Bloodline. Episodes Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven-some notes and dialogue on first watching with review Part TWO at the end. Minor Spoilers only. Netflix in the UK. Nb. Please see 25th March 2015 for description of Bloodline and notes on first two episodes with Part ONE Review at the end of posting.

Bloodline.  Episodes Three, Four, Five Six and Seven with review Part TWO at the end.


Episode three

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“Young man goes out, looking for a diamond in the sea..”
“Old man bends on twisted knee”
“And you’ll drown before the water lets you in..”

Voice-over: (John)
“My sister is a good person she likes to make everyone happy..”
“When my brother came home,..”
“She couldn’t make everyone happy..”
“She was forced to choose sides..
“That was the worst mistake my sister could have made..”

This episode is about the daughter (of the Rayburn family) Meg.
“Dad, squeeze my hand..”

I forgot to mention.  There was a murder.  Or rather a body. John is a Detective.

Danny is the name of the prodigal son.  Chloe Sevigny’s character is called Cice.
Meg is the name of the daughter: “Miss Rayburn”.
The Mother of the Rayburn family is called Sally.

Sissy Spacek as Sally: 
“It’s hot here, I get it, its been hot here for the last thousand years..”

So Alec is like hugely handsome to the extent he could almost be in a wonderful soap opera.
Meg to Danny:
“You’re’ going to be living here too!”

So I don’t quite trust Alec.  He is Revenge series scheming.

Meg was happy when Danny came home”
“She only wanted to include him, make him part of the family”
“Bit what she really wanted to do was make things right”
“But as smart as she is, she knew that you can never fix the past..”

Meg is going out with or is fiancée’ to Marco.

Danny is taking guests out snorkelling.  I hope its not going to go horribly wrong.

So is Meg doing a you-know-who from the series The Legacy on the will?
Yep.  Oh no.  This is truly sad.
Like I said, Bloodline is heavy.

The Rayburn Dad, Robert:
So we are finding out that Meg is truly evil.

So who is Sarah?

Wherever Meg goes there is a fog of psycobabble dialogue.  And Danny dares to cross swords with Meg.  Or Mister as he calls her.
Danny to Meg:
“I’ve seen you try to please him..”
“But you never can”
“Because you’re not her..

” Whatever mistakes she made, her heart was in the right place”..


Episode Four

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
“Young man goes out looking for the diamonds in the sea”
“Old man rows his boat to shore and bends on twisted knee”
“You’ll drown before the water lets you in”
“You’ll drown before the water lets you in..”

Fantasmagorical opening scenes.

Man in Spanish:
“I think we lost them”
A lot of people are in a boat.
(footsteps thudding)
Several times.

So we find out that Marco-Meg’s fiancée or ex-boyfriend (not quite sure of the status at present)  Well he is a Cop/ Policeman too.  Like John is a Detective.

We watch as a grasshopper or cricket falls down on a leaf as it bends under the insect’s weight.  The cricket stays on the leaf.

So Meg is still playing her evil games.

More flashbacks plus the golden seahorse appears again.

So Bloodline has got into its stride now.  And everyone is happy. For now.  We have even had a montage and remained unscathed.  But we are getting closer to the culmination of the flashback all the time.

And we find out what Danny’s friend Eric Bannon is really involved in.

Robert, the Rayburn father to his son Kevin:
“You’re young yet..”

The Rayburn brothers and the Dad Robert all go out in this really cool vintage Chevrolet truck that they fixed.  It’s really cute.   They have painted the hubs red and the truck black.

The Dad of the Rayburn family is called Robert.
Kevin to his Dad:
“Are you meant to be drinking?”
“I’m meant to be Dead!”

Dad/ Robert to Danny:
“I don’t remember anything..”
Bad things follow you around..”

Danny to his Dad:
“You will never see my face again,Dad..

OK maybe one more episode..


Episode Five

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Sam Shephard.  That’s who the Dad, John Rayburn is.

So you just know all this happiness just cannot last long.

Danny wakes up from his dream.  He has the dreams too.  The flashback.  Like his Dad does.
but then.
(shouting in distance)
So this is very sad.

Woman (Georgina) to a man: (Mr. Potts)
“It’s someone from your old Fleet, Robert Rayburn is dead..”

Now here comes Mr. Potts.  On his journey to the Keys. I’m quite intrigued.

Mr. Potts might just liven things up I reckon.
Mr. Potts has cool sunglasses just like his old friend from the Fleet, Robert Rayburn.

Not sure about John entirely.  Of course I want him to be an all round good guy.   However I wonder.

Danny to John, his brother:
“You remember Lenny Potts?”
Now John is getting visions and flashbacks.

The Rayburn family Mum, Sally:
“He heard some moaning and crying…”
“ was the cellar…”

Now here comes Mr. Potts. Atmospheric music plays.  They all look really hot at the service as an old man plays a Ukulele.

John: (about his speech)
“Christ, this is a lot of pages…”

I like how they just show two notes in brackets to describe music.

“I know how my  brother feels, I know how we  all feel…”
Suffice it to say everybody has brilliant sunglasses.

“Detective Potts…”

Detective Potts to Danny:
“I had forgotten just how clear this water is…”

Mr. Potts ( Detective Retired) and Detective John.
So this case?”
“You know I think I became a Policeman because of you..”

Potts to John:
“It’s nice to hear that, its good to see you’re doing well..”

Kevin to his wife, Belle:
“I’m sorry..”

“Thanks Cice, night”
She loves him.

So John drives right to the edge of the land.  The Keys.  To do some research in the archives.

John finds something in the Archives.

Voice:(Detective Potts)
“How old are you John?”


Episode Six.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The song...
As above.

The opening credits are incredibly beaut.

In the house on stilts: John listens to a tape.

Down in a truck, Danny listens to his tapes too.
“Play it again”. The woman who may not be a real woman at all says to Danny.  She is sitting next to him in the truck.

Me I tend to think the woman is a vision. Although John alluded to her appearance at one point.  Or did he.  Is the woman really a vision and John referenced that.

Danny listens to the the truck…

John to Danny:
“Hey, you want to go fishing?”
“Yeah, fishing!”

That is some lovely Chevrolet truck. Ya know.

So Danny is marching (on the Columbian marching powder)

Detective Potts and John talk.
Potts to John:
“I always thought it was an odd time to take a trip”
he continues:
“Someone needs to stand up for him, tell the truth…”

Danny is a very polite drinker/ drunk.
Danny to the barmaid:
“May I have another?..”

Danny manges to make a young woman come over to him just by looking at her.  Piercingly, from the bar.

Detective John does some investigating.
Christina Colan: (Danny’s ex-girlfriend)
“So they said that..”

Then Meg fluffs her hair and does that Carrie (from Sex In The City) thing when she goes back to a guy she has just told to F- off.
She’s good.  she’s very good.  She manges to do the dirty on someone whilst making herself look the victim.

So Danny is really on one at the Disco.
Things are getting hot and heavy on the dance floor.  Danny got took.

So this is cheerful.  Not.
Danny says dreadful things to Cice.
“If I mean something to you,”
“You mean less than  nothing to me!”

This is not looking good for Danny now.
I’m a bit worried about the nice man who gave Danny a lift.
I know it’s the country and all and people are friendly.
But still.

Oh it’s OK.  The guy is not a serial killer.  He is called Baby face.
Danny to Babyface:
“What’s in that?”
“Some shit that’ll work!”

John to Danny:
“Who the fuck is that?”
“She’s been with me the whole fucking time”
Woman to Danny:
“Is it you, or is it them?”
wtf. (what the fuck)  Not quite sure what happened there.
(not even sure the woman is real except John saw her)

So Meg passive aggressively asks her boyfriend Marco to propose to her.  She is like a verbal and mind manipulating dominatrix.

Danny to John:
“So you still want to go fishing?..”
Danny is pretending of course.  See.  He smirks a little. Then exhales and laughs.  He brings his knife down hard on the fish.


Episode Seven.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

as above.

(three musical crochet notes in a bracket)

Detective Potts to John:
“So then you helped him up, inside the house?”
Detective Potts:
“Date is November eleventh, nineteen eighty three..”
he continues:
“What happened?”
Detective Potts :
“Kevin, Kevin Rayburn?”
“Yes Sir”..

Meanwhile in the present.  Danny chucks his pills.
Things are getting serious with Danny all of a sudden.
You see somewhere at the end of the last episode we or I started to wonder about Danny..

Meg does more evil stuff.  However this time she does it with the Lawyer.

“My veins are blue, they are connected”
“And even God herself has more plans than me..”
“They threw me down into the Lazeretto..”
“Coffee and cotton, born rotten..”
“I’ve no time left, I shake God’s hand..”

We speed through a montage of Danny’s day to day life.  Most illuminating.

Danny regales John’s family with dreadful embarrassing tales.

Danny to John’s daughter:
“Where the parts go…if you like this guy..”
That was seriously creepy.
John’s wife:
“What did you say to her?”
“That’s between an uncle and his niece”..

So it’s night.  A man come ashore in one of the bayous.

Kevin and the Marina (owner) Lady’s son (Stuart)
“I can’t help it if your mother likes me better than you..”

John and Marco in the truck-a 1957 Chevrolet.
“I don’t understand women!”
“I sure as hell don’t understand my sister”..

Danny to Meg:
“Its good, helping people out..”

Meg doesn’t get the answer she required,  In all her machinations.

Now Kevin amps up the play acting.    He is as good as Meg.  Actually.  In his own charming way.

Danny continues to brood.  Whilst appearing to  forgive and forget his family: John, Meg and Danny. Danny continues to care for his mother.  So presumably he doesn’t blame her for anything in the past.
Their mother was:
“away on a trip” at the time of the past tragedy.  More like down the cellar.  Possibly..

I am enjoying the Detective part of the story.  Which although it involves a murder is lightweight in comparison to the machinations of Danny.

Then Danny crashes a gangster hangout.
 Big tall man to Danny:
“Who the fuck are you?”
Danny to the big guy:
“I guess you really don’t know who I am?”

And Danny turns up to apologise.  To Cice.
“I was such an ass-hole”
he continues:
“Sometimes things happen you know who you are, what you have to do”..
“You and your brother…you’re the closest thing I got to a family…”

(back to the) Tape:
“I’m Kevin, Kevin Rayburn..”
“I never saw anyone get hurt that bad”..


Bloodline.  Review Part Two.

So Bloodline has settled into its stride. The earlier effect of a miasma like dread hanging like fog over the drama does remain.

However thankfully the mounting suspense (involved in wondering just when will that thing in the future forward flashback happen) is leavened and dulled somewhat.  By day to day.  Happenings.  On the surface. In the seemingly jolly sunshine.

Yet am I being taken in by the sunshine.  That happy holiday feel.  Probably  I am happy to trill along in the sunshine metaphorically.  Whilst remembering that of course dark deeds are still carried out when all is sunny and bright.

Plus I observe intermittently that it  is really very damn hot.  Where the characters are.  Like the Caribbean.  Which is after all, only across the sea.


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