Betweeen-A Netflix Original-Episode Three-some notes and dialogue with review Part TWO at the end. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK currently.

Between-A Netflix Original.

Episode Three.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

(lion roaring)
So they have a zoo.  Great.

Minister Miller: (on the TV)
“Citizens of Pretty Lake, we have detected elevated levels of…”

Ronnie’s sister to Katie:
“So I can leave these keys with you?”
“I have sixty seven keys!”

So there’s a rather big feline sitting in the paddock.

Mel is the religious sister of Wiley.

Mel to Gord:
“I can sew!”

Adam & Miss Symonds.
“We’re quarantined for a reason..”

So it’s all getting most intense.  Like it wasn’t already.  In every kind of way.

“Stay away from them!”
“These are my girls!”

Franny is Gord’s sister.

I do find the escalation of the behaviour of Chuck to be a little odd.  But perhaps he is meant to be a chip of the old block-his Dad Charles.  And Chuck rolls like his father.

(Nb. it is not Katie but Amanda)
Amanda to Ronnie:
“I can keep a secret, I told you..”

OMG. Adam to Wiley:
That’s why they are not worried about the power going off”.

So the kids are going mental in the nursery.

And the good brother of Ronnie teams up with Gord.  Gord is cool in fact super-cool. But I am doubtful he is really twenty two.  (he looks older)

So we see Adam and Wiley from a vantage point.
(as if someone was watching)

Fanny screams.

Meanwhile back at the nursery.
A child is actually peeing in a book.
(objects clattering)

Adam to Wiley:
“I, uh, didn’t realise I was taking advantage of you..”

So did I mention that Between is like The Walking Dead but without zombies.

So relationships are breaking up faster than you can say Jack Robinson but me, I’m just worried about Franny.

Then things get a little syrupy.  but it’s all OK in The Between.

And as I thought, Wiley was going for a worrying.  Wild walk.


Review Part TWO

So I think any more detailed dialogue than this is going to be too spoilery.  Plus the dialogue is kind of insignificant compared to the action, the happenings, the odd escalating drama happening all around town.  Which in terms of separate story lines often bumping into each other and collide.

Of course the situation itself of the town hangs over them and us as viewers, like a dreadful pall of the dark cloud of doubt.  over the fortunes of the people now left, trapped indeed (more than) booby-trapped-in Pretty Lake.

The circumscribed space is far worse than my comparison drama: The Walking Dead.  In a way.  No, there are no zombies. But there is no way out.  Nowhere to go for fresh supplies.

They, the trapped insiders (like they were in old East Berlin) are already so early on, starting to bounce off each other like the myriad permutations inherent in the bounce-back of a million-say-small rubber balls.

Such are the already and restricted repercussion of of the life and death situation inside an enclosed space.  Not forgetting another independent yet serious and mysterious: ongoing situation.

Even if the Pretty Lake survivors sort themselves out successfully.  Manage to survive.  Then.  They have another enemy.  Outside.

Between for me is reigning pretty much supreme.  As a drama.  Brilliant stuff. Lord of The Flies comes to mind.  With shades of The Walking Dead.  Not to mention evocations of the dreaded Berlin Wall back in the day.  Holocaust imagery too.

Hoping that there isn’t an inherent lesson in here somewhere rather than just a satisfyingly different-for now-horror series.  Horror walking like a human on stilts with sticks propping up it’s eyes.  Because it will soon be too dangerous to sleep.

Could Between possibly get any worse.  Sure. Seriously worser.  And worser. It already is.

Because then there are the people.  Who as any The Walking Dead veteran knows: are a far more deadly threat and predator than any thing that went before.  Or after.



I liked the extra horror involved in Amanda’s side-story of her mission to bring her sister Lana home, by cooking beefburgers and fries.

On consideration-the clacking noise of the keyboard keys heard throughout the series as mentioned-cannot be text messages.  Making this soundtrack slightly more sinister in origin perhaps.

The old-fashioned typewriter sound could be either Adam, researching the background to the disease: or the unknown government person who is typing the death toll announcements in text.


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