Extanct. Episodes Eight and Nine. Some notes and dialogue with Review Part THREE at the end. Minor Spoilers Only. On in the UK currently on Sy-fy Channel. Nb. Review Part Two was posted on 10th March 2015 & Review Part ONE on 18th February 2015)


Episode Eight.

Nb.  Episode cast list:
Molly is the heroine ex astronaut who went up in a space station mission 13 months ago.
John is her husband and creator and designer at Humanix.
Ethan is Molly and John’s son.
Kryger is the ex-astronaut who went on the same space station mission as Molly.
Gordon is the International Space Exploration Agency agent.
Sparks is the Director of the International Space Exploration Agency.
Elise is a Humanix designer.
Odin is Elise’s new boyfriend.
Yasumoto is the mysterious entrepreneur, collector,  backer of Humanix and other unknown enterprises.


Episode Eight

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Did I mention that Molly’s eyes are like: you gotta get me outta here..

Molly &Kryger.
“He sent me a message, he frightened the birds”
So that’s what that was.

Kryger and Gordon have a bit of a melodramatic soap opera face-off.

Meanwhile back in the bubbly orange (as in tank) underground lair/laboratory.
Director of the International Space Exploration Agency, Director Sparks and Yasumoto.
But she’s its mother…”
“Yes, but there are many reasons…”
“what would you like me to do Sir…”

Yasumoto has white cherry trees in his apartment.

(meanwhile)  John stands over a sleeping Ethan.  Worrying.

Elise and Ethan.
Ethan gets operated on…

Ethan to Elise:
“What’s my function?”
Elise to John:
“Ethan is questioning his own existence”
“You can’t get more human than that!

Director of the space Agency, Sparks and the underground lair.
“What’s going on?”
“”It sprang a leak, the pod appears to replicating on its’s own!…”
Uh oh.
“get in there and see what’s going on!”
Gee.  That sounds like a good idea.  Not.
Poor scientist in his half-down frilly rubber protective suit.
“We have a problem…”
You sure do.

Ethan has a new friend.

So we are having a classic break into the underground lair scenario.  Kind of James Bond in style.
With emergency red lighting.  Flashing.
And Kryger and Molly are even going down in the elevator, down to the basement.

I knew it was a bad idea going down in the lift.
It always is.

Wait, something is calling…everyone is mesmerised.  Then, strange things start happening.

Oh My God!
“Where is it?”
Where indeed.
But wait.  There is Jaws movie type music playing now…



How come men always know how to operate the escape hatch out of a lift?
Plus-they are always expected to climb out of the halted lift.  And dangerously climb out into the lift shaft..
It’s tough being a man (on film / TV)

Because as we all know no sooner has the officially intrepid man done this then:
a) we/you will hear that fateful clunk, whirr…sound.  Signifying someone else has called the
(now strangely functioning)
b) Said man will then be impelled to climb up the staggeringly scary handy metal steps.  Of the lift shaft.
Then: cue a) again.


Episode Nine.


Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Ooerr.  Down in the red glowy basement.  Director Sparks is seeing things.

Sparks and his vision.
“He’s over there…”
“What do you want me to do?”
“He wants to get out…”

Sparks is out in the country.  He has a cool black car.  Make unspecified.

Yasumoto & John.
“Milly is missing, I need your help!..”

Sparks is off into Twin Peaks style woods and log cabins.

Elise and Odin babysit Ethan…
Odin not being your ideal babysitter really.

Meanwhile Molly is trapped in the glowy red underground laboratory.  And what was I saying earlier about lift/ elevator shafts and men in dramas?
Because right now Molly just strapped on a gun belt and stepped into the lift shaft.  Now she’s looking up it.  don’t tell me she’s going up that eponymous ladder?

Now things are getting spooky in Twin Peaks country as we start seeing the world outside and the stars, through a certain something’s eyes.

(back in the lift shaft)
Yey. Go Molly.  She really is climbing up the lift shaft.  Except there is no handy ladder.

The International Space Agency Association contingency meeting. two years ago..
“In the event that your corpse is not in a condition to return to earth?”
“I request to be jettisoned”..
“Stop calling it a corpse!”

(still the same flashback)
John to Molly:
“Don’t go…”
“I feel that this unit has been working really well this year..”
Gee.  (how romantic)
“I want us to matter as much as all this does..!”

(meanwhile back in the lift shaft)
Uh oh.  I thought that clanking metallic noise was the eponymous lift shaft finally coming down but nope. It’s not that kind of lift shaft. it may not even be a lift shaft.  Things are different in the future.

Molly is doing excellently free form climbing in high heels.

Computer voice:
“Security breach…lift shaft!”  See, it was a lift shaft.

Gordon and Kryger plot.
In the cool caravan by the sea.  They still have caravans in the future.  For mavericks.  As always.

Strange things are happening in the woods now.
Sparks has a mishap.

(meanwhile back in the lift shaft)
C’mon Molly. She has a futuristic torch now.  that will help.  So the guy searching for her appears  to have a programme in his eyes.  Like the Terminator.

Ethan & Molly.
(Hiding in the cup-board together)
“Remember how many days that is?”
“Yep, three hundred and ninety days…”


Odin is proper creepy.  It’s not entirely clear yet what his use is for Ethan.  However one gets the feeling that the outlook is not good.

Yasumoto to Molly:
“I think its time we had a talk..”
“We both want the same thing Molly..”
he continues:
“Together we can show the world his true colours..”

Meanwhile in the country.
The Country Policeman screams.  Awful things happen to his face.

So Molly’s new friend and helper with the multiple degrees is a little shady.


Review Part THREE

Still loving Extanct.  Whilst much of it being supremely daft.  Enough of Extanct is good.  for me anyway. It could be that Molly gets to show off her kick ass moves because Halle Berry is the executive producer .

Futuristic clothes are a bit boring though.  Somewhere along the way Molly must have jettisoned her half floaty pastel pale cardigans.  Tied with some kind of broach.  I say half because Molly’s cardigans are woefully missing half of the rest of the jumper.  Every time.  Its’ like she never gets to do/fasten anything up.  I guess that is the look.  And it’s not too frosty in the future.

Why is it that future people always float about in white shift type ensembles like they found peace and meditate all day.  I keep wishing a kind of Orphan Black outfit on Molly.  Perhaps I am just anti half-cardigans.  If one must leave undone then surely only a leather jacket will do.  Biker style preferably.

Still, Molly has a cool gun belt for a while, climbed free form up an elevator/ lift shaft.  Where there were no visible steps.  Ne’er mind. Molly kicks ass.  That maybe the first time I have used that word descriptively.

Molly somehow managed to overcome the bulky special forces (unspecified) man hunting her  down. Who appeared to have terminator functions in his eyes.  In that he could see in infra-red. Perhaps he was a robot.  But I don’t think Humanix have got that far.  Yet.

Perhaps this useful function of extra eyesight was a programme.  That was my feeling.  So people can download programmes for themselves?  Or on second thoughts: his eyes could be a prosthesis so to speak. An implant, more correctly. It  could be.

We have seen just how good,  Extremely good, prostheses can be in the future.  Cool.  A teachy-preachy theme in Extanct?  Possibly.  Whatever- this aspect of Extanct is interesting.  Informative even.  Plus an essential part of the story.  Such things could be possible.  There used to be telephone boxes instead of mobile phones.



There was I felt, an oblique reference to the story of The Velveteen Rabbit in this episode.   However hardly oblique really since this side story has the Velveteen Rabbit written all over it.

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