Crimes Of Passion Episode Two-Minor Spoilers. Two BBC4 or Channel number 107 on Virgin Media TV Saturdays @ 9pm

Crimes Of Passion Episode Two:
Lily Of The Valley

Svenk Filmindustri  (same as Wallander!)

I see there is going to be a running theme of getting poor Eje shirtless every episode.  How horrible. Or in a vest.  The same thing happened to Inspector Montalbano.

There is a wedding.  To which Christer Wuik, his Mother and Puck and Eje are invited.

“Thank you all for coming”
“Unfortunately my bride has not.”!

“I love you today..”
“I fear the final words of despair”..

The opening credits are mad, fun, beautifully muted neon greens and greys.  Even a black cartoon cat, huge feline face filling the screen, eyes blinking.  Hilarious and wonderful.
I was getting flashbacks to Bewitched.

OMG: the flashbacks are incredibly coloured with pastel pale watercolours of another elysian world.  Unreal but alluringly wonderful.  Like it was all taking place on a heavenly sphere somewhere.

Another OMG: the interiors are enough to send me into a swoon.  Check out the house of Christer’s Mother. Sigh.

Everybody smokes at dinner!

Helena Bone:
“When Anali and I were teenagers we dreamed of marrying Christer and Eje!”
“And we didn’t even notice!”

Helena to Puck:
“A Doctorate?”
Why, on earth?
“Because I like asking unanswered questions”.
” That is why I joined the Police”.

I am just loving the outfits.

Police Chief:
“It is odd that there is so little blood”
“Do you think the knife was left in a very long time?”

Crister has a really cool car.  Or it maybe it belongs to the person he is visiting.  Black, with curved wheel hubs.

One of the suspects says:
“Commisariat” in Swedish! Inspector, the same as in Italian.

Mrs. Erikson (elderly lady)
“Oh yes”
“He opened the door so cautiously”
“and skulked away like a suspicious dog”
“But what good did that do him?”
“I know him front and back!”

Down at the Police station.
Christer is actually smoking a pipe and staring at his suspect.
The tape recorder looks oddly hilarious.

Puck is trying on her wedding dress with Eje.
“Yes, it just needs to be taken in and shortened, above the knee”!.

Waiter to Puck:
“A red Opel Accord, a lot of bang for your buck”.

Christer and Puck are in the forest.

So Eje is turning into a bit of a prick.  Although his attitude is all perfectly excusable at the time.

Christer’s Mother and Puck.
Christer’s Mother:
“I can not have the painting by a murderer..”
“I will put up one of mine..”
“You paint?”
Christer’s Mother:
“I had dreams of Paris..”
“What happened?”
Christer’s Mother:
I got married of will see..”

Then Eje actually yells at puck.  I saw that one coming.

It is funny seeing people meet each other at random and you realise that they haven’t phoned each other on the mobile!

Christer has some simply stunning hats.   A Trilby I think: though it seems higher, like a top hat trilby.  Christer has one in white, one in black.  He is only out-done in a hat by the  groom’s amazing cream creation matched with an awe inspiring matching ensemble of cream suit, waistcoat and tie.

A bit before this: Uh oh, Christer and Puck explore the forest, they see a knocked over chair, wooden. A man, that you can only see by this two-tone shoes..

Song in Latin.

“Oh King, O Lily of the Valley”
“Lo how the young King mourns his Princess Lily maiden so”
“Lo her King Lily of the Valley loves,”
“his grieving head so heavy and frail”
“with the silver helmet shining”
“In the summer twilight pale”.


End of episode Two  notes and dialogue


So I enjoyed this episode a little more than the last one.  Not even sure why really.  Certainly I see the visual elements I mentioned in episode one. I had wondered if these beautiful dream sequences or visions in Crimes of Passion really worked within the drama.

Well now my answer is that the other added dimension of artistically and unusually coloured stills we see at interludes in this episode are presented in the form of flashbacks to the day of the murder.

Probably  yes, in fact this flashback device was present in episode one.  I just didn’t really notice that the flashback scenes along with Puck’s visions were alternately coloured too.

In episode two there are only the flashbacks however  overall the palest pastel colours in the world are thrown into these extravagantly almost painted watercolour scenes.  Simply stunning i felt, as a creation.

I was so enamoured and enthralled at these amalgams of water washed pastels and greys, the yellows, the blue thinner than airless sky.  All of the aspect of these scenes bursting with other worldly colours reminiscent of a Renoir painted on a cold but sunny afternoon.

Still, I digress, I meant to say that I was so distracted with all the above that I barely noticed the dresses, or even the shoes.

I realise now that the pastels of the wedding dresses, long, shift-like and silken with snake tailed trains and wide, matching sashes: all were slightly but only imperceptibly echoes of the same pastels in the flashback scenes.

Then there is the sun.  The sun is just everywhere. It is so unusual to see.  Except for in Los Angeles.


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