Wallander The Final Series Three-Episode Five-Minor Spoilers only-Six Episode Series was on BBC4 in the UK

Wallander-The final Series Three-Episode Five

Some notes and dialogue.

“Sometimes life is on your side..”

“Jussi?, Jussi?..”
“Kurt, are you ok?”..

Korin the Pathologist:
“He is being cremated soon..”
“We are all going there..”
“I hope you will have a calmer journey, this was a terrible way to die”
“Are there any good ways?”

Kurt to suspect:
“I brought you some magazines, they didn’t have any about cannabis!”
(he chuckles)

So a bad guy gets in a car and Linda and Martinson are in a car right in front of him!  He never sees.

 (Kurt’s) Notes:
Take off coat!

My daughter’s name is Linda.

Maya, friend.

Kurt stands on the shoreline and smokes.  Smoky blue in the twilight.

Kurt and Maya.
“Life is so bloody short..”
“I can’t talk about it or I’d break down..”
“I just want to be with you”
“Can we be together tonight?”
(he collapses and cries)

Quite a harsh episode really.  Wallander the series harks back to its days of lurid glory.  An especial kind of horror.

We observe when Wallander sees a happy vision..

Later Wallander sits alone, at the end, wine glass, red wine on the table. Then, he turns round to see Linda and Clara.

Clara looks concerned.  There is a wonderful silence.  As the song sings…

“A light will appear like an animal between the trees”
“Its here you will find”
“your pocket full of peace,”
“mark a magic circle”
“all around you”
“do you want to discover?”
“Do you want it all to be over?..”
“Do you want to see the meaning of the circle?”
“Its all up to you..”
“Its not too late to find an opening…”

I am kind of glad really that Wallander is ending soon.  Episode six is the last episode.  Only 6.  Because i don’t think i can handle watching much more of this.  Since the experience is so very sad.  Although this episode ended on a lighter, upbeat note.  Preparing us for the ultimate ending.

Somehow the heartbreaking song of last week becomes a different, hopeful one.  Yet it is the same story.

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