Gotham- Series One or more correctly the second half of Series One-Some notes and dialogue on first watching. Random episodes: The Fearsome Doctor Crane. The Scarecrow. The Anvil and The Hammer. Everybody has a Cobblepot. Under The Knife.

Random episode notes from Series One.

Series One-Episode Fourteen-14

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
“Oh- Fish Mooney’s alive!”

I swear that is a famous English actor.

Fish Mooney wakes up in a not very nice place.
Fish to the two heavies:
“First one, comes at me,” they die fast!” she snaps her fingers.
“The second one, they die slow,,
“So who’s first?”!

(the vision)
A girl walks through the fire.
“Please, why won’t you help me?”

Alfred and Bruce Wayne.
“Maybe next year..”

Gerald Crane…

Bruce goes for a hike.  Picks up two stones.

The Penguin to Jim Gordon:
“And, walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light..”

Back to Bruce Wayne in the forest.
Ah hah.  That is why he picked up stones.


Episode Fifteen-15

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
Fish Mooney:
I’m gonna come back and kill The Penguin!”
She snarls, silently, without moving her face.

Don Maroni to The Penguin:
“You’re not the zoo-keeper, I am..”

Harvey Bullock:
“Some time last night a lucky guy was strapped to a chair..some shits out for a smoke found him..”

Marion to The Penguin:
“We all have our talents”!
(She clasps onto The Penguin’s hands)

Harvey Bullock to a witness:
“Are you Irish?”!

Nygma over-steps the mark.
(Police) Captain to Nygma:
“Get your hands out of that corpse!”

The Police Chief lady is a wuss.

Nygma and Miss Kringle are so cute.
So is Jim Gordon and Doctor Thompkins.

Go-The Penguin.
Don Maroni:
“Son of a bitch!”

Miss Mullen: (to Harvey Bullock)
“I’m sure you have issues that you need to confront..”
Harvey to Miss Mullen:
“I’m a Cop, the only thing I’m scared off is Decaff coffee”!

One of the characters is a famous English actor.

Oh no. I can’t look.

Come on Harvey!
This is actually proper scary now.

The Penguin meets the Church Ladies.

Church Lady:
“What has happened to you, boy?”
The Penguin:
“Like the Prodigal Son Ma’am,I have fallen,”
“Like Job, I have been tested in the devil’s deepest pits of perfidy and survived!”
He laughs.
and continues:
“Are you headed to Gotham by any chance?”

The Ladies sing a Gospel song and I’m in heaven.
“For Jesus will…,”
” After a while..”

The very beautiful Doctor Thompkins says: (to Jim Gordon)
“That is one weird dude”.
Doctor Thomkins seriously gets the Gotham vibe.
Then it all goes super soppy.

Miss Kringle:
“Mr Nygma?”
“You owe me a new pencil”..

It’s Alfred. He’s waiting at the Bruce Wayne mansion.  And looking at his watch.  Pocket Fob of course.

Fish Mooney: (to the evil Mace guy in the unspecified underground prison)
“But they only go off once!”

The son of the Fearsome Doctor Crane:

Alfred to Bruce Wayne:
“Are you sure you want to go home?”
“Or stay to watch the sunrise?”
Alfred to Bruce:

You just know that there is a reason why Doctor Thompson hasn’t invited Jim Gordon back to her apartment.  Because she has a great.  Big.  Secret.  Just guessing.  She might even be  minorly insane.


Episode  Episode Eighteen-18

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

 Doctor to Fish:
“Such vim!
“Such panache!”

Bruce Wayne : (reads)
“This is Reginald Perrin, a man who turned his face up to the stars..”

Mariam Loeb:
Starlings..if you’re really silent and still, you can catch them, and I can be really silent and still..”

Mariam Loeb meets The Penguin. I think it’s love at first sight.
“Who is this?”
“He looks just like a bird, I love birds!”
She clasps her hands together with glee.

And Jim Gordon starts doing deals.  But for the greater good. Of course.


Episode Twenty-20.

Episode Description:
“The Ogre is targeting the loved one of any Cop who tries to investigate his murders, so Detective Jim Gordon pleads with Leslie Thomkins to get out of Gotham while she still can.  But is she the only one…”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

(rumble of train)  (siren wails)

Nygma is stabbing watermelons in the autopsy lab.  With apparent glee.  Dollops, red, form on his hand.  He smiles and licks them off.

Jim and Dr. Thompkins.
“You need to get out of Gotham, right now..”
“No. You know how to protect me?”
“By doing your job..”

Charlotte and the Data from Star trek looking serial killer guy..

Oh no.  An official Irishman.

The Irishman and The Penguin.
Him to The Penguin:
You’re a mad little fella. aren’t you?”

Ah.  Nygma has made a special watermelon surprise for miss Kringle.  Mr.  Nygma he is called.

Alfred and Bruce Wayne and the Charity Ball.
“You won’t need to come,”
I have invited Selina Kyle,”
he continues:
“What’s wrong with that?”
“Well you’re a healthy young lad,
“She’s a very pretty girl.”

The Irish man is called Connor.

I am loving Selina getting together with Charlote and choosing dresses for the charity ball.

There are some truly spectacular settings and houses in Gotham.

Detective Harvey Bullock:
“Miss Van de Groot?”
“I’m a Police Oficer..”

Meanwhile at the charity ball.
Alfred has, as I knew he would, organized the most fantastical dress for Selina.

And Nygma faces up to Officer Dougherty.
Ahem, Officer Dougherty, a word?”
“I won’t let you hurt her..”

“I can start a war or end one,”
“I can give you the strength of heroes”
“Or leave you powerless”
“I can be shared by a glance”
“But no force can compel me to stray”
“What am I?”
Ah.  I am liking Nygma.

Officer Dougherty looks like he has lip stick on. ( But later, in the conversation- so does Nygma)

Police Chief:
“So his mother rejected him, bla bla..”
“We have ourselves a serial killer!”

Don Maroni and The Penguin.
“No, don’t take my Gertrude from me!”

Wow.  We zoom in from the sky from the level of the tube train on the tracks above.  Down, down to the streets below.

Bruce and Selina Kyle make a great team.

Meanwhile.  Nygma is on a mission.
“Oh dear…”
“Oh dear.”
“Oh no.”
He laughs., oddly.
“Oh dear..

The Penguin and his mother.
“Lie to me now, you’ll break my heart..”

It seems like Gertrude Cobblepot lives in a teeny sized room.  Like a doll’s house.

Oh no.
“What’s through there?”
Handsome guy:
“See for yourself..”

(I am waiting for the door to clank shut behind her.)
Instead, she turns to the handsome guy with an an evil grin.


Penultimate Episode.

Episode Twenty One-21

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The Handsome guy (who looks like Data from Star-trek)  to Charlotte:
“”Look at me, my hands are shaking”
“You’re not like the others, you know why?”
He continues:
“Here, drink this,”
Hey.  It’s a glass.  Try and break it.  ( I was thinking)

Then he opens his less than jolly suitcase.
“All those women..”

Bruce opens a safe.  Made by The Gotham Safe Company.  Cool.

Mr. Bunderslaw:
Bruce, I’ve been expecting you..”
“Your father was the same, coming in her with his secret files, demanding justice!”
“Your father understood..
he continues:
Bruce, don’t forget your cookie..”

Julius to Bruce Wayne:
“Bruce, your  father was a true stoic”
“He was not the man the company thought he was..”

Nygma to himself:
“Oh dear..”

Ha ha.  Harvey Bullock comes cruising in.  To The Foxglove (club).  Hair slicked back and looking fine.  With a dotted silk kerchief in the suit pocket.

Nygma talks to a skull. and he gets handy with a hammer.
Oo. Err.

Jim and Detective Inspector Harvey Bullock.
“She’s gone”
“No, I can still smell her perfume, she was just here..”

Handsome man to Barbara/ Charlotte: (he is calling her Barbara I think)
“But Barbara, I’m doing this for you!“..

“I never meant to hurt you, I never do”
“Dry the tear in your eye..”

Then-C’mon Jim Gordon.  Woops.

Bruce Wayne:
“Alfred, I haven’t been honest with you..”
“He says my father and grandfather knew but stayed quiet!”
“Your father was a good man”
Yes, but even good men have secrets.”

Doctor Thomson to Jim Gordon:
“It’s your sense of mission that I love about you.”
“I thought it was my amazing good looks!”

Then Don Falceone takes a delivery of a box.

Miss Kringle to Nygma:
Why do I pick such creeps in men?!”
“Sometimes you need to read between the lines with men..”

“Coochy coochie ya ya..”


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