Wayward Pines Episodes Two and Three-some notes and dialogue with Part TWO reviews after episode Two and Three. Minor Spoilers Only. On in the UK on FOX Channel Thursdays @ 9pm (please see posting 19th May 2015 for Episode One notes and review Part ONE)

Wayward Pines-Episodes Two and Three

Episode Two.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
Cheerful Doctor to Ethan Burke:
“It’s just a town..”

Sheriff: (to Ethan)
“You just gotta stay in your hotel room!”

Cheerful Concierge in the hotel: (to Ethan)
“Oh, the Wayward Pine Chronicles?”
“We haven’t had an issue for about two weeks now,”
“I guess there hasn’t been any news”!

Beverley to Ethan:
“Do you wanna dance?”

Ethan meets with Kate Hewson in the Toy shop.
Official notice on the wall:
Don’t try and leave.
Don’t discuss the past
Always answer the phone when it rings.
Oo err.

Then the phone rings.

Sheriff Pope:
Eats a lot of Cornettos.  Always Rum Raisin by the look of it.

So Ethan is popping down to the morgue..

The sinister Nurse to Ethan Burke:
I forgot.  (what happened)  Because the nurse is seriously scary.

Cheerful/ not so cheerful doctor to Ethan Burke:
“Mr. Burke Your condition is worsening..”
“Unless you let me treat your brain haemorrhage..”
“Your hallucinations will only get worse..”

Nb. Adam is the name of Ethan Burke’s FBI agent colleague.

Beverley and Ethan.
“So what’s your plan?”
My plan?”
You’re the Secret Service Agent!”

I’m not quite sure about Beverley.  Whether she can be trusted.

Now Ethan and Beverley are getting dinner invitations.  From Kate and Harold.  Lovely.

Ethan’s wife, Theresa to her sister Darla: (back home)
“Either Ethan has abandoned his family,”
“Or he’s dead.”
“I have to know which!”

Now Ethan is mounting a fightback.

This is creepy.
The Nurse and the sheriff’s receptionist have Gal/girl talk at the bar.

So it’s dinner time.
Ethan to Beverly:
“It’s OK, just pretend..”

At dinner.
“Time flies, doesn’t it?”
“Harold won the Horseshoe Tournament two years in a row!”
“Can I give you a piece of pie for the road?”

Phones ring.  Phones ring.
“The telephones!”
“That’s how it started when they killed Bill!”

“Last seen by the Ballingers!”
This is mad.  I’m not hopeful for Beverley now.

Wayward Pines Sanitation is written on the sanitation tank.

OMG.  This is terrible.
Sheriff Pope:
“She deserved it!”
Lordy Lordy. Lordy.

Wayward Pines just went from fun and quirky to harsh.  Well they did say scenes of a very violent nature I guess.


Short Review of Episode Two.

So whether I am going to keep watching  Wayward Pines is hanging in the balance right now.  That sentence doesn’t really make sense when you look at it.

Say on one side- I was enjoying Wayward Pines so far.  For it’s difference as a drama.  whilst evoking old series of yore.  The Prisoner for example.  On the other side was the shocking and horrific ending scene.

It seems a shame, even sad to me when a drama I had been watching for a sort of frolicking fun- with quirks aplenty: has to go all gory on me.  Oh well.  Is a series upping its game in some way by doing this I wonder?  Does it make the drama necessarily more hard-edge or hard-hitting.  I’m not sure.

I guess this is going into gory gear might do so for some.  I don’t think it does it for me.  I start to think that it is a different kind of genre of drama I suppose.  I just don’t know what that genre is.  I guess there doesn’t have to be a genre at all.  Or perhaps everything is the genre.  Deep.

I guess it’s just that gore is all the rage.  it’s de rigeur if you like.  Does a drama require violence and gore to be taken (artistically) seriously?  I dunno.  I hope not.

Still, of course I will probably continue.  Just to see if there is a way out.  For Ethan to succeed. Especially as there appears to be some unexpected visitors.  To Wayward Pines.


Episode Three

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“The following programme contains scenes of strong violence”
No shit Sherlock.

I am liking the new fashion for growly voiced announcements.  Who sound like the trailer announcer man-of old.  For movies.

(as in)

Ethan and Beverley.
“It’s the fear that keeps everybody in line..”
“First of all, we’re going to have to take out your micro-chip..”

Sheriff Pope:
“Citizens of Wayward Pines, we are fully blessed,”
“we protect each other, sometimes from each other..”
His voice breaking, he is brandishing a white lily in his hand.

“Do not try to leave!”
“Don’t discuss the past!”
“Always answer the phone.”

Sheriff Pope:
“Work hard, be happy!”
Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines!”
The crowd of people all chant in repetition of his words.

Meanwhile Ethan is on a mission.  Using his knowledge as an agent.

Kate and Harold return home.
“Let’s make some tea, with milk, that always helps..”

Ethan and Kate.
“Beverley broke the rules,”
“It’s called reckoning..”
Come with me!”
“You’ll never make it out  of here alone..”
Watch me”.
Ah, its back to the house, number six hundred and four, First Avenue.
Sheete.  So we are getting the idea of the usage for house number 604.
Ethan Burke is back on his mission.
He visits an empty house.  With a (child’s) brick with the letter B on it left on the empty kitchen table.
Meanwhile Ethan’s wife, Theresa, is on a mission of her own.  Good.
So there are some satisfyingly spy elements in Wayward Pines.  In that we have reason to believe that many of the scene and set ups are constructs.  Stage settings if you like.  Deep cover.  Deep deep undercover.
Oh no.  Here comes the Sheriff.  Dripping something from a large hypodermic needle.  But it’s not what you are thinking.  He has a whole ‘nother use for a large hypodermic syringe.
And Ethan arrives in an unusual place.
(large door opens-klaxons)
Of course this is all a bit too easy. (for Ethan that is)  what did I tell you..
The Sheriff laughs: (to Ethan)
“Come here boy!”
“I don’t know what they see in you!”
The sinister nurse is holding a baby.  Which is very worrying.
The mysterious Realtor/ Estate Agent reappears.
Realtor to Ethan:
“Yes, it’s your house now,and like all the houses in Wayward Pines,”
“It’s equipped with a state of the art security system..”
Kid on Bike:
“Hey Benjamin Burke, welcome to Wayward Pines!”
Sinister Nurse to Ethan:
“We just want you to enjoy your time together in Wayward Pines..”
Sheriff Pope:
“You can carry on looking for what’s behind door number three, or you can follow the rules..”
Then the phone rings.
Thunder rumbles.  Rain falls in the suburban blue night.  Pine trees all around.  The houses look like Switzerland.

Ethan to Cheerful man:
“I can’t stay..”
“Because I don’t live here..”
So then things get all kind of serious.  Worlds were already colliding.
The Sheriff to Mrs. (Theresa) Burke:
“I’m very particular about ice-cream,”
“and you have a new flavour,”
“Aren’t you gonna thank me?”
“For saving your life..!”
Kate and Ethan walk in the forest.
“It’s been x years, I work in a toy shop..”
So events are getting precarious.  Very precarious.  The Sheriff has this thing of getting emotional in his voice all of a sudden.
Blimey.  OMG.
The Sheriff (Pope) to Ethan:
“You think you want to know the truth,”
“you don’t, it’s far worse than you could even imagine..”
Well words fail me.  Crikey seems an understatement.  The action and suspense in Wayward Pines just scooted off somewhere.  Higher.  Or lower.  Take your pick.  A whole ‘nother level.
Review of Wayward Pines up to and including Episode Three
So I think I’m going to stop writing about Wayward Pines now.  Until the end probably.  Because its’s really quite engrossing to watch.  And further dialogue will only spoiler it.  I’m already substituting x for number of years. 
Wayward Pines could be daft but it isn’t.  Even the ending  final reveal of episode three.  (along with a mention of door number three by the Sheriff)  could well have been daft.  OK that scene was a bit daft in retrospect.  But it worked.

Wayward Pines so far is holding its own for now anyway.  with a fairly wild and unusual story.  Certainly an unpredictable story so far.

Much of the success in the effectiveness of Wayward Pines as a drama is down to the excellent acting of the character-Ethan Burke. 
I found myself thinking at one point that Wayward Pines was unusual in that instead of a hero battling on his own: we now have an amplified, doubled up experience.  The whole deal.  In that now there will be a family battling dark forces together.  You see.  I may already have said too much.
Suffice to say that Theresa as Ethan’s wife and Ethan’s son Benjamin are both proving to be interesting and affecting characters too.  In their own right.

Plus interesting overtures appear to be being offered.  To Ethan.  From other previously assumed to be evil townsfolk.  Odd indeed.

I am intrigued by the realtor.  And quite why he has that limp. And I am wondering if there might be going to be, a new Sheriff in town.


Please note that in the previous episode One notes the actual dates being referred to by Ethan and Kate are shown by….So as not to spoiler it.

There are a lot of breaks.  Probably better to watch it on demand.
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