Note to my readers of some new and returning series-Wayward Pines, Nashville Series Three-and Danish Series 1864. I also note a new Spin-off series-Fear The Walking Dead plus Prisoners of War/ Hatufim Series Two & Arvingerne/ The Legacy Series One both currently being repeated on Sky Arts 1 & Sky Arts 1 HD in the UK.

Summary of series.
Note to my readers of some new and some returning Series:
Wayward Pines, Nashville Series Three and 1864.

There will be a spin-off series from The Walking Dead called Fear The Walking Dead-see below.

Orphan Black Series Four Returns in the UK in 2016.
(Comes out first in America)
Oh well.

Prisoners of War/ Hatufim currently being repeated on Sky Arts 1-Series Two.  Please see below for details.

Nb. Added on 10th May , 2015:
The Legacy/ Arvingerne Series One is also currently being repeated on Sky Arts 1.  First re-aired 8th May, 2015 in the UK.  Fridays @ 9pm.


More details of Wayward Pines, Nashville and 1864.
Some notes on Hatufim series Two, Fear The Walking Dead, Les Revenants and Top Of The Lake.

This sounds interesting:
Wayward Pines
On FOX Channel or channel number 157 on Virgin Media TV.
Thursdays @ 10pm to be aired on 14th May 2015.

Description of Wayward Pines from Wiki: (sourced 8th May 2015)
“Wayward Pines is an upcoming American series based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch.”

“The series stars Matt Dillon as a U.S. Secret Service Agent investigation into the disappearance of two Federal agents in a mysterious small Idaho town.It will be broadcast  on FOX and is slated to première on May 14th, 2015”

Developed by Chad Hodge.  Produced by M. Night Shyamalan.

TV Preview from Virgin Media TV:
for Wayward Pines Series One-episode One.

“After surviving a terrible car crash, secret service Agent Ethan Burke finds himself in the charming, bucolic town of Wayward Pines.  But soon discovers that something isn’t quite right”.

A more recent preview of Wayward Pines from Gerard Gilbert-in The Independent Weekly TV Magazine-Radar dated 9th May 2015:

“Thursday-Wayward Pines-FOX-9pm and 2am.  Somewhere in Idaho, but not far too from Twin Peaks in spirit, is the idyllic-seeming eponymous lumber town.  Enter special agent Matt Dillon (with Juliette Lewis), on the search for two missing colleagues and a 10-part drama promising Lost-style mind-warp thrills”


Nashville-Series Three.
So Nashville returns-yey!
So you gotta love Nashville-I do.

Wednesday 13th May @ 10pm.
E4 or E4 HD-144 and 145 on Virgin Media TV.  (Nashville has moved from More 4 to E4 )

Somewhere here I have mentioned Nashville in brief.
Since it is more fun to watch than to write about.  Kind of like soap opera on steroids mixed with a good dash of Country and Western music, original song-writing and singing, acoustic guitar and full blown performances on tour.

Plus gutsy women doing their thang and Southern gentlemen in cowboy hats with crooked smiles. If at all possible catching up on the first two series would be ideal.  Other wise I may be here all day explaining it all.

Suffice to say operatic happenings abound in the world of  business and music producing. In the home of Country and Western music: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. For the characters.  Who are all upcoming or established music stars.

There are different country western music styles, like with the more established star Rayna  and Juliette, the young and upcoming star.  Then there is Scarlett whose country music is more indie in style.  Wonderful ballads, soulful and disturbing are created by Scarlett, who is ethereally beautiful.

See, here I am going off into a long description..We could be here all night.
Don’t forget the insanely talented Avery Barkley, with his gentle poetic air..they are all there.

Series Description of Nashville:
“A country music legend is forced to team up with a younger starlet to keep her career afloat”

Virgin Media TV description:
Series Three Episode One.

“Rayna must make a choice between two men and two different life paths.  Meanwhile, Juliette auditions for a film biopic; and Scarlett takes a road trip home.  Included: a performance by Florida Georgia”


A new Spin-off Series from The Walking Dead:
Fear The walking Dead.

“Will debut in the summer” (from digital spy 8th May 2015)

That is all I know.


Prisoners of War/Hatufim.
An Israeli Series with English subtitles.  See my write-ups on here on Series One and Two.
So I have discovered that Hatufim is being repeated on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD on Thursdays @ 3:30 am.
(so we maybe due for series Three?)
The series is up to episode Nine at the time of writing.

See link below at bottom of page for details and further information on Hatufim.  You can watch/ catch-up the series on that link too.
Nb.  It looks like Hatufim Series One is available along with Series Two on the link below.


No dates yet on the few remaining series yet to air from:
Summary Of European Dramas posted on 22nd of February/ Fevruari 2015.
Those being:
 1864-only that:
” It will be aired “soon on BBC 4 according to Scandi-noir news.  See link below.

Correction to the above:
Update- this just in:1864 will première on Saturday, 16th May 9pm on BBC Four.  Two episodes back to back-8 episodes in all.

Description of 1864- a Danish series  with English subtitles.
“Denmark, 1951. Young brothers Laust and Peter grow up in poor but safe conditions on the local estate in south Funen.  As their father returns with other soldiers, victorious from a three year war with Prussia, Laust and Peter become enamoured with the new Estate Manager’s daughter, the beautiful and fearless Inge.”

“Political forces consider incorporating Schleswig into the Danish kingdom, contrary to the signed peace treaty.  Prime Minister Monrad is inspired to patriotic eloquence by a performance of Macbeth, with the enticing Mrs Heiberg acting as his muse as the ruthless and manipulative Lady Macbeth”

With Lars Mikkelsen (from Borgen & Forbrydelsen I/ The Killing) and Sidse Babett Knudsen
(from Borgen)

Description of Episode One:
“Young brothers Laust and Peter become enamoured with the new estate manager’s daughter”
See link below for more information and BBC i-player.

 Les Revenants/ The Returned (the original French Series) is due to return for a series Two.
Most likely this will be on Channel Four in the UK.

Likewise Top Of the Lake is due to return for a second series-dates unspecified.
Also will be on Channel Four I believe.  Correction-most likely Top of The Lake will be on:
 BBC Two-as was the Series One.


Wayward Pines.


Prisoners of War-Hatufim



BBC Four-Details of the episodes and BBC i-player.
More recent information:

Details of a screening of 1864.


Les Revenants/ The Returned
Series One.

Nb. If you are on spotify you can listen to the hugely popular (and seriously scary and chilling) soundtrack to the original French series by the band Mogwai on the page of this link above.

This link sourced on 12th May 2015.


Top of The Lake
Series One.
Nb. I forgot-Series One was on BBC Two.

This link sourced on 12th May 2015.


All links  (unless otherwise stated) and quoted information sourced from the internet and one newspaper magazine Radar-on 8th and 9th May 2015.

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