The Fall-Series Two-Episode One-Minor spoilers only. Some notes and dialogue and a one off review on in the UK on BBC Two on Thursdays @ 9pm. First aired 13th November 2014. Catch-up on BBC i-player. Series One is also available on i-player.

The Fall BBC Two Series Two

Episode One.

TV Warning:
“This programme contains scenes some viewers might find disturbing”


Some notes and dialogue.
(on first watching)

Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent (D.S.I) Stella Gibson talks in a plummy English voice.

Detective Stella Gibson to traumatised girl:
Once upon a time, this worked for me, snap the band every time you feel something might harm you..”
wtf.  Gee, introduce the idea of self-harming why don’t you?

A single piano note plays.  It’s the moody handsome serial killer.

Detective Stella Gibson to traumatised girl:
“Some people find writing it down helpful, “
She is talking oh so quiet and slow.

Yes, we geddit.  All of these things, well apart from murder, have happened to the Detective..  She has suffered too.

Traumatised girl to Detective Stella Gibson:
“It’s difficult because I look the same to everybody, but I’m not..”

Yep,  The Detective has that too.

The music is atmospheric, low key and intense.

So Daddy gets the dollies out of the bath. Poor dollies.

Detective Stella Gibson is having a flashback.  In slow motion with the off-harmoniously music.

Then the Detective swears in Irish.

Detective Stella Gibson to beardy Boss:
“Perhaps you could look at the figures on the way home..?”

What?  is it set in Ireland.  What is the gang of surly Irish men supposed to be?
Nasty eponymous Irishman to Detective Stella Gibson: (don’t ask me)
“Don’t come back here again..”
Snarl, sneer.

Pretty sure something horrible is going to happen to those dolls.  But I am hopeful they will be returned.

So The Fall is really slow moving.  However the interesting music helps.

Ah, there’s a little dolly the serial killer/ Daddy forgot under the bed.

It is not clear why Detective Stella Gibson takes about an hour to unbutton her shirt and change into another one-in the Ladies loo.  Other than for everyone (as in the viewers) to look at her doing just that. D.S.I Gibson inexplicably keeps staring at herself in the mirror.
(she appears transfixed indeed mesmerised by her reflection-it’s all most odd)

Detective Stella Gibson at the Police Station meeting:
(on the case of the serial killer)
A Detective:
“Could he now be fat?”!
“Could he now be bald?””!
Detective Stella Gibson:
“He’s definitely not fat!”
(this is the dialogue)  (though it’s funny)

Moody murderer/ serial killer: (on the train-speaking to a young woman sitting opposite him)
“You’re blonde, all the others were dark..”
(he already coloured in his own e-fit picture in her newspaper with a beard)
 It looks exactly like him.
(She still doesn’t care-she even shows him her driving license)  Such is the impressive power of handsomeness.

Serial killer to young woman on the train:
“You’re blonde..”
“I’m not really..”

There is something about Detective Stella Gibson’s character that is seriously something.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.
(off sounds too cruel and harsh)

The Fall is all rather tiresome really.  All very artfully done I suppose.  But its all a bit daft.

It appears that Detective Stella Gibson doesn’t just talk like that to traumatised girl victims but to everyone.  This is accounting for my soporiphia.

However everyone around Detective Stella Gibson similarly seems to be stuck, limbs and all, in invisible treacle.

Girl lies on the bed, crying.
(snaps band)

The Fall is like a gathering of supermodels doing a sixth form project Art-house film.

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson talks like she’s on quaaludes.

Is it an hour yet.  It feels like ten.  Wey hey!  A giant pair of scissors is found in the lake.  D.S.I Stella Gibson smiles, vacantly as she places the scissors in a blue lit see through cylinder.  The cylinder is held up to the sky like it was a wondrous alien find.

A plane is heard flying overhead.  Inexplicably, Detective Stella Gibson smiles beautifically at the plane.  I guess this must be a clue.  The scissors that is.

Yes, meanwhile the moody yet boyishly and poetically handsome murderer, moons about cooking decidedly scrumptious looking breakfast and doing dreadful things with his daughter’s dolls.

But see, not only is he handsome which is how the serial killer gets away with murder, he’s a nice daddy too!.  Ah.



So The Fall is odd but strangely enjoyable.  The pace of The Fall is strangely, even annoyingly, languorous…

The slowness seems to seep into its very bones.  That glacial pace seems to emanate mainly from Gillian Anderson as the lead Detective.

Perhaps I am really unequipped to judge The Fall since I haven’t seen Series One.

Possibly there is back story to Detective Stella Gibson’s spaced out stupor.  She has officially suffered I am presuming.  Got too close to the case..

Please don’t tell me that D.S.I Gibson was romantically involved without knowing perhaps, with the mean and moody murderer.  Who looks like a favourite band member who just popped out for Cappuccinos.

I am not sure it helps that Detective Stella Gibson is so very plummy of tone.  She is more Lady Lindley mysteries than down and dirty Detective.

Gillian Anderson as the Detective is also incredibly beautiful, which is distracting.  With her 1940’s style ringlets and close-ups to camera of sorrow and thoughts and pensiveness.  Long moments of silence.  Just like in the movies.  Bette Davis on a bad day.  Before she hit the booze.

Although Detective Stella Gibson’s young side-kick was a welcome relief of liveliness amongst the stupor and silence.

Not quite sure if all the other characters work for me.  They too, like Detective Stella Gibson, seemed disjointed and strange.  In their actions and movements of face.

At one point I was getting old B-movies alien arrived in town kind of vibes.  Which actually made The Fall more endearing.

The Fall is kind of like the ongoing day in the life of a serial killer  With a strangely stilted parallel Police investigation.  Like Children Of The Corn met a beautifully produced perfume Ad.  On TV.


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