Between-Netflix. Episodes Four, Five and Six short notes with review at the end. Minor spoilers Only. Currently on in the UK in weekly instalments on Fridays.

Between-Episodes Four, Five Six and review


Episode Four

Short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Flashback to happier times for Miss Symonds.
For a while..
(we see)
Miss Symonds and her Evan.

Days under quarantine 19.

So Ronnie likes Wiley.  Cool.
“Do you wanna go hunting?”!
to Wiley.
(not perhaps the best invitation to get in the circumstances)

So the town is looking kind of smoky.

Adam is doing his Sherlock Holmes thing.
He does look a bit like Sherlock Holmes.

Pat is the name of Ronnie’s brother.

Miss Symonds to Adam:
“It’s my birthday, I’m twenty two..”

So both Wiley and me have been getting bad vibes about Ronnie for some time now.


Episode Five


Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Between is filmed so beautifully.

Adam tears off a photograph from a paper.  Pins it on the wall.  A silken necklace hangs off the pin holding the photo.

Wiley and Adam meet.  He looks terrible.  His hair has gone wild.  He kind of looks like Jimi Hendrix.

Guy to other guy:
“Still no texts?”

So Ronnie strung out is not a pretty sight.

So as previously mentioned in episode notes.  Things are going from bad to worse.  And as always there is that dreadful cloud of doubt than hangs over the people.  Warning us silently of potentially worse trouble.

Gord to Chuck:
“Time to go back to the mansion, Chuck..”

Someone needs to get Ronnie away from that baby.

Meanwhile: back at the prison..


Episode Six

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

A fair bit actually.
A surprising revelation.
Then some things sad and serious.

And we get some answers as to why.

So did I mention that I had been avoiding catching up with Between.  Because it’s just. So.  Dreary.  And dark.  I could almost say it’s all worth it to see Bio-Hazard suits with pointy hats in bright red.

So the holocaust imagery from before returns.  This being more of a corridor and waiting room kind of thing.

So rather a lot goes down.  To put it mildly.  Or not so.

Adam, Wiley and Jason the baby.
“‘Cause they have been lied to,”
“Everyone’s been lied to..”
“They’ll be back”..
“So what are we gonna do now?”
“Wait around to die?”


Not sure what more I can say about Between-right now.  More than I already have.  The drama and the happenings therein seem fairly self-evident so far.

Plenty of surprises along the way.  Some nerve-wracking scenes.  Some descent into semi-madness or sanity.  Depending on your point of view.

Some sweet interludes.  Cows with swollen udders. A Jesus-like Gord as compared to the rest of the town.  With his little sister like a mini Mary Magdalene with a a shotgun.

The farm being one of the only bastions of sanity and safety in the humdrum town.  Well-once humdrum. As in ordinary.  Day to day.

I really think it should have occurred to someone by now that the fact that: no soldiers had entered the town (even with their respirators on) to bring in food an supplies.

Nor had the soldiers offered to take bodies out and incinerate them.  Presumably likewise protected, In Bio-hazard suits and respirators.

Well this fact or facts should have had inner alarm bells ringing I would say.

This had been the state of affairs from the beginning.  No change.  Well until the happenings in the latest episode that is..


Or would Mary Magdalene really be Meg, who tends to Gord, in the barn. For a through and through.  As the Police call it.

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