Note to My Readers of a New Series-True Detective-Sky Atlantic Channel in the UK-Saturday @ 9pm

Note to my Readers of a New Series

True Detective-Sky Atlantic Channel

This starts on Saturday, today, 22nd February @9pm

This is an American series which started several weeks ago on HBO (Home Box Office) Channel.  I have glowing reviews both verbal and written on True Detective.

It is set in Louisiana in the present day and concerns two Detectives played by Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. The story centres around a murder case that both Detectives worked on in 1995 when they were partners.  The two men are being questioned over the case in the present day and there is a suspicion that they may have not got the killer or the right killer.

There is the usual horrific dead body of a murdered girl.  This time apparently with antlers on her head.  What will they think of next,  a Christmas tree perhaps with branches poking through her eyes?  Being Lousiana I guess that really cool blues music will have to play throughout.

However i do love a Southern accent.  & Have always rated Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.   Matthew McConaughey being mainly confined to Romantic comedies purely on the basis of his handsomeness.

I note that paper reviewers are already comparing True Detective to The Wire.


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