Wentworth Prison Series One-Episode 9-Warning-major spoilers-on in the UK Channel # 5 or on Virgin Tv Channel # 105-Wednesdays @ 10pm-this is the penultimate episode in this series

Wentworth Prison Episode 9


Tell me!”

“We’re going to need some sedation..”

Fletcher to Vera:
“She should have thought of that about her kid,”
“before she got herself put in here”

Bea does that long drawn out forever gulp of intake breath that little toddlers do when upset.

Fletch has his headphones on.
(woman’s screams echo in Fletch’s mind)

Erica & man in the suit-Channing.
“Are you propositioning me?”
“I was only offering support”
“Not unless you want to get sued”.

“I can arrange for a grief Counsellor..”

“How’s Bea?

So does Fletcher have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Will Jackson & Bea.
“You don’t forget, you just stop remembering so much”.
“I know it’s not the same but how about if I go?”
“Tell her her Mummy loves her to the moon and back”

Fletcher is having problems with ghostly screams in the kitchen.

He keeps checking the clock.
Then Fletcher loses an hour of time in a blackout.
All the pots are burnt.

Then Fletcher decides it would be a good idea to go over to Vera’s house drunk and clutching dinner,
“You taste of alcohol”

(Nb. i think Vera is a virgin.
she just hasn’t said)

Bea to Jackson:
“I want you  to tell me everything”

“It’s a big building”
“Nice people work there”
“The morgue is in the basement”
“two floors down in the elevator”
“and they are taking good care of her Bea”
“She looks peaceful”
“I can see that she looks like you”

“Did you tell her?”

Jackson (previously)
“Your Mum loves you to the moon and back”.

The man in the suit is called Channing.
Channing to Erica:
“I hear the lunatics have been running the asylum when I was away”.

Bea’s husband Harry:
“I was making dinner..”

“She had a boyfriend?”
“What was his name?”

Fletcher & Debbie.
She comes back to the prison.
“Don’t expect any special treatment..”
“Oh, Bea, C’mon, we will get you home, all right?”

Liz, Doreen & Erica.
Liz & Doreen plead for Bea.
“We know that rules are there for a reason but..”

Erica & Mr. Channing.
Channing is biting back now he has been turned down.
“You are going to undermine my position”
“As you have undermined mine.”

Bea & the women sit together.  Doreen in her pyjamas.

Dumb song.
“They say the home is where the heart is set in stone”
“It’s where you lay your head”
“it’s where you make your bed”
“hooome, home”…

“I think I’ll just go to bed”

i think Bea is going to kill herself.

Oh my good God..

Liz sits with Bea.
“Why didn’t you let me go?”
“You’re OK”
“What do you think Debbie will want for you?”
“It is always going to hurt”

Erica & Liz.
“I need you to be a Peer worker again”
“mediate between the women”

Fletcher & Vera.
“I was in East Timor after the referendum”
“A soldier stopped them..
“the little girl ran away..”
“he shot her”
When I heard Bea screaming…”
“Do you think I could make it up to you?”

They make a shrine for Debbie.
“Ah, that’s beautiful Dor”
“Ah thanks”

But Fletch is still hearing screams.
“I’ve seen innocent women lose their kids,”
“I don’t think we should make it easy for them..”

Doreen speaks at the funeral.
“They were best friends”
“Debbie knew you loved her, you have 16 years of memories to treasure”.

Another damn song.
“Hey, heeey!”
“My head is a jungle, jungle”
“My head is a jungle”
“My head…”


end of excerpts


Next week it is an “explosive finale”.

Yep.  We can see that in the clip where it looks like all hell is breaking loose in the prison as an arm covered in blood, reaches up to the wall to press an alarm…

So Wentworth Prison is intense, hard hitting yet affecting Drama.  I have decided that is is a genre beyond.  Since like the original Prisoner Cell Block H it pretty much breaks all the rues of dramatic convention.

Apart from possibly that of soap opera.  & that is not to undermine it,  Soap opera is the essence of drama.  We could call Wentworth Prison more opera than soap. Since it is tragedy writ so large the characters might as well be wailing hugely in operatic arias on stage.

As poor Debbie was.  Just hunched up on the floor.

So we are learning that Fletcher’s throw away comments are piling up as proof of his uncompromising views.

& Erica utters the fateful word “sue” and is sidelined by the man in the suit, Channing.

The preview says that next week Bea finds out the identity of Debbie’s boyfriend..

& she has nothing to lose.

I am going to leave the final episode unwritten.


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