Wentworth Prison-Series One-Episode 2-warning some spoilers-on in the UK Channel 5 and #105 on Virgin TV

Wentworth Prison Episode 2

The Police interviewer & Bea:
“We all know what happens when you get angry Bea..”
“Like that time with your husband!”
“My husband tried to kill himself!””

The Maori Prison Officer Mr Jackson was married to the nasty Governor lady who was killed by we don’t know who in the riot.

One of the women:
I reckon Jacs did it, it’s too big to sit on”
“and I’m not talking about her arse!”

Jacs to Frankie:
“How is the boob?”
“Tight, unlike your face!”

Mr Jackson to Doreen:
“All it takes is one drug bust and the kid is gone!”
He cruelly rips up Chloe’s drawing.  The child cries.
Blimey.  ( I mean what on earth is the child doing in there anyway?)

So in the original Prisoner Cell Block H the evil insane Governor was balanced by and is in a continual fight with, the good Deputy Governor.

Nice blond haired lady (would-be new Governor)
“We need to empower the women”
“Coffee courses, dance classes”
she continues
“the incident rate goes down”

The guy in a suit tells her not to be so dumb.  If she wants the job.

The evil husband comes to visit.  She sobs . (Ah)
“No, this is about you leaving…”

Bea is frightened, we are aware as viewers too, her husband is angry.  However in the Prison she is safer from him we realise.  & so does Bea.

It’s a taut scene in that both Bea and the viewers are aware that being restricted to non-violent behaviour in the Prison visitng room is really winding Bea’s husband up.

It is quite amusing.

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