Silent Witness-New Series. Squaring the Circle-Episodes 7 & 8. Some notes and dialogue only. Minor spoilers. Final Review at the end of One Of Our Own-Episodes 9 & 10. Was on in the UK on BBC One.

Squaring The Circle
Episodes Seven and Eight

Some notes and dialogue

Crime scene.
“Blood type tattooed on his chest, standard practice for British military..”

Yet another new Detective Inpsector finally notices that Niki is a bit hands on with the Police Investigation
Detective Inspector Parks:
“If you can do better you’re welcome to try”..
Niki is silenced.
The Policewomen/men are getting younger each episode.

Everyone at (posh skyscraper apartment block) Elylsium including the Detective Inspector is catwalk beautiful all of a sudden.

Mr. Smooth and Niki:
(he holds up a sim card)
“Why would you swallow your sim card?”
“Unless you have something to hide…”

Detective Inspector Parks:
(to the very beautiful people at Elysium but luckily she is one of them too)
“I don’t give a shit what goes on behind closed doors, there are two people dead!”

Russian Billionaire Maksim to Niki:
“How much would it cost for you to tell me what you know?…”

The Elysium Head of Security to evil lady Russian baddie with corny Russian accent:
“There is nothing you can pay me to betray my employers..”
“Now why don’t you take you bad hair, Uncle Josef here, and piss right off!

Another evil Russian lady baddie with a questionable accent:
“I promised the President your heart on a plate and that’s exactly what I’m going to give heem..”

Part Two Of ;
Squaring The Circle.

Testator Silens
More Latin singing:

Niki has a cool new plaid coat. Her stylist is obviously taking notes.

“We need to rid these parasites from London..”
The very latest dramatic favourite-the right-winger or is it left, I get mixed up.

Crime scene.
No obvious signs of violence.”
“no vomit around, she’s young”
“body temperature indicates she died six to twelve hours ago”
“no ligature marks”
“no bruising..”

“What is she doing in here?”

Niki has a cool slicked back top knot and is rocking her new plaid coat.

So the bodies are piling up.  Barely had we got to know a character before they are lying horizontal and very cold looking. On a slab.

Strangely, one character, who happened to be black, had photos taken of him, not an autopsy.

Mr. Smooth:
“I’ll do a brain histology”…

So they have finally released Niki’s hair from the 1990’s.  She is fleeing happily down the road finding clues.

“evidence of  a riverine settlement”
(riverine-what a great word)

Now Niki has sprouted two cool ankle boots and a Barbour style jacket.  Super cool.

The City Of London Commissioner lady is the really mad and or murderer from another series which I canna remember.

Oh but wait, Detective Inspector Sarah Parks has out-jacketed Niki with an actual Barbour jacket.

Head Russian baddie lady to her second in command:
“Spasibo/ thank you”

Even the mortuary viewing room at the Lyle laboratories is incredibly stylish.

So we’re back to the balcony at the top of the skyscraper.
(I know that these top of the building scenes are there for a dramatic reason)

Niki is like a blond avenging angel in  a topknot in her white forensic suit.


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