just seems complete.  Unto itself.  The watching of it is all the explaining.

I will no longer have an excuse, I realise sadly, to use the word tidligere.  For previously.  However I can claim to have learnt: Undskyld.  A Truly sumptuous sound.  To hear spoken in Danish I feel.   Plus it’s fun trying to say it.

I think I am going to let the review at the end of Episode Five be the final official-if you like- Review. Leaving the Grønnegard family visually instead: in that last sweetly serene scene.


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