The Legacy/ Arvingerne-Series One-Review PART THREE. Minor spoilers. On in the UK on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD-Virgin Media channel numbers 281 and 282 respectively Wednesdays @ 10pm. Repeated on Tuesdays @ 11pm. Nb. The Legacy was not on over Christmas so next episode is 7th January 2014

The  Legacy/ Arvingerne  Review Part THREE

So I believe I wondered if The Legacy was going to take a walk down a sinister pathway and enter The Enchanted Forest.  But not the good enchanted Forest.  The bad one.  And so it was.

We are currently trapped in the undergrowth.  Where the thicket of trees is so dense that they block out the sky.  Things or rather people took a turn into sinister for sure.

Plus we realise with clarity exactly why Verønika Grønnegard did what she did.  Because her three children are really not very nice people.

That Gro was ruthlessly playing Signe along was clear from the beginning.  Not to mention Gro’s other shenanigans she is up to.

Then things get extremely hot and heavy between Gro and her brother Frederik.  Shockingly: they come to blows.  This scene erupts out of nowhere like a cauldron of cold water from an unknown underground well was suddenly tipped out all over us.

As the three siblings impressively implode on each other.  At Signe’s beautifully and nervously prepared hopeful family lunch.  Signe even asks them to sing the special song from  the funeral together.  Sadly, Signe really believes this might happen.  The siblings look at her as if Signe had ripped off her face and revealed a lizard head.

This was back when Signe was enthralled  and entranced by her glamorous new family.  No more.

Finally Signe has seen the light.  She has grown seemingly taller as she stands up: still and strong. She says one word we have been silently imploring her to say for quite some time now to her family:  “No”.

Because suddenly all at once: the three siblings have developed the same singularly cold, calculated and markedly less than charming stare and air.

We know that Gro was really like this all along.  whilst having vulnerabilities too.  However Gro eventually goes fairly nuclear.  (a scene in which I remarked rather prosaically to myself-
(“She’s F-ing/ fucking mental!”)

We know Frederik was more than minorly obsessed with the Legacy.  He too has a somewhat sympathetic vulnerability.  No, the killer blow is seeing the charming and handsome façade of Emile melt into the same cold unfriendly stare. The seriousness of his situation having incrementally built up over time.  Trumped by the appearance of a mysterious stranger outside Frederik’s house.  With a burner phone.

Emile too has his kindnesses as evinced by this treatment of his nephew.  Yet we soon understand exactly why Camille did what she did.  Emile is a deadly yet saint-faced lothario.  Who appear to have neither boundaries, moral scruples or conscience .  As Emile crosses a line that most men would not tread.  Nor would they cross over.

This action of Emile’s to add to the bubbling cauldron of the battle for the legacy: is surely only going to lead them all further.  Further into the dark enchanted forest.  Where no light in the sky can be seen through the dense thicket of trees.  Therefore the tree trunks in shadows become one with the sky.

Some dark and dreadful tale i fear is about to ensue.  Like The Brothers Grimm Fairy tales of yore. The creature so glum at the funeral.  I see now that my prediction that the Finn Family Moomintroll would decide to leave the sad unearthly creation behind was indeed correct.  Or even prescient.

The three sibling are one unholy mix.  The legacy is a hot mess..
“Double double, toil and trouble” chanted the three witches of Macbeth:
“Fire burn and cauldron bubble”
“…By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes…”

Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.  OK the three witches didn’t say that bit.

Of course none of these explosive emotions are unusual around a death.  Particularly a death of a parent.  Such a loss is a whole big psychological deal for children apparently.  Add in the factor of hurt as reflected by the will.  A will which is very hard not to equate with love.  For those children. Who are now adults. Yet remembering childhood woes.

The three siblings do seem to be particularly ruthless though.  The Legacy is a devastating and accurate portrayal of the aftermath of a death.  The incident with Frederik (a fascinating and excellently played character) and the ashes is believable and tragic.  Yet a tiny bit funny.

Things go wrong and random accidents happen at such a time.  There is even a laughed out loud moment by one of the characters.  Which is quickly and shamefully regretted.  Yet such things do happen.

It occurs to me that The Legacy maybe more unusual still in that the siblings are all in the same town. They look set to stay there.  Hence the drama will be exponentially increased.

But Signe always had it in her (that backbone) we knew.
We were just waiting for that day.



The Finn Family Moomintroll were on holiday of course.

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