Tyrant Episode Five-Minor spoilers-Some notes, dialogue and description. On in the UK on FOX or Channel number 157 on Virgin Media TV. Fridays @ 10pm and repeated during the week.

Tyrant Episode Five

TV Warning:
“Scenes of strong violence”

Some notes, dialogue and description.
(on first watching)

Arabian ferns even have to adorn an outside seating area.  Even though they are plastic.  There is a film rule that says that anywhere in Arabia must have ferns and palatial marble bathrooms.
Except for the wonderful series Prisoners Of War.

Ihab: (giving a speech)
“The man who betrayed my father..”
“The agitation at the Plaza!”
” The galvanising of the people!”
“None of this matters..”

In Abuddin land: women, young women go out at night, alone and here, mix freely with men.
(if you’re a revolutionary that is)

Bassam: (about Ihab)
” A narcissist with a messiah complex is not going to  sit down and negotiate!”
“bla bla..
“Now he is sitting at the table all alone!”
he continues:
“I have to take him down a notch..”
(That’s your plan?)

Ihab on the phone to Bassam’s mate, Samira’s father:
“What do you mean you’re not coming?!”
Told you Ihab was from Peckham.  A most un-Arabian utterance, methinks.

So Bassam is meeting in underground car parks now.  However even the car park has arched windows.

John Tucker: (appears out of the shadows)
“Garage meets, classic!”
“I want to meet Ihab’s father, the man who almost made peace with my father..”
“Whatever happened to the nice family Doctor from Pasadena?”

Layla to General Tariq:
“Who killed your puppy?”!

The ladies get to wear pretty dressed and they arrange the seating.

Molly and Barry.
“Why are you putting your life on the line like this?!”
“Because my name is not Smith or Jones!”

Bassam and his bodyguards jogging together is a thing of beauty to observe as they all jog in time balletic-ally.

The Shaykh: Shaykh Rashid & Bassam.
Shaykh Rashid
“I see you have met my son Nimar..”
“Yes, the hood somewhat limited the conversation!”

Jamal and Nusrat’s father.
Dreadful as well as mildly but faintly ridiculous scene.
Jamal drinks whiskey furiously with his pinky finger delicately held up.
(He also briefly sticks his hand down his trousers-yes we geddit-this makes him feel, err, macho)

Bassam and Shaykh/ Sheikh Rashid (the Obi-Wan-Knobi of Tyrant)
Shaykh Rashid:
“My home..”
He even talks like Obi-Wan-Knobi. With an accent like Omar Sharif in Doctor Zhivago.

Bassam:  (quotes from a South African writer)
“My greatest fear is that by the time we have come to love, they have come to hate..”
Shaykh Rashid: sounding like Darth Vader now.
“Have you come to love?..
“I have come to talk..”
Shaykh Rashid:
“This is a young man’s fight..”
(yes, where is your light sabre?)
The Shaykh:
“Death doesn’t scare me Bassam Al-Fayeed, I have seen too much of it..”

They have flutes playing now in the garden.  Added to the dreadful meaningful music melange.

Now some really funky Arabian music, almost Bangra style plays now.  This is because we are on, metaphorically, Arabian roads.  In the desert.

Jamal is in his best bib and tucker.  Or  rather military uniform.  He has a whole raft of medals. Which army I wonder.

At the Party.
Amira to Hakim: (Nusrat’s father)
“What is wrong with you?”
“It’s nothing, a hunting accident..”

Bassam and Molly.
“Why did I think  I could do something my father couldn’t do?”
Actually now Molly probably would be a good time for your psycho-babble.  But no.  You see Molly has been psycho-babble cancelled out.

But oh wait, here comes Obi-Wan-Knobi and those much meaningful violins are playing..

Jamal to Bassam:
“You are my blood and you have betrayed me..”
Nearly to the dungeon then.  That was a close one.

Did I mention that Jamal keeps intermittently watching the death or the death march as I think it was termed, of Saddam Hussein.  Cheerful.

I know I shouldn’t be chuckling.  As I was when Obi-Wan-Knobi came walking along with his indiscernible flag.  It was all a bit Jesus Christ Superstar musical.  Hosanna hey..


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