Safe House-A One-off Review of Episode One. Some notes and dialogue on first Episode. Minor Spoilers only. On in the UK on ITV Channel or number 103 on Virgin Media TV.

Safe House-ITV Channel
First aired on  Monday, 20th April 2015.

 Chrisopher Eccelston as ex-Policeman Robert.
 Paterson Joseph as Detective Chief Inspector Mark Maxwell
 Marsha Thomson as Katy, Robert’s wife.

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 Note to my readers of some new and returning series in the UK first posted on 14th March 2015.
A couple are asked by a Policeman friend to turn their remote guest house into a safe house..

TV Preview quote:
  Safe House Episode One-20th April 2015.
” Mark finds himself dealing with a family left reeling from an unexplained assault.  David Blackwell has been hospitalised and an innocent passer-by is in a critical condition.  Mark needs to find out why..”


Episode One.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Safe House opens on a lake with a man furiously swimming.  We see a beautiful valley road and then the hills above.  So Christopher Eccelston and his wife live a long way away from anything.  In the country.  Forgot where exactly.

 Anyway.  A serious looking man is driving.  A Bentley kind of car.  It is Paterson Joseph.

Christopher Eccelston is called Robert.

Then things start to go all sorts of weirdly wonderful.  Err, not.

So where the safe house is is truly spectacular.

Paterson Joseph is an impressive Detective Chief Inspector.

Robert to the first family in the safe house:
“You’re perfectly safe here..”
Sure.  Famous last words..


The safe house is in the Lake District.

The Blackwell family are:
and their children:



Yes, what could possibly go wrong in a safe house in the middle of nowhere.  To which the entry is by one long and lonely road.  Set in the bottom of a valley.  Hills all around.  No cover at all.

I thought safe houses-spy style anyway as per the series The Americans and that era: were places like The Fruit Company or Import and Export Agency.  Or even an anonymous flat in a block.
Ah well.

Plus, in this deep undercover case requiring witness protection and so forth, the Police always use exit/entrance number two.  To drop off/pick up the vulnerable family and or the super duper ex-Cop/ Policeman Robert. (at the Police Station)

Luckily we can see that retired/ or just resting (from The Bad Case) Policeman is as fit as a fiddle. Since I predict that very shortly he will be zooming, S.A.S. style around the homestead.  And the hills.  Probably or possibly perhaps: in tandem with his wife.  Who also looks ready for action of an unpredictable and dangerous kind.

We already suspect Katy of some involvement in her husband’s old case.  The Bad Case.  This suspicion is purely on the basis of her eyes flashing open in bed. Always the sign of a guilty character is it not.

James Paterson is both menacing and urbane.  As the Police Inspector and retired/ resting Policeman’s old boss/ colleague/ friend.  As per usual.  Detective story trope.

However somewhat creepily, Paterson as Mark is portrayed as perhaps someone  who seems jealous of his friend.  Being with his wife.  Since Mark knew Robert’s wife from back in the day.  Indeed as he mentions bitterly it appears, he introduced Katy to his friend.

Of course all this may be supposition on my part.  I am going on the general vibe and how Mark hugged Robert’s wife like he was saving that hug in the fibres, every fibre of his being, forever.

I may be wrong.  There may be other enemies out there.  Apart from the eponymous staring  bearded man.  In the battered old Barbour jacket,  In the black Jeep.


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