Southland- the early Series PART ONE-Archive material (re-posted from original post dated 9/1/2012 for convenience)-for those interested in the New Series of Southland (tonight Thursday 13th February 2014-More4 Channel or Channel 147 on Virgin TV) First Few Series of Southland Part ONE

Going from when i first started watching it:

Southland is brilliant. The reviewers describe it as like the Shield. i think it’s more like that brilliant series that was only on for a while (the name of which i can’t remember) That series showed the crime from every character’s point of view. Southland gives you a clip and freeze frames it. Then a title with the words ’10 hours earlier’ or some such time frame appears and we go back in time to what led up to that moment.

My favourite character in Southland is the lead female detective Lydia. She is the hero or rather the heroine. Lydia is tough, cool, fit. She jogs but somehow this is not a stereotype. Perhaps it’s because she can run fast, really fast. Which she does after a baddie with her hands chopping the air up and down like a piston, palms inwards, straight as an arrow. Like short distance athlete runners did in the old days.

Lydia lost her partner to a gunshot wound although he recovered he can’t come back. it became clear in the last series when this awful incident happened (a random occurrence when he had gone to help someone outside of work) that Lydia loved her partner and was possibly in love with him. Whichever, Lydia deeply loved her partner. When he was in hospital she practically stalked him. By phone and appearing randomly and frequently by his bedside.

i have spoiled my enjoyment of Southland somewhat by watching a youtube video. The video was ahead of time and i found out that one of the main characters is killed horrifically. i wish i hadn’t seen it now.

Southland is brilliant though. i love the women being such bad ass babes and hard as nails. My favourite scene in the first series is when Lydia goes all paramilitary and holds off a whole gang one night in her house whilst protecting a girl witness.

The men gain more sympathy since they are portrayed as more vulnerable. You really feel for them. They bitch and gossip together. They worry about their daughters and wives. The young white anti-gang guy who manages to look throughout like a high school kid with his innocent face is married to the stereotypically quirky and painted as a bit mad wife who smokes dope and wanders the city at one point with a giant Hasselbad camera that he bought her. The camera gets stolen of course. He buys her another one, smaller this time, even though he spent a small fortune he couldn’t afford on the first one.

The last scene we see of them was deeply touching (and i don’t get deeply touched much from TV) When he comes home from a hideous days work rushing from the car to see her and she tells him she’s pregnant as the snow falls around them in the front doorway. She manages to be lovably vulnerable, both emotionally and physically all at once.

The end of the next episode, which seems to be their scene, we see him rush to see his wife again to spot a strange man leaving. When questioned, somewhat sharpishly by our sweet and teenagerish looking hero the guy speaks in a Mexican accent and says he’s her photography teacher, is in love with her and they have to work this out “for the baby’s sake”! oops..

So ended that series.
to be continued…
next series up till end of last one in UK recently will be added on here soon

Southland Part TWO: a slight overlap occurs since i found this missing bit in an old book however i’m going to put it up as i wrote it..

Southland just gets better all the time. There was a truly awful debacle last week in Southland which i had already seen on Youtube quite by chance when looking for a trailer to put up here. The music in the intro being really rather good too. It was very sad. I won’t give it away here. Let’s just say something shocking happens. Well more shocking than usual for Southland.

There is a video on youtube with the classic scene where Lydia, my favourite woman Detective ever (ok it may be a toss up between her and Sarah Lund in the Killing/Forbrydelsen but they have different styles) is given a young girl who witnessed a gang shooting to look after for the night at Lydia’s house.

The anti-gang guys have become very fond of the young girl and fuss and cluck over her protectively. Particularly the young-faced anti-gang guy who has no children. They take her with them everywhere they go and install her in the Police station, feeding her and quietly, gently talking to her. Let’s just say when he and his partner are forced to go off and leave her they don’t bring her round to Lydia because they think it’s a woman’s role or anything to look after the young girl.

In fact in Southland it is the men we see as caring, gossiping, worrying, mainly about their daughters and wives. They have freak outs over love affairs. One is seen hunting down his daughter in the dead of night on the strength of one plaintive, querulous phone call from his daughter from one of those crazy parties where she got wrecked. We see her in amidst a bunch of heavy looking guys. Her Dad not having a clue where she is. Her having taken a pill and feeling wobbly and a hair’s breadth away from losing it. Ah..

more to come..

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