Archive material-On first watching: Person of Interest-Sky 1/ Sky 1 Hd Channel 121 on Virgin TV

written in 2012.

On first watching:

Person Of Interest

Created by Jonathan Nolan.

OK I am watching Person of Interest and it is extremely weird.However I really like it so far!

There is a real touch of the 70’s about  it, which is rather endearing.

It has a guy in it, the hero, who is living rough. Well he looks like he is but he has a motel room or maybe he gets that later?

The man looks all beardy and raggedy in the beginning but his eyes are clear burning blue.  he is obviously super fit in his officially dirty homeless gear and requisite raggedy long coat.

As soon as you see him half asleep on the tube/metro and then approached by a gang of teenagers you know he is gonna kick ass.  Which he duly does.

Then, after a very brief stay in a Police Station where he is interrrogated in a good Cop bad Cop style by just one black shirt wearing beautiful accented Police woman: a mysterious and obviously expensive Lawyer turns up and gets our hero released.

Did I mention that the Cops in the Police Station look up the hero’s record after getting his prints off his cup provided by the lady Cop.  In her nice role. He has crimes all over town.  Can’t remember the specifics.  The Police are suitably shocked and suspicious and are half-way to treating him as public enemy number 1 when hot shot Lawyer turns up.

Our hero stumble out of the Police station to see a mysterious bespectacled guy with a phalanx of dark suited men around him.

Its all very windswept and desolate in town all of a sudden and the ground swirls around filmically.  To show its an important moment i guess.

To cut a long and complicated story short the gist of it is bespectacled man who is clearly meant to be really brainy and or have Aspergers traits since its the latest stereotype for geeks.  A stereotype upon a stereotype.

Well something about bespectacled man creating a randomly generating programme that picked out the probability of risk happening to one person on the basis of their social security number.

Bespectacled man designed this for the government then the usual dark forces became involved and took his programme away for nefarious purposes.

Bespectacled man however has protected himself by leaving and taking his code, a copy of it, with him.  Something like that.  He tells our hero he has been watching him and knows that he used to be a mercenary.  Before he ended up sleeping rough and drinking himself to sleep every night.
As such heroes do.

“You need a purpose, not an asylum for your mental health problems”
 bespectacled man tells him.

Hero used to be a deep undercover (National Security Agency) NSA  agent or similar acronym.  Even before all that.  But he has been cut loose by the government and had his name black listed.  Something like that.

Bespectacled man proposes that they work together to save people whose number comes up in his programme and are henceforth at risk.

He mildly threatens the hero if he doesn’t (agree).  Can’t remember the fine details.  It was all a bit daft.  Bespectacled man watches these Persons of Interest and has all the low-down on our hero’s crimes i guess.

He must be a super duper surveillance man.  Anyway, hero agrees and mayhem ensues as he performs mad cap Stephen Seagal and Jean Claude Van Damme type escapades whilst skulking around town with a truly giant gun.

So far Person of Interest is great fun.  Hero doesn’t have a car but this doesn’t stop him, as he is adept at deep undercover techniques of smashing into and starting parked cars in the blink of an eye.

I liked that in this episode the woman marked out as a Person of Interest that hero was silently stalking surveilling and protecting turned out not to be a victim but an evil, kingpin underworld boss whilst being a Person Of interest.  Cool.

It is very rare that women are ever the evil crime boss.  Very refreshing and always surprising when they are.

Along the way our hero, who we know had supermodel looks all along, checks into a motel and shaves and now looks like some quiet Scandinavian Olympian about a mile high.  He also has a great coat.  New this time.

Since bespectacled man is paying him as he promised, if hero stays to fight the fight and carry out the Quests.
As you do.

It could all be really rather good.  Certainly bespectacled man is very good and impressive in his part. His character suffers the slight similarity to me of an actor I have seen who played a murderer with Aspergers.  It may even be the same actor.

However it is all fairly unusual and fresh, if a little laden with cliche’ from circa 1970’s right through to 1990’s.  It may become a stock superficial action series.  Or it could grow and grow like roses and maintain its first show of interesting excellence.

Plus our hero’s eyes are the palest sea blue, he barely speaks which is a nice change and so far I like his style and his lovely long coat.  I always enjoy seeing drama with just men as it is quite rare.

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