Short Reviews of Episodes 2 & 3 of Homeland Series 3-Minor spoilers-On in the UK on Sundays @ 9pm Channel #4 or on Virgin TV Channel #104

Homeland Episodes 2 & 3

Short reviews.

Episode 2.
(abridged version)

“ Saul….”


Footnote to the end of episode 1.
(carries on from last paragraph picturing Brody in his log cabin in the Canadian outback)

Dunno about food since we don’t know if Canada too will have his picture on the news. if they do then Brady better know how to hunt.

But wait, there may be a spy contact of Carrie’s to bring him shopping..

Episode 3.


“Shit what happened to you?”
“Something went wrong”
“I assumed..”
“Are you a doctor?”
“Interesting story..”
“Will he make it?”
“Yeah, he’s a strong one.”

Man to Brody:
“maybe somebody did you a favour once?”

Brody wakes up in pain.
The young girl jacks him up?!

“Where am I?”


Brody to Doctor:
“If you hate it then why are you here?”

“Don’t we all need to just get our strength back..”

Distant singing..
Brody sings along to one of the calls to prayer.

Episodes 2 & 3

So i will have to re-watch this as i swear i only missed a few minutes but what on earth was Brody doing shot, with a big hole in his stomach
(which just everybody and his Aunt liked to put their fingers inside)
being trundled along in a trolley in Venezuela?

Then shortly handed over to gun toting gangsters who lived in a humongous half finished tower block in Caracas?!
i mean wtf did i miss?

It was all immensely powerful and dramatic whilst being faintly ludicrous.  Not the tower block and the people in it so much. The tower block is real, i have heard of such blocks.  & the Doctor and his uhum, friend Pedro was truly sinister and scary.

For a while i was thinking it was a flashback.  & When did they shave off Brody’s hair?
Although Brody somehow looked like a young blue eyed Bruce willis.  Working the white T-shirt and jeans look to perfection.

Meanwhile Carrie is still charging around albeit in the Psychiatric Unit.  The nightmare of the endless cycle of trying to remain calm when your every utterance is taken as evidence of your paranoid madness is nerve wracking to behold.

Thank goodness Carrie really does work for the CIA.  Otherwise her claims would be taken as classic paranoia.  Carrie might as well be saying she receives radio transmission through her teeth and tin-foiling the windows.

However as Carrie points out, the CIA could have expunged her records.  A Statement which could be taken as pure paranoia. & so it goes on.

Poor Carrie, betrayed, to her mind by everybody she trusted.  Even her own family.  Everyone who has been in contact with Saul.  Who has been slithering about like a sibilant hissing serpent.  Whispering veiled threats and offers you can’t refuse in people’s ears.

Wonderful, moral, questioning and open-minded Saul of the previous series is now ruthless, swift, calculated, cold and unmoved by collateral damage.

Yes, we get it.  It’s revenge.  Driven by 200 deaths.  Maybe Saul was always like this.  He just sounds like a nice guy usually, when times are good.  It’s that gruff and grumbly voice and the Uncly, Grandpa beard.

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