Wentworth Prison-Series One- episode 4-minor spoilers only-on in the UK on Channel 5 Wednesdays @ 10pm

Wentworth Prison episode 4


Jac’s Husband:
“Sorry I’m late”
“(to Guard)
“How about a whiskey?”

He appears to be an old English actor.

“I picked up some cheese for you on the way over, extra bitey, make sure the sirens don’t pinch it..”

Mr. Jackson & the ex-soldier Prison Officer
Mr. Jackson:
“What did you give her?” (the murdered Governor)
ex-soldier Prison Officer:
“The bracelet…”

Mr. Jackson is cracking.
“Give me another scotch!”
Soldier Officer:
You don’t need another Scotch”
Mr. Jackson:
“Fuck off!”

Then Mr. Jackson shags a woman in the loo and can’t kiss her.
The he cries in the loo.

Jacs cries.  & looks at herself in the mirror and touches her face.

Another Depressing song.

“Please leave your light on for me”
“I’ll be crawling in the dirt”
“It’s not just me who’s hurt”
“I went out from the halls of grace”
“Turned my back on my future”
“Please leave your light on for me”
“I’ll be taking the long way home”…

All the women are practising their speeches for the Open Day.

“It’s us women who made this happen, I’m most proud of the peer worker programme..”

“I knocked a few heads together, I spent a lot of time in the slot”
“It helped me to stop going bunta”..

Governor Eric to the Prison Officres:
“You can mention the work done and how it has helped the women.”
“And don’t mention the riots!”

Mr. Will Jackson:
“Any news of the inestigation?”
“Every time iI ask the Police they give me the same Bullshit”..

Bea’s daughter is holding hands with Braydon her new boyfriend.  (Jac’s son)

Liz and kindly woman Social Worker.
Social Worker:
“Your parole is in 2 weeks”
“So soon?!”

Social Worker:
“Now the last time you appeared before the Board,
“they expressed some concern as to how you would cope on the outside?”..

The speeches at Open Day.

“The governor believed in me, she saw past my front”
“It helped that she’s hot!”
“She gave me desire……”
awful pause (so is Frankie gay?)
Erica the Governor looks worried.
“to be a better person.”

“Some people say it’s the worst thing being in prison..”

“My name is Sue but they call me the boomer”
“Cause I always come back”
“I used to bash a lot of people but Frankie taught me this trick”
“Puppies and jelly”..

***end of excerpts***

So this week it was the story of Liz.  I had a feeling it would be.  I realise that Wentworth Prison is sticking very closely to the original story lines of Prisoner Cell Block H.  & even taking care to have actresses who look the same as in the original series.

Since I remember a character who looked just like Liz.  & was also gentle and kind and a peacemaker to the other women.  I liked her then and i like her now.

A far and distant bell rings about Frankie and the Governor too.  In the original Prisoner Cell Block H Frankie and the Governor were having a hot and tempestuous affair.

Over the course of an increasingly tense episode in terms of the nervousness of Liz as she prepares for her public speech: we see her past unfold.

The upcoming speech Liz is expected to make, urged on and encouraged by Erica the Governor, has triggered flashbacks to

Liz’s past.  When Liz was nervous about a speech at another event. In her past Liz was organising the whole event too.

The flashbacks, to signify it so, are set in lurid sepia wash of bleached out light.  These visions are populated by hideous caricatures like Madge from (the Australian soap opera series) Neighbours, with black seeming lipstick on and a horribly bad black wig.  All the people, grown-ups that is, in Liz’s past are constantly criticising her.

Not without reason.

Yet Liz  constantly puts herself down and doubts her abilities.  Whether as a result of this criticism or just plain lack of confidence is unclear.  The two feed into each other and the implication is that Liz’s mother is a bit posh and has high expectations. Of perfection.

Liz must have lived on a farm because out of nowhere a tractor appears and Liz knows how to drive it…

& We see the carefully controlled heartbreak of Jacs over seeing her husband with a new and improved version of her.  Much younger.  Thus does Jacs grieve over her loss and her own ageing as she looks in the mirror.

I knew i was going to end up liking Jacs.  Carving pieces of Frankie’s chest aside.  Oh and employing the long remembered weapon of the industrial steaming iron.

Reckon it will be Jac’s story next week.

We also realise that unwittingly or not, Liz sabotages her own parole.  Subconsciously.  Since as only we know, Liz has no one likely to be waiting for her outside.

This is a well known predicament of long term and even short-term prisoners.

Prisoners who find and say that they feel safer and more secure inside.  They miss their prison family, their routine.

Often times we see in Wentworth Prison how the prison provides a boundary for the women.  A place of safety.  They can raise their hand and ask for leave from a visitor if they want.  As with Bea, the prison also offers protection.

All of these things may have been unavailable to the women before.  The institution itself allow them to assert themselves.

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