Wentworth Prison-Series One-Episode 3-warning some spoilers-on in the UK on Channel 5 or channel # 105 Virgin TV

“Wentworth’s new Governor, Erica Davidson…”
(nice Blond haired lady smiles)

Uh oh..what did i tell you?  The Celebrity Chef & Frankie in her flashback.

Celebrity Chef:
“Eggs, Francesca, can you say eggs?”!

So: she punched him.

Then:steam iron at the prison with Jacs!

Bea to Frankie:
Thanks for that”
You just got in the game Red..”

Frankie & The Governor Erica Davidson:
“What, no coffee?!”

Frankie meets her Dad.
“She used to burn me with cigarettes..”
“I love you!”

Really depressing song:

“Girl, You’re a bird”
“What can I do to make you sing?”
“Can’t I build you a safe place?”
“Crushed your ribs, stole your crown”.
“Buried in the underground”
“Who shot the bird down?”

***end of excerpts***

So this week it was Frankie’s flashback time.  & what did i conjecture in my first review about seeing each woman’s story?

Perhaps i have a buried memory manifesting and this happened in the original Prisoner Cell Block H which i don’t consciously remember.

So far, the flashbacks are not annoying and on  reflection serve to sate our innate curiosity as to why each women is in the prison.  This could take a while.

So in a deeply affecting episode we see Frankie’s tragic back story unfold in front of us.  & We learn about her Father. & Mommie Dearest.

Frankie is an excellent character, brave, clever and engaging.  Yet prone to violent outbursts.  Well one in the past and a present necessarily full of them in order to survive in the prison.  Against Jacs & her crew.  To give it the front.

Frankie has to be the hard man. or rather hard woman.

Yet Jacs is truly terrifying.  Up close the still shot of her face shows only evil intent and strength. Jac’s pale sea blue eyes glint unmoving, seeming to momentarily shift: side to side.  Jacs stares down Frankie from across the hall.

Jac’s face fills the screen.  We are in the presence of evil.

I found Frankie’s scenes with her Father to be truly heartbreaking.

Likewise the interlude with Bea’s daughter win the prison became so claustrophobic and darkly loaded I arose, unaware from my chair and found myself going in search of a cup of tea.  Suddenly.

What a sissy.  The saddest thing about Frankie’s story was for me, the end of it and understanding why Frankie made her decision.

It was so Frankie could keep what she had safe.  Since she just couldn’t trust that it wouldn’t be taken away from her again.

& Bea is forced to evolve, quick-time, albeit momentarily into someone else entirely.  As the fear is recycled around the prison inmates.  By the warring women.

& the nice apparently well meaning new governor Erica Davidson with the talk of rehabilitation got the job.  So one nice, kind Governor.  & The previously nice Deputy Governor, in comparison to the last nasty Governor, has gone quite nasty.

So the roles are swapped but we have the original line up of nice versus nasty Governor & Deputy.  The Deputy Governor is siding with the Prison Officers against the new Governor.  But in spite of their resistance to properly providing for women heroin addicts going cold turkey-the new Governor will not budge.  She ain’t taking no shit.

I did catch myself at one point thinking, this is really depressing!  Why am i watching it?

Good question.  Wentworth Prison certainly is harsh.  I forgive it the incident of Indie music now.  i barely noticed any music tonight.  I was that engrossed.

A little too far into the action perhaps.  That’s how the drama is shot.  Claustrophobic already by being in prison, we are squeezed in metaphorically into all the small spaces.  Close-ups of a faces and action abound.

The outside scenes are shot in beautiful shadowy tones of blue and white.  Like we were watching some stylised Documentary.
All arty like.

Until the bad things start happening and then everything seems magnified along with everyone.

There is hardly any space. Not really any light.  Certainly not sunlight.  We realise that it’s all about the bodies inside.  They have taken up that space and each & every side and faction is at war.

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