Low Winter sun-Episode 7-Warning Spoilers-On in the Uk Fridays @ 10pm on FOX Channel # 157 on Virgin TV


Daylight for 3 minutes.

Frank prepares for Court.
Shaves so his head and face appear one.

Frank is trying to play the court now.

Frank bails Sean out but refuses to help him.

Steve is the young faced looking kid in the gangster crew.
“Are you in?”

So Geddes & the Police Chief Boss are up on the roof.
“Let the river eels know your ass!”
“So that was your whole damn dance?!”
“Oh My God.!”
“Right down at Piedmont, you can see the river..”

In the Court.
“This man, Frank has a record too statistically good to be real!”

Geddes sitting in the courtroom steps. & checks in with Frank.
Geddes sounds like he is organising something big on the phone.  A hit even.

Frank pervs on Katia on his laptop.
“Turn on camera..”

Oergh.  The toothache scene!
I didn’t look.

(in fact this scene drew down my baseball hat, then my arm and then  a whole piece of jumper over my face & head as I repeatedly shouted: “no, no, no, argh, ugh, I don’t believe it, ha ha ha!” all within the space of the scene.  This being helpfully shortened here as the new word: oergh.)

Frank & Khalil.
“This is where I apologise”
“It’s OK”
“Self-righteousness is your default”..
“Are you OK?”
“No, are you OK?”
“…you inspired me, you were so good…
“Since you and Katia split?”
“It was the right thing to do..
She is questioning him.

Tech guy with big glasses to Frank.
“Someone is watching our watching her!”

In Court.
Frank starts making judgemental statements in Court!

Frank panics on not knowing where Geddes is.
Then escapes from him.

Boyd & Khalil.
“I’m breathless!”
“His girlfriend, Katia..”

The stylish gangsters are plotting..

Geddes is taking his family to the theatre but sitting seperately.  Why?

Boyd meets the Police chief in a restaurant for dinner.
The Pinot Grigio here is delightful…”

Police chief:
“Why am I here you peculiar little prick?”!
“You are here because this is where Detective McCann was killed…”
Boyd takes the Police chief into the kitchen. It goes a shade of dark in the room.  Boyd turns the tap on, the giant stainless steel sink acquires a sinister air.

Geddes & Katia.
“It will be a whole new life…”
Trust me…”

(still think he may kill her)

That’s what he needed the alibi for.

Oh dear.  Its all very sad.

But who was that right at the end, with tumbled roughed up blond hair.  In the dark still.  A bit lower down  On a balcony?

is it Katia?

end of excerpts

So Low Winter sun finally moved up a gear but on reflection it only made the experience of watching it worse.  Why am I watching it then one might ask.  I dunno.  A sense of duty to see it through i suppose.

A vague interest to see what happens.  Although morals might dictate that both protagonists, Frank & Geddes cannot get away with it.

Oh and at least one of them is probably gonna end up dead.  Or maybe make a clean get-away.

At the very least I see them locked in some mythical yet violent battle, right at the end.

Now I can no longer find minor light relief in thinking up adjectives like dopey and leaden for Frank.  Because Frank is no longer amusing.  Frank is a kind of nasty gangster all on his own.

I was gonna say Frank was a gangster already but I don’t know this for sure.  He may well have spontaneously evolved somewhere along the way into this nasty ass dude.  In reaction to his adventures with Geddes.

Or was Frank like this all along and i was too taken up with seeing him as a soppy lovesick bore.

Frank certainly took to treating his young protege’ like he owned him.  Commandeering his Jeep and sneering when the young boxer, peering fearfully but resolutely at Frank in the mirror tells Frank that he:
” has to move on”.

Does Frank have a hold over the him?  mistreat the young boxer?  It is not clear.  Frank’s swift transition into Soprano style gangster in front of us is remarkable and slowly shocking.

As we try and pin down exactly when that transformation, if it was one, happened.

Still, at least Frank, all evil now will be a formidable opponent to Geddes, he needs to be.  Perhaps Geddes and his murky machinations made Frank this way.  Maybe not.  Frank has decided he has to save his own skin.  By whatever means necessary.

 Before Geddes sells Frank down the river or floats him down one.