The Returned-remake-Some notes and dialogue on episodes One, Two, Four, Five, Six and Seven with Review Part TWO at the end. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix Original-on in the UK in weekly instalments.

The Returned (remake)

The Returned Episode One continues…
Please see below for first half of the episode and beneath the cast-list for Returned for second half of episode One continued.

Directly below is a re-posting originally posted on 2nd April 2015 where I watched part of Episode One of The Returned.
Now re-posted here from:
A Quick note to my readers of another new series:
The Returned.

An American remake of Les Revenants/ The Returned.  Well what a surprise, I had no idea. This is an original Netflix series and is weekly. As in weekly instalments.

I was intrigued so I checked out about half of the first episode.  So the Returned appears to be very good.  Promising.  Beautiful to look at.  Particularly (and I remembered that this was my favourite scene from the original) the night-lit valley village.

So the remake of Les Revenants is sticking very close to the original.  A slight variation in job for Julie, now called Doctor Han.  Julie in the French series was a District Nurse.  Here her character is a doctor, a G.P/General Practitioner  from what we can gather.  From Dr. Han’s chat/conversation with Pillar, the check-out girl at the shop.  Perhaps Dr. Han visits her patients like Julie did.  We shall see.

Thing is I got to the half way point of The Returned first episode and thought: hey Bloodline is more cheerful than this.

Then I ditched.  considering that I had Bloodline down as fairly creepy: that means that The Returned was guaranteed to be worse.  As in the creepiness stakes.  I think The Returned might win. Less sunshine for a start.

First Half of Episode One of :

The American remake of the French series Les Revenants/The Returned.

TV Preview:
“Several people come back to their home towns in the same week after they’ve been dead for years in this eerie dramatic series

Some notes and dialogue on part of Episode One-on first watching.

The beginning:
Four years ago

Acoustic guitar and singing:
“An old clothesline in a castle of ghosts..”
“Come home,”
“Ah ha ha”..

Camille is on the school bus.
(haunting music)
(wind rustling)

Present Day.
Someone is climbing over a wall.  She looks fine.
It’s just that she’s in the middle of nowhere.
She looks down.  A beautiful village lies in the valley below.
(crickets chirping)

The Self-Help group.
A lady,
“We’re having a baby..”
“Move forward..”

A woman (Claire I presume) lights candles at a shrine for Camille.

The moon is tiny and high over the black mountains in the night.

Peter, who runs the self-help group is the same twat as he was in the original.

Camille to her Mom:
“Something weird happened.”
“I woke up in the mountains, it took me two hours to walk home”..

At the Bar.  (percussive indie music)

So we see Julie, here she is a doctor.  Doctor Han.  She sees a little boy at the side of the road. In a bus stop.

Dr.Han to little boy:
“Here, come inside..”
 Dr. Han, has the nosy neighbour too.

End of first part of episode one-please see below for continuation .


I have written about Les Revenants/The Returned -Series One on this Blog. Episode by episode.  Les Revenants was excellently sinister and subtly beautiful to watch.

First Review and beginning of episode notes of  Les Revenants was posted on 15th June 2013-Some Spoilers.

Nb.  Added on the 8th May, 2015:
Please note that I mixed up the name Toni with Claude sometimes in my write-ups on Les Revenants. Serge and Toni brothers in Les Revenants. In the remake Toni is called Tony and his brother, Adam.   There is no Claude in either version.

I may well come back to the Returned..

I remember now that the American remake of The Killing/ Forbrydelsen turned out to be really rather good.  In the end.


End of re-posting from quick notes to my readers-The Returned remake first posted on 2nd April 2015.


Cast List of The Returned: 
Claire-Mother of Camille and Lena.
Jack-Claire’s estranged husband.
Camille-twin sister to Lena.
Lena-Camille’s sister.
Doctor Julie Han-town doctor.
Deputy Niki Banks-Chief Deputy to the Sheriff of the town.
Lucy-bar-maid at the Dog Star Tavern.
Peter-Claire’s boyfriend and Psychologist (Doctor).  Runs the Helping Hands Hostel.
Rowan-Librarian and fiancé to Tommy Salerno.
Tommy Salerno-Sheriff of the town.
The Support/ Self-Help- Group-a group of grieving parents including Sandrine,
Pastor Watson-Pastor to the church and people of the village.
Helen Goddard-one time teacher.
Mr. Goddard. Married to Helen.
Simon-previous fiancé to Rowan.
Adam-brother of Tony.
Victor-eight year old boy.
Tony-bar-tender at the Dog Star Tavern.


The Returned.
Episode One-Continued…
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Doctor Han to Victor:
“You can stay here tonight, but tomorrow I’m taking you to the Police..”

Claire and Peter.
“Camille, this is Peter, he’s a psychologist, he could talk to you..”

Jack is the name of Claire’s husband and or ex-husband.

Lovely-we have (ethereal music) and a rogue crochet in the sound description.

Then we see another returnee.  In the French version she is only ever called Mrs. Costas.  Here she is called Helen.

Aha.  Rock music playing.  (electricity buzzing)
This next returnee is cool, cool, cool.
He gets a song and two and more crochets.  In the sound description.

Here: in The Returned Mrs Costas/ Helen is the actress who was the Maenaeid in true Blood and Mitch in The Killing (remake).

Dr. Han is called Julie.  Here as well.

So is he called Johnny?  No, it’s Simon.  He comes a knocking, to Rowan’s house.  Whilst she is trying on a bridal veil.

So poor Rowan thinks she has seen a ghost and sobbingly repels Simon.

Then an old man climbs up on top of a concrete waterfall.

Rowan’s husband comes home.  Presumably he is a Cop/ Policeman and a Detective in this series.

Julie and the little boy.
“Please, tell me your real name”.

Jack goes to see his resident psychic.

“Lucy!” “Lucy!”..
Harsh bowed half notes play.  Lucy is in the subway.  O my lord..

Then Lena comes home..  Camille knocks.
Lena reacts sensibly.  Unlike anybody else really.

Four years earlier..
(haunting music)
(solemn cello music)
(mournful cello music)

The Returned remake Episode Two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching,

“The moon reflects the water”..

Camille to Doctor Peter:
“So I guess you know I’m a zombie!”


Nb.  Didn’t do notes on Episode Three.


The Returned Episode Four
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

( Flashback)
The story:
“The boy closed his eyes”
“The fairy made him promise not to open them,”
” until they were out of the haunted woods and back home in bed safe and warm..”
“I will always watch over you,
“and in the dark, she took his hand,”
“Your wish is my command”
“And she granted his wish..”

Previously...(male announcer)

Camille to her Mom:
“I died, didn’t I?”

Doctor Han to Victor:
“You must be cold, where’s your coat?”

Present day.
Oh.  Now there is something I learned in the remake which I do not remember being made clear in the original.

Rowan’s daughter, Chloe, to Rowan’s handsome husband, Tommy Salerno (Detective)
“There’s a monster in the attic, just so you know..”

So something around this episode made me start thinking.

Pastor Watson to Helen:
“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen..”

Yes it was around the time that Claire’s husband Jack is interviewed by Detective Salerno that I started seriously getting into the Returned remake.  I was already thinking earlier that I was getting nuances of meaning and explanations to things in the Returned.

The Returned is quite deep and emotional in parts.  The drama is certainly beautiful to look at. Beautiful green, in the interview room, awash with greens.  We see an aquamarine background to a close up of Claire.  There is pale blue light in the interiors.

Tommy Salerno to Rowan:
“I loved you from the moment I saw you”

Lena: for the life of me I can’t remember the outcome of this part of the story.

Helping hand man Peter to Victor:
“You know what...”


Episode Five.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So The Returned just gets better and better really.  We’re subject to copious flashbacks.  For each character.  Which nicely explains things.

We are onto the story of Tony, his Mom and his brother now.

“I know who you are..”
(birds chirping)  (wind rustling)

Then Helen stands in a lake.   Like it was the elixir of life.  Until..

Camille to Simon:
“Love is stronger than death..”

So Helen is the Maenad from True Blood. Me, I never really got over the Maenad.

Helen to Pastor Watson:
“Only in an ungodly place like this could we exist..”

Simon sings:
“I cannot fulfil your love..”

Nb.  A solution to the Lena storyline presented itself to me this time.  And that solution is rather harsh.


Episode Six.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

One Year Earlier
Lucy and Jack (musical notes in brackets)

Present day.
Dr. Hirohito:

Victor the little boy is in a car with Peter.
We see the moon over the blue mountains.

Oo La La.  This is a harsh scene with Claude’s brother.

So I have my bearings now.  Just seen a logging truck.  Like in Twin Peaks.  Of course it must snow up there.

Helen to Pastor Watson:
“Then there was water, black as tar, full of sludge, broken glass, floating cars…”

Peter and Victor are on a car ride.  (birds chirping)
A graveyard.  (sombre music)

Some of the dialogue is word for word the same as the original.
There is more psycho-babble in the American version.
Yet they refreshingly get to the point a lot quicker about being dead an all.

Wow-over-flying shot of the mountains.

So Jack is attempting an experiment. And Victor speaks.  For the very first time.

Meanwhile: someone is hearing (eerie whispering)


Episode Seven
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

One Year Previously..

I was just thinking that there is something missing in the remake.  From a story-line.  However I think we’re getting to it.  Catching up so to speak.

Those mournful cellos are back.  Or rather mournful cello music.

Oh no.This is a whole ‘nother dimension to this storyline.  That I don’t remember from before.

So some people are seeming to get second chances in their lives or is it un-life.  Others are starting anew or renewed..Others are talking things out.  Effecting closure.  Sometimes the tables are turned. Like Tony and his brother.

Everybody is surprisingly accepting of the undead.

Rowan and her Psychiatrist.
“I’ve been seeing you for six years..”
“Six years, holy shit!”  ha ha.

Victor to Chloe:
“I’m dead too”
“Are you an angel?”
Victor shakes his head menacingly.  Chloe sensibly walks away.

At the support group Camille is introduced.  You just know this is a bad idea.
“It wasn’t in words, I felt it..”
She’s making shit up now.

Contractor up on the dam:
“Their cheap ass concrete..”

Helen and the Contractor/ Engineer.
“Causal reality is the relationship between cause and reality..”
“Bad things happen for a reason..”


So I am going to stop writing episode  notes as I did them for the original.


Review Part TWO.

So The Returned remake is beautiful to look at.  In looks and stylishness for its scene setting and interiors.

These beautifully arranged tableaux of scenes amidst the shockingly high mountains. Of green and verdant blue and dappled green of the forest, the hills and mountains that surround the valley. The valley in which nestles the tiny toy-like town.  As seen from above.

I realise that mountains can’t really be shocking.  Indeed such an anthropomorphism is not allowed in the writing of Haikus.  Still.  Shocking since I keep seeing the mountains and thinking of Switzerland.  or France.   Where the original is set.

 I’m not really sure why I’m having this asynchronance of realities attached to scenery of countries. As depicted in dramas.  other than having seen the original I am having a hard time shaking off that original setting.  Or alternate dramatically created reality.

Plus I’m not used to seeing mountains much in dramas. Especially in American ones.  It does not compute.

It’s America!  I keep reminding myself when I see the high up house, halfway up a mountain it seems. I just keep thinking of Switzerland or France.

I may even be remembering pointed sloping roofs to the fabulous houses. Just like in all snow covered places.  Yet come to think of it, it may not even snow where the remake of the Returned is set.

All this chalet shapes are just a fanciful construction of my mythical creation. Of a cool and mysterious place.

Just not immediately so apparently cool just because its set in a more unknown country.  It’s that foreign language chic.  Most unfair really.

Yet of course all of these dramatic realities are just scene settings.  Constructs of various ingredients. The place is both relevant and irrelevant.  To the story and the story telling.

The American setting of The Returned is simply stunning. Both from above, viewed as the little village in the valley or up close front and personal.  Nobody does small town mountain horror better than Twin Peaks country.

But then there is the hell-hole of the elongated tunnel of the subway.  Lit with dull metallic orange light.  There is sumptuous shots of motel signs at angles with enigmatic text.  Shot from above. There are locked woodsheds high up in the forest.  Dead mothers and a man called Tony.

The remake has taken off in slow burning leaps to bounds.  Making itself an original dramatic creation.  Assured and awash with wonderful painterly style.  Plus Claire and Jack’s house is like house heaven.

The characters are becoming fully fleshed out if you’ll pardon the pun, believable and mostly sympathetic.  For now.  Although large question marks dangle over the head of at least one.


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