Wallander-The Final Series Three-Episode One-Warning-some spoilers-on in the UK Saturday @ 9pm on BBC4 or Channel Number 107 on Virgin Media TV-catch up on BBC.Co.uk i-player

Wallander -The Final Series 3

1st episode

So depending on how much of a Wallander fan you are: you may find this series painfully tragic or a quirkier than usual Detective and the not so run of the mill murder mystery.

Somewhere early on in this episode when we first view Wallander who seems to be inhabiting his body as if it was an empty cave and he was huddling inside in the dark, almost shivering in the cold.

My heart sank.  Then, distracted by the story and Wallander himself re-emerging somewhat from the hollowed out cold caverns of his eyes: an incident about a third of the way through hits us like a bolt out of the blue. Myself i was pole-axed with shock, horror and even fright.  The mental condition of Wallander is serious in fact very serious indeed.

From that scene on i couldn’t really concentrate much on the puzzle. Not that i had ever really given much head space to the case in question in Wallander.  I had always enjoyed the characters instead.  Wallander being my favourite.  For all his cleverness. calmness and most excellent talking ways.  Of using words like weapons.  Gentle words at that.

Now i can only feel the fully fledged horror.  Because for any serious Wallander fan: this is disturbing horror of a very personal kind.  Since Wallander is sadly afflicted and looking likely to only get worse.

I think i would have preferred to remember him as Wallander was before.  This was, although i will keep painfully watching to the end, a series too far for me.

An early inkling of the troubles of Wallander was the unusual aversion displayed towards Wallander by the waiter in the Bar.  This treatment suggested that Wallander had annoyed the waiter before.  Possibly by getting drunk or conceivably just sitting staring at the other people in the bar.

Embarrassedly, since Wallander’s absent-minded yet curiously piercing staring at the affectionate couple across from him could have been taken the wrong way.  As in a bit pervy.

Mon pauvre Wallander.   He knows not what he does.  Plus he might be a bit lonely.  Its not much fun sitting on a bar on his own.

Yet Wallander has left his family behind.  The new and resurrected Linda his daughter and her manfully handsome and jolly nice husband.  Plus Linda’s slightly sinister father-in-law who seemed to have stumbled out of a rather serious old spy movie, John Le Carre’ but scarier.

Linda’s father in-law was old school spy. He had a safe, secret documents and occasionally brandished a gun.  Linda’s mother -in-law executed a masterful swallow dive and tuck from the very top board of the swimming pool.  The poolside had wicker chairs.   There were ferns.  She was beautiful.

Wallander stumbles brokenly through his investigation.  Bravely jumping into dinghies with outboard motors and finding mysterious islands and esoteric World War II artefacts.  It is all very spy.

 Me i kept wondering if Wallander would forget what he was doing and be marooned in the dinghy. But no, Wallander prevailed, in spite of everything and in a subversive and world weary James Bond kind of way: saved the day.

a scenic description.

Wallander & Matrinson in Wallander’s garden:

Wallander is digging.  The shot pans to Wallander’s feet.  He is gardening with no shoes on.

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