Low Winter Sun -Episode 6-minor spoilers-On in the UK on Fridays @ 10pm FOX Channel #157 on Virgin TV

Sean & Frank
(outside, where Sean sleeps in an old warehouse)
“Guess my alarm didn’t go off!”
“Egg sandwich”
“Ah-room service!”
“Cool-so go fight crime!”
“Chilli-sauce next time”..

Damon & Maya playing wishing games in bed.
“We live in Florida”..
“we have 9-5’s..”
“But we go to the beach each weekend”..
“get body-art and have friends that play tennis”!..

Frank decides to search Maya & Damon’s house.
“You know this guy?”
(photo of dead guy in the car park)

In the Police Station:

Frank to Police Boss:
“World won’t sleep any less if he goes down for this”..

Frank gets really nasty to Damon at the Police Station.  Winds Damon up about Maya.
“She looks beat now she’s with you”!
“She was so good with Sean.”
“Your ex remarried, didn’t she?”
“a Professor, someone with brains..”

Frank & Geddes beat up Damon in the men’s loo.
Then stuff his head down it!
D.I.Y (do-it yourself) water boarding..

paper -tearing man (?) Nick
“What are you doing?”
“Your whole crew are saying Michael did it, all you have to say is:
“Michael did it”!
(Geddes is good, he is very good)

More machinations.
Geddes & Frank are really playing to the gallery.

Frank & Geddes:
“You build it up with him and then we hand it over to Damon..”
“You don’t have to tell me..”!

& an un-named /unexplained witness from prison with Khalil. (he is linked to Stelios)

Geddes & Frank interview/ semi-torture Damon.
“Michael was crawling out of his skin,up all night..”
“doing coke”

Sean & Maya.
“Where is douchebag Romeo?”
“call Frank”
“Frank was here a few weeks ago,”
“acting like a friend”
“He ain’t a friend..”

Stelios & Geddes at the Ice Rink.
“People in this country are crazy about this game!”
“it eludes me completely!”

“Callis needs to disappear,quick”
“this time don’t do in in Detroit,”
“Do it on the moon..”

Maya cries in front of Sean.
Sean touches Maya’s hand.
“It could be worse,”
“you could still be married to me!” (Ah)

Boyd comes to Khalil’s place.
“I hear Geddes & Frank messed up today”
“You could lose your case”
“You need to protect your career..”

Geddes & Frank in Gedde’s boat.
“Don’t have any place any more..”
“full of girl’s stuff & Mum’s lotion..”

Gedde’s boat.
“Guess how much this boat cost?”
“thirty two Grand!”
“I am a weak man!”
he continues.
“See that river?”
“That’s me,,
“Always trying to find thee path of least resistance..”

“but why?”..
“You were good..”

“me and God?”
“We’re tight, he knows I am weak”
“Well he made me this way!”
“I feel close to God out here..”
“His face, pressing down on the water..”
“That face, those eyes.”.
“that dude don’t blink!”
(stunning speech really)

“I made a deal with the devil”
“and he doesn’t let you go!”
“I would say that to his Momma”
“If he had one!”
(um of course he had one)

Uh. oh..never seems a good idea in dramas to go out in a boat in the dark.

Geddes goes to confession. (at Church)
“forgive me Father, for I have sinned..”
“it is many years since my last confession”
“I lied, stole, cheated.”
“I didn’t do right by the Mother of my kid,”
“I was a coward,”
“I became a Cop”!

Boyd goes to the Judge.
& sets out his case.
He is all correct as well.
“I want them both tailed”
“I want surveillance”

“I get Geddes but why Frank?”
Boyd smiles boyishly.
“Ah, he says
“there was a girl...”

end of excerpts

I think i will let the excerpts speak for themselves.  As i mentioned last week, i feel like i have wrung every last drop to write about Low winter Sun for now.

Without seriously spoilering it i cannot do otherwise.

It sounds cruel to almost wish Low winter Sun would end soon and put itself out of its own misery really.

It’s like Watching it is like a minorly unpleasant chore.
Relieved now and then, not by stereotypical scenes and tableaux,
but swiftly flowing and sometimes, courtesy of Geddes mostly,
stunning dialogue.