Thirty Degrees in February/ 30 grader i Fevruari episodes Seven and Eight. some notes and dialogue with review part FOUR at the end. Minor spoilers only. In Swedish, English & Thai with English subtitles. On in the UK on Fridays on Sky Arts 1 and sky Arts 1HD @ 9pm.

Thirty Degrees in February

Episode Seven
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.


Glenn is folding up new knickers and throwing rose petals on a bed again.  He has a new bra/brassiere in a box.

Glenn is practising saying:
“Chakran chan rakerun/ I love you”

Glen to Oh:
“”Come with me now, you deserve someone who loves you..”
Oh tries to explain personal pronouns in Thai to Glenn:
“”Pon rak chun”
“I have some clothes and everything, you don’t need to go back.

“Come…I have something to tell you”.

So we find out that the baldy guy is called Johnny.

Pong watches Joy leave then he gives her a ride on his bike.

Blimey.  Why is Wilda locked up too?
Wilda and Kasja have a Swedish Layer  (or Consular Embassy official)
The lawyer speaks in Swedish and says you have two days maximum in English.  To get the bail.

Oh isn’t telling Glenn what I thought she would.  Yet.
Isn’t it about time.

“I’m building a house”..

Glenn to a bunch of gay guys:
“Can I borrow your phone?”
“Hello, tomorrow, two O’ Clock, Patok Square..
“I will need Police and an ambulance..!”
Go Glenn.

Bengt Junior and Majlis go to the Police station.
Sarah to Majlis:
“Here they are kind to you if you tell them the truth”
she continues:
“Karma, bad things happen to bad people..”
Bengt Junior loses it with the Police.

Sarah and Majlis.
“Do you want to know what happened?
“I was very angry”..

Johnny to Oh:
“Glen wants to meet me…do you know why?”

Oh: no.
You gotta love Glenn. The only man ever to buy painkillers and possibly bandages before a fight.

I have been assessing Glenn’s chances against Johnny in a fight for a while now.  I reckon Glen can have him.  Johnny is taller I think.  But Glenn was the Ultimate Fighter after all.

Joy is going it alone.

Chan to Pong:
“I work had here, pay taxes!”

Chan to Joy:
“How much for everything?”
“A thousand Bahts..”

Majlis has to start again.

Joy teaches Pong English.

Oh no.  Glenn has a fiendish plan with the painkillers.

Poor Majlis,.  Well at least she has found something to eat.

Two pm.  Patok square.  The ambulance and the POlice have already come.

Glenn to Johnny:
“You’re a pig, you’re very ugly, Oh doesn’t love you..”
Then Johnny starts insulting Glenn.

Johnny to Policeman:
Man, he’s my friend, it’s OK..
Johnny to Glenn:
“Shake my hand or you’ll be locked up”..
Oh no.  Then Glen lets the cat out of the bag.
“I can walk!”
Then things  go from bad to worse.
But he is our intrepid hero.

Kasja and Joy.
“”Lets go home now..”
“To Sweden..”

Majlis does her thing.  Elephant sort of trumpety music ensues.  To signify swimming, scuba diving, underwater and everything being really slow.

Majlis’s Estate Agent:
The sign?”
“The sign?”..

Things get even tougher for Kasja.  Another character has to rise to a challenge.
Told you Kasja doesn’t go down fighting.
Kasja always does the brave and unexpected thing.

Oh no.  This is bad.  Very bad.  This is truly terrible.  The elephant.

Kasja to Wilda:
“We’ll manage, we’re warriors..”
“We will go on..”
she continues:
“We don’t need to be afraid, we’re warriors..”

Joy to Kasja:
“”You know, you’re that small..”
Joy gestures with her thumb and forefinger.

Glen opens the door to Oh.
He still doesn’t know.

Then something washes up on the shore.


Episode eight.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Everything quite dramatic really.

Oh: on the phone to Dit.
“Glenn is like a cash dispenser!”
“I just push the buttons and money comes out!”
Oh no.  I thought Oh actually liked Glenn.
I’m sad now.

Glenn and his house.
“New, fixed concrete, this house will not rub, it will stand…”
“Where is the sea in your village?
he continues:
There, we will build a verandah…”

Glen to the men in the bus:
“I’m building it for her, for us..”

Oh looks embarrassed.  I have thought for a while now that probably everybody else in town knows.  But just not Glenn.  He is most obtuse really.  Since there has been a few hints.  But then why would Glenn know?  In some ways it is unfair  For Oh to have said Nowt.  At the beginning.

Meanwhile Majlis is sleeping in a beautiful hammock in her lovely house.  She looks at the watch. Timex.
Then there is news.

Bengt Junior and Majlis at the Police station.  Sarah is with the Police all the time now it would seem.

Joy and Pong scoot along on their scooter.  Painted purple now.

And Wilda rolls something along the beach.
Trouble is-Kasja doesn’t realise how seriously Wilda takes what Kasja says.

Majlis out on the dive boat.  She still has that damn you-know-what.

Majlis to Sarah:
“I’ll never go back again Sarah,I can’t..”
Majlis kisses her.  Sarah cries.  Small tears.

Back to Glenn.
He’s only gone and done it hasn’t he . Built the house. Three Buddhist Monks bless the house.

(Glenn at Dit’s father’s house)
Dit’s Mother:
“He refuses to go..
Dit’s father:
“How can I, he’s bigger than a water buffalo..”
Dit’s mother:
“Dit doesn’t want Phirupan with the Swede..”

So our intrepid Glenn pulls off a rapprochement.
The music goes all soppy.

Glann to Phirpan:
“You see?”
“It fits..”

Ah, a romantic interlude.

Then Chan comes to Kasja.  Oh no.

Meanwhile Joy and Pong are running through a forest.  To their beautiful beach.

And Majlis gets on a boat..

(the house).
Glenn wakes up:
“We will need more concrete,when the monsoons come, it will all fall apart…”
He goes over to the open unfinished wall and window.  Oh touches his face.
“Nothings going to fall apart..”

Glenn just looks.  As we do.  As the shot cuts to the sea.  Sweeping in with ferocity.  With some fairly good sized waves.


Review.  Part FOUR of 30 Degrees in Februayr/ 30 Grader i Februari

So 30 degrees in February/ 30 grader i Fevruari continues to defy description for me right now.  Plus I was not only visually gobsmacked by that final shot of the sea: I was pole axed too.  With what those waves could mean.

Perhaps this is a review too far and I should leave one till the end.  When I say defy description, I mean it is like the drama is speaking for itself.  Sweeping us along slowly.  Sometimes tumultuously: in interims of emotion and action.

Thirty degrees in February perhaps cannot be described as any one thing or genre. it is always unusual. As a drama thirty degrees in February frequently refuses to deliver the expected happy outcome.  The sterotypical progress we expect.  For our characters and their lives.

Nothing goes to plan however.  Suffering is not rewarded with happiness through personal growth enrichment and empowerment.  The magical Mr. Right or Mrs right does not appear by chance in a rain storm sheltering under a noodle stand.  No.

Suffering is shit but sometimes you are saved.  By a saviour.  Not that kind of saviour.  A romantic one. But then sometimes, well more often that not in 30 degrees in February that shit may hit the fan and everything just slips sideways into a whole ‘nother catastrophe.

The dramatic equivalent of a choppy ride.  Aboard a boat in the chopped up sea. With the deck slipping side to side.  And yet we are still holding on throughout.  Managing to keep an even keel. As objects inside the cabin start hurtling sideways too.


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