Tyrant Episode Four-Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor Spoilers. On in the UK on FOX or channel number 157 on Virgin Media TV. Mondays @ 10pm repeated during the week.

Tyrant Episode Four

TV Warning:scenes of a sexual nature and violence.

Previously at the Palace Meeting..
“I would like to make Bassam special Counsel..

Bassam jogs down the street as an SUV follows him.

(flashback time)
Tears For Fears-Everybody Wants To Rule The World plays as Bassam comes back to his University college room to find posters and newspaper cuttings of his family’s atrocities.

So we see a man praying, on his own at home.  That annoyingly meaningful music is playing again.  I didn’t see any violins in the room.

Here is Molly in the previously described Arabian style bathroom.

Later.  We see the man with his family.
“”I am tired of bread!”.
Their Dad:
“Soon we will have more than bread for breakfast,”
“all the bread, cheese, fruits and eggs you can eat,”
“I promise..”
“Goodbye my love” he says to his wife.
“Return with work, we will have kisses then” she says.

That annoying meaningful violin is playing so we know what kind of job dear Daddy is going for.
& He won’t be back…

The man (at the marketplace)
“Never forget Ma’an”!
“Never forget!”

Oh dear.  Why?  This is not going to help his children now is it.

The music is seriously pissing me off now.  Yes.  We know.  It is a sad scene.  we can see that.

So Ihab is still going with the corny accent whilst looking like he is on the tube.

Another meeting with look-alike Peter Sellers General Tariq.
“Peaceful demonstration is a human right!”
Genral Tariq:
I don’t recall seeing Harry Truman in chains after Hiroshima and Nagasaki!”
Brian, sorry, Bassam, gives his rather right on but clever suggestion..
“Our people will thrill to their President’s words!”
Yeah, yeah (yawn)

Samira and her Father:
“Please come with me..”
“No, not if this gives us a chance at freedom!”
Do people really say things like this?  It’s all most corny.

Layla:(to Jamal)
“Your tongue is your horse, if you let it loose it will betray you!”
Ha ha ha.

Oh dear.  Things are heating up a little.
“Run them over!”
“Tomorrow-there will be only peegins in the square!”

I get it, that is why I cannot take Jamal seriously as an Arabian dictator because he sounds more like an Italian out of the original Godfather.
(Nb. on later thought: do they have pigeons in Arabia?)

John Tucker the American Ambassador & Jamal.
“Your excessive use of force..”
How excessive?”
“Up to a point..”
“What is your over and under?”
“The wrong one could be problematic..”
he continues:
“err, one thing you might want to keep in mind, our agreement is with your nation, not your family..”
Meaning…that patience is finite..”

Oh no.  Molly is talking.  It is hard to concentrate when psycho babble prevails.  However she has some good ideas.  Like she did last time.
(you just have to wait until the end of the psycho babble for her good idea)

Shame Molly is not going to get the chance to work with Bassam or even be part of the government. Since Molly and Bassam would have made a good dictatorial team down with the kids and the country Clintonesque kind of team.  (well until somebody kills them)

So Sammy and Abdul turned out to be a rather sweet Shakespearean love story.

General Tariq & Jamal. (on the phone)
General Tariq:
“The usual, tear gas, rubber bullets..”
“And if that is insufficient?”
“Live ammunition..”

Ah, that was a good long thankful time of nil or no meaningful music.  But it is back with a vengeance!



Well what to say about Tyrant.  I am still enjoying Tyrant for its interesting and exciting style and pace.  Tyrant one could say is interesting in that it is different and fresh as a drama.  The story fairly bounces along and is satisfyingly unpredictable.   Well to a point.  Tyrant does suffer from a generic settings as previously discussed.

Yet these Arabian settings are still fresh to our eyes.  All in all, this clash of generic sets and stock characters with a new and different story matters less and less as we see that there is on a small handful of sets anyway.  Perhaps there will be more sets to come however for the moment it is looking like a certain number of sets are being rotated.

Myself I quite like this clash of style and mood and stereotype in Tyrant.  Tyrant is as yet, never boring and has an original mix of soap opera style dialogue and interaction with hard edged realistic news stories of revolution, martyrdom, plotting and death.  Albeit often done in mutedly lurid Banged Up Abroad style reconstructions.

The characters in Tyrant for now are still to be fully fleshed out overall.  Jamal, in spite of his (to me anyway) hammy dialogue and corny accent is a powerful presence on screen.  As is Bassam.  In spite of barely speaking much and mostly smouldering studiously.  Whilst blazing furiously at times, but only from his sea blue eyes.

Bassam is Mr. Cool, so far.  part of the interesting side of Tyrant is how we are somehow (in spite of everything in his past) on Bassam’s side and our mind is continually exercised as is his: with how to play the next part of the dictatorial game.  Like working that out really might help.  Even work. Bassam just has to believe this and so, for the moment, do we.

I wonder if there will be that classic dramatic moment when that previously thought to be good character is looking downwards.  We only see their eyelids.  Then, slowly, the character looks up.   His eyes have changed.  From good to bad.

Now their eyes are all hard and bleak.
Evil has taken them over.



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