Daredevil-A Netflix Original. Some notes on episode thirteen and a Final review at the end. Minor Spoilers. Was on in the UK on Netflix. (Please see first posting about Daredevil 18th April 2015 for more description, first Review and Cast List)

Daredevil-Final Review-series One.
Some notes on episode thirteen and a final review.


From the Netflix description:
“Blinded as a young boy, Matt Murdock fights injustice by day as a lawyer and by night as the Super Hero Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City”

First aired on Friday 10th April in the UK.


Episode Thirteen.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So I am on episode thirteen.  I know I said my earlier one was going to be a one-off review. However I just had to do a final review.

One would have to mention that the operatic music is getting progressively more dramatic in nature. I swear it’s The Marriage Of Figaro.  of course I could be wrong.

Then Wilson Fisk is relating the story of the good Samaritan from the Bible to two Federal Bureau Of Investigation/FBI men.  It takes him a while.  He tells a really good story.  Or rather he remembers it really well.

Fisk continues:
“I am not the Samaritan, nor the Priest, nor the Levite, I am the path of ill intent!”
“I am the traveller along the road which should not be taken!”

Uh oh.  You just know that this ain’t gonna be good.  No way.  And the FBI men are listening far too intently. Far too.  Intently.

I think I’m gonna leave it there.  For fear of spoilers.
“Package acquired..”
Menacing music ensues.  Wilson Fisk does his monolithic thing.

Later.  (sirens wailing)
The Daredevil stands.  Suitably attired..
On top of a building.  With his super duper hearing.


So there as a wall that matched a painting that matched a rug.  (well I thought so slightly)  Then that wall reappeared at the end.

Well apart from some requisite slightly turgid love story with Claire I really enjoyed Daredevil.


Final Review of Daredevil.

So as described in my  first review:I found Daredevil to be emotional, affecting, deep and dark.  Particularly regarding the back stories and motivation of the male characters.  Including the baddies/bad guys. such depth, exploration and openness of emotion.  Plus the expression of emotions themselves: is rare and unusual.  For male characters in dramas.

Yes-male characters rarely are fully fleshed out in full, living breathing hurting human beings.  Well except perhaps the (official) psychos.  Mad murderers etc.  However not so much the everyday man. Nor even the super-hero.  Much.

I did find the interminable storyline of Karen Page and Ben Ulrich tend towards the tiny bit tedious. It didn’t help that Karen’s quest, which seemed increasingly ill advised as time went on: put my favourite character at risk.  Yes- it was your fault I was thinking .  At the end.  Which perhaps is not fair in a graphic novel storyline.  Which is fairly fixed I believe.  As in affixed to the original stories of the comic book series.

Certainly there was a scene where Wilson Fisk appeared, impeccably clad as always and as monolithically menacing as ever: in my favourite character’s armchair.  When I just couldn’t look  For long.

I am not surprised that Daredevil has a fifteen rating and a warning of adult themes.  Like I said-it was a weighty and emotional drama.  which didn’t always keep all its balls in the air.  (it’s the memory of that armchair.  You had to be there)  No matter.  Daredevil still worked.  It packed a punch.

Daredevil was different.  It dealt in surprisingly small and simple in retrospect, domestic drama.  The stuff of childhood tales, of boyhood memories.  Love and loss.  Death and grieving.  Suffering too.  Emotional and physical.  On both Daredevil and his enemies’ side.

All the male characters were explored equally.  Wilson Fisk too.  Then there was Vladimir.  And so on.  I was more interested in these relationships.  Like for example the troubled evolution of the close friendship of Daredevil/ Matt and his old college friend, Foggy Nelson.

How Karen Page provides a guiding light.  A counterbalance between the sunny disposition of Foggy and the dichotomy of the Daredevil and Matt Murdoch.  Who of course I suppose for a super hero-is fighting his own inner demons.

Then of course there was s sparkling rendition of his original incarnation of the Kung Fu master in the titular series by David Carradine!  He just stopped short of saying Grasshopper.  Plus he was a whole lot meaner.  In Daredevil.

Daredevil was quite an accomplishment I felt.  Quite an impressive creation.  Unusual.  Affecting. Interesting.  With deeply disturbing fight scenes.  For me.  All this without guns.  Well on Daredevil’s side.

Not that the Daredevil is a hundred per cent noble: I’ll let you off this time.  With a good clip around the ear-holes.  Kind of super-hero.

No.  Daredevil is violent.  Very violent.  He want to take his violent feelings further.  He wants to kill.  Especially Wilson Fisk.

Me, I always thought the wall was the best revenge.  We almost feel sorry for Wilson Fisk.  Which is a measure of the complexity of Fisk’s character.  Alone now.  Where he wished to be alone no longer. His lady love whisked off in a plane.

He stares at the wall.


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