Humans-Episode Five. Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Channel Four or number 104 on Virgin Media TV-with channel number 142 being HD


Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“Who’s Mia?”

Detective Pete Drummond:
“This must be the single biggest murder case in synth history!”

Nitska jogs through the forest.

Nitska to Leo:
“What did you see?”
“The tree, life..”
“What does this mean?”
Nitska to Leo:
“You’ve put me with a human?!”
“This one, yes..”
he continues:
“One more thing.”
“I am nice!”

Mattie is testing Anita.

Karen and Pete.
“Sorry, sometimes I forget you’re a woman”!

The usual drumming down of the Detectives by their Boss.
“If you don’t (something)…”
“I will replace you both with synthetics, far prettier and a fraction of the cost!”

Niska and Doctor Millican.
“I was made by Doctor Estler..”
Dr. Millican:
“You’re conscious?”

Anita to Mattie:
“Please, reconsider this course of action Mattie, it’s very unsafe!”

Max to Leo:
“Do you really think this excessive motion will bring her to us any sooner?”
Anita to Mattie:
“Mattie, I believe this is an unsafe environment”
“She must have retreated deeper into the architecture..”
Max to Mattie:
“Won’t your parents be worried?”
Smiles beautifically.

Anitiksa to Doctor Millican:
“”And once you’re awake, you’re awake eternally-Thus Spake Zarathrustra”
“Always liked that..”

Dr. Millican:
“What’s it like to be you?”
“What’s it like to be you?”
“All our experience is subjective..”

Dr. Millican to Anitska:
“You worry me, sure, but there’s no denying you are a miracle!”

“The twenty fourth, it’r raining, the twenty forth, it’s raining..”
“…unauthorised tamper in progress, it’s nearly dinner time, would you like to see a ladybird?”

Posh speaking man to the synth hunter/ Scientist:
“Worst case scenario?”
Synth hunter:
“Conscious proliferation.”

“Matilda, your school friend is right, it’s time to go home now”..
“Go home now.”

Lots happens.  Then Anitska takes out a book-The Ghost in A Machine by Arthur Koestler.

Synth hunter/ Scientist to Fred:
“I’m truly sorry..”

Doctor Millican to Anitska:
“David made you feel pain?”
“True consciousness is only possible with suffering..”

Detective Pete Drummond to Karen:
“If they can pretend to be us now, it changes everything!”

Man at rally:
“We are people!”
“We are people!”
“We’re stumbling towards the precipice!”
“We’re falling off the cliff!..”

So it’s all very sad.
OMG.  I didn’t expect that.

Laura lies on the sofa.
Anita looks down from the window.



So Humans is growing on me.  Slowly.  slowly-that’s the problem.  Boy is Humans hard going .  The watching of it is like wading ankle (to knee) deep in metaphorical toffee treacle.  Or even Golden Syrup.  From back in the day.

Whatever happened to Golden Syrup?  Banned,  probably for being pretty much pure sugar.  But I remember treacle pies.  They were called.  When really they were made mostly of glorious, Golden Syrup.  With cornflakes too.  (don’t ask me)
But I digress.

Last week when watching Humans  my mind wondered to comparisons with cats.  Like, falling in love with, or a kind of love with, your synth: could be compared with way, hanging out with your (beloved) cat.  Just hanging out.  With you, me, friends or visitors.

 Like Gill, Detective Drummond’s estranged wife. and her healthcare synth-Richard.  Plus the lady with the synth, Howard.  Who she took with her to see Death Of A Salesman.

Poor Pete Drummond, Detective, he just can’t win.  Can he.  As he rightly says: he’s an analogue man in a digital world.

Gill now finds someone with no emotions more soothing, less hassle.
 ( a bit like when therapists tell their patients to detoxify their life of negative people)

This process from Gill is hard to understand really when we remember Gill and Pete laughing together, in the loo.  So officially humanly.  Pete having banged his head horribly and awkwardly.  Human, see.  Yet they still laughed.

Yet hey presto, Gill is plumping for the (admittedly) serenely smiling Richard!  With the gleaming green eyes.  Over Pete.

Poor Pete as I said.  He is crazy mad in love with Gill.  He appears bumptious, even ungainly next to the beautific Synth.  (Richard)  But then all the humans really are almost caricatures.  Or caricature in appearance: next to the synths.

Like the humans were in old talkies movies.  Or when the bumbling townsfolk in the B-movie have stately aliens arrive and walk serenely amongst them.  But I digress.

This may be just a personal impression of mine in describing the juxtaposition dramatically versus the humans and the synths. It may also or alternatively be that I am reading too much into these portrayals.  Just like the humans projecting personalities (or something) onto their synths.

What I mean is this jarring and jumbly feel to the character and action generally might mean that the drama might just not be very good/ a bit crap.

Or conversely- this shouty soap opera style of the humans be be deliberate: deeply meaningful in a subtly sub-satirical/ cynical way.  Or not.  I dunno.  For sure.

I don’t want to think this.  Because I kind of like Humans now.  I’ve spent this much time watching it. I’m in for the long haul now.

I wonder if I will keep imagining what giant, seated cats would look like.  Sitting next to you on the sofa.

I do admit that I have nearly ditched on Humans before now.  However last week my mind was set to wondering whether I would have stayed with Humans: if they hadn’t let a few cats out of the bag last episode.

A strange saying in all: cats out of the Bag.  Something tells me being in the bag wasn’t a good outlook for the cats.

I probably wouldn’t have stayed with Humans if not for those metaphorical cats.  Surprises if you like.  And some cats already have gleaming green eyes.  Now imagine them giant.


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