Arvingerne/ The Legacy-Series Two. Episode Two-some notes and dialogue with review after Episode Two and short notes on Episode Three at the end. Minor spoilers Only. In Danish and English with English subtitles.

The Legacy/ Arvingerne 

Episode Two

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Previously/ Tidligere..
A lot.
Signe: (calling)

The Lawyer and Gro.
The Lawyer:
“And then we can wait for the King’s pardon.  Yeah.  sure.

Emile continues to ask for a phone call. shit.  The guy next to him has a bad cough.

(The Hemp fields)
Signe and Askara (the Hemp farmer’s assistant)
Asker to Signe:
“The soil is dry, see?”
He continues tactfully and gently,
“You have to water them, OK?”
(he tries again)
“In the next few days..”!

The hemp farmer, for the second time now has been offended at Signe’s treatment of their business  meetings  Offended and or shocked.  One or the other or both.

Things are getting serious for Emile or rather for his neighbour in the cell.

And Lone the lawyer proves to know all about prototypes and casts in Art.

Signe gets a very interesting contraption going.  Yey!

There is a new possible suitor for Signe.
Martin to Signe:
“Do you know how hot you look when you’re talking about hemp!”

Emile talks to his cell neighbour in Danish.  Emile tells him a story from his childhood:
“Twenty kilometres I walked..”
 “She wasn’t home..”
 “Later I found out she was home..”
” She just didn’t hear me..”
He continues:
“(Frederik) He would always tell me stories about Emile and Frederick,..”
“How they would slay the monsters!”..

Gro gives instructions to Signe like she’s the Housekeeper.

Frederik appears, in front of Gro.  They leave together.
(To Thailand)


Episode Two review.

So The Legacy/ Arvingerne has settled in nicely to what it does best: which is to perform like a chamber piece executed by a band of exquisitely playing musicians.

Except this is a drama.  which is executed and performed like a play. With the same intensity and excellence in that execution.  Of the Art.

As mentioned in reviews of the first series of Arvingerne/ The legacy; there are few, really different scene settings.Very few props.  In the drama.

There are outside scenes albeit briefly.  Car parks.  The fields, the hemp field and the Gronnegard estate grounds.  I would have said Gronnegard garden.

But there is not really a garden as such.  Or perhaps there is and I haven’t properly noticed.  There are trees.  they may be artfully planted and not wild.  As such.  If you can have wild trees.

But I digress.
Yes, I am thinking mainly of Thomas’s bungalow/ hut in the garden.  Let’s call it a garden.  It’s easier.  However that is it pretty much in the way of scenes.  Even in Thailand we mainly see inside one room/s.

All of this is irrelevant really, we barely notice the lack of surround.  Just like in a play.  since it is all about the acting.  Which is fairly incandescent of quality all round.  For every character I would say.


Episode Three

Notes and dialogue only.

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

We can see Frederik is scared of heights.

Frederik to the Thai Lawyer:
“Yes, they send many greetings..”

Thomas to Signe:
“I’ve just been by your field”..
“Pheasants are eating the shoots”

Frederik is freaking out in the prison.  I can tell.  Or rather the prison waiting room.  The visiting arrangements are interesting.

Frederik is a brilliant character.  He always surprises.

The understatement of the year.
Frederik to Gro:
“I’m sorry Gro..”

So the Bohemian bunch are drawing Signe in.  Me I just keep worrying about the baby.  Everybody seems to have forgotten about the baby.

The acting in Arvingerne really is incredible I think.

Frederik, ah Frederik.  Gro too, is a fascinating character.


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