Residue-My Review-minor spoilers only. Currently on Netflix in the UK.


Episode One.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So a cool, limping Cop/Policeman walks up to a dealer.
A beautiful futuristic city in multicolour lights.
I got a Christo moment then.

I cannot tell.

However that was a truly stunning scene.  Which further shocks us with its visuals as the camera pans out and away into the sky.  At night.  So we can see exactly what’s going on.

(dramatic music) plays a lot.

So there is a happy couple.
(and) The cool Cop who has an extra cool car and drinks vodka out of the bottle..he uses vodka to brush his teeth.

The woman from the happy couple: (is writing)
I used to know this city..
We’ve changed.. 
she types:
Is it confusion, fear?
Everything’s changed, maybe forever..

There is (another) young couple with a baby.

Oo err.  So things are going very weird.

Of the first couple mentioned, they are called Jennifer and Jonas, who live in a beautiful flat in the skyscraper.

So the young couple with the baby live in a block that has other blocks all around it.  All painted half dark blue (below) and white above.  The whole estate buildings.  All of them match.

So Residue appears to be set in the futuristic city of London.  Or a futuristic city anywhere.

I see that there a famous American actress who is the photographic gallery owner.

Residue is stunning to look at.

The woman (Jennifer) who is relating the story from the beginning is a photographer.  In case I haven’t mentioned this.

She is taking photos to document the city.  We see her take her photos in real time.

It may be that the glorious colours of the film are a reflection of her part in the filming.  So to speak.

So Jennifer goes to a secret underground club.  her mate says to her:
“I hear these things…can get a little bit, uh,  dodgy..”
Not the best thing to hear about a party.

(Dimitri Shostakovich plays)
(Jazz Suite-Waltz Number  Two/ 2)
That’s a new one.

Then a number dings.  01.  Then 02.  Dings.  
Oh no. Some (more) proper weird shit is going down.
The fact that Residue is amazing to look at makes it worth it.  The weirdness.

(must stop so I can concentrate)


Episode Two.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So things are getting freakier..

“Control, I’ve lost my team leader..”
(man screams)

That was the prologue.

Then it starts.
“Head full of lies..”

So Residue is a British production:
“Produced in South Yorkshire”.

So I’m just gonna watch.  It’s that kind of show.

So Residue really is set in London.  Oh look- it’s the actor who plays Tom in Humans!  With an awesome moustache.  And beard.

Now it’s the Scientist/ Synth hunter from Humans.

(three musical notes)

Jennifer writes:
I think what I’m seeing is real.
How else can I explain what has happened?
Am I losing control?
Getting carried away with my obsessions..

Jennifer has this most amazing see through keyboard.  Up high.  On a slant.

Jonas has gone exploring..

I really hope nothing happens to Jennifer.  As I really like her as a character..


Episode Three

“Screen Yorkshire”

Dickie (small time gangster) to Mr. B: (big time gangster)
“It’s the spouting whales,
“You told me about..”
“Silent and still, under the sea..”

Mathias is the name of the Cop.  Jennifer is the main character.  Now she’s got a gun and she’s all strung out.

“I’m Jonas Flack, I’m with the Home Office..”
C’mon Jennifer…

So there is only three episodes!  What?


So I really enjoyed Residue.  I thought it was really good.  I may not have bought into the paranormal side of it.  Completely.  But I don’t think that matters. although I could say that the freaky-deaky side of Residue was an effective and simple idea.  classic horror does not have to be complex.

For me, not fully believing in that  particular dramatic horror device is actually a plus.  Since it makes the experience less scary.  However the suspense was nicely growing as time went on.  Perhaps for me, as also evinced in the drama, the people are the true stuff of horror.  As they are here.

Yes, some truly chilling performances from the various bad guys/ baddies, assorted, involved.  Then there is the charismatic Cop.  In his long leather coat.  living, with his ever handy three quarter size vodka bottle: in his ultra cool classic red car.  Make of which I not sure exactly.

So Residue is moody and atmospheric in feel.  I found the scenes of the futuristic city: one after incredible one  to be breathtaking to behold.

Ancient and giant abandoned buildings.  From inside and out-we see.  Empty street markets with armies of standing trestle tables in the glowy dawn.  skyscrapers upon skyscrapers: multicoloured both with paint and twinkling lights.  By day and night.

Council house tenement blocks, standing together in groups of twins.  Half blue at the bottom: cream at the top.  Then there is the fantastical creations of scenes of the city lit up by neon pastel glimmering light.

Not to mention the whole Christo effect of the buildings.  Like the artist Christo had been to town and done his thing.

Certainly Residue was an enjoyable and impressive series.  In terms of it’s visual delights, for me.  With a humanly believable storyline.  sympathetic characters.  And interesting and evil bad guys.

The bad news is that Residue is only three episodes long!  Yes, I could not quite believe it.  Just as I was seriously getting into Residue by episode three  (although I was hooked on the colours and scenes from the beginning)  That was it. Finito.

I canna quite believe it.  I canna.  I tell Ye.

I was even throwing aside a feeling of slight superficial silliness to the drama.  As a reason not to take Residue entirely seriously.

The thing was, Residue was already fairly serious.  Right, pretty much: from the beginning.


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