My Review of Under The Dome-warning-some spoilers-on in the UK Mondays Channel 5 or channel ‘105 Virgin TV @ 10pm-Nb. for Preview of The Dome with attached link for Stephen King’s letter see my post dated 17th August 2013

My Review of Under The Dome

Well as i said in my preview for this i am a huge Stephen King fan so must admit my bias.

Stephen King is the master of prose and of horror for me.  So i am already predisposed towards this series because of the book, Under the Dome.

Very wisely Stephen King wrote a letter to his readers and viewers warning them that things had been changed from the book with his approval. &

Stephen King reminded them of the unassailable fact that his (written ) book was still the same and up on the shelves.  & would remain so.  A very wise stance i felt.

I have it on good authority from a viewer in the States that they found it cheesy after the first few episodes.  Now you  know cheesy, i would like .  Secretly i am a bit of fan of cheesy.  There is a certain level of cheesiness i feel that is fun cheesy.  Even fresh.  It’s a change anyway.

Yes, cheesiness would be good because right now i find The Dome fairly terrifying.  Certainly i am aware my heart rate in increasing & has taken it’s own roller-coaster ride around my chest.

Stephen King having decided as the Executive Producer along with i note, Stephen Spielberg, has to add some extra flourishes of visual horror.  Ones he had unavailable in this way in the book.

Yes, the surroundings may be Tele-movie sunny.  Small town America with a small roster of characters established early on.  The Cops, the Policemen and Policewomen, Duke the beloved Police Chief with his protege’ Policewoman partner, the brave, resourceful and beautiful Linda.

Linda who thinks on her feet and is quick on them  Then there are the youngsters: clever dark haired Joe and his friend. The daughter of the visiting lesbian couple.  Julia, the officially feisty News Reporter who invites Barbie, an unknown drifter back to her house.  To wait for her husband..

Barbie has done some heroic acts and saved a young lad from being sliced in half by the mysterious and invisible dome which descends over their small town like someone plumped an upside down glass bowl on the ground.

Then there is the cool DJ guy & his clever at electronics assistant lady up at the radio station.  Oh and then there is Junior and Angie.  Now there is truly some horror.  Creeping horror.  In every scene with Junior in.

 Maybe he is overacting as Junior is a little James Dean met Elvis took some acid & went on a bad trip.  However Junior is mad as a hatter and truly scary in his madness as he accuses Angie who is not even his girlfriend, of sleeping with Barbie.

Then locks Angie up in a bunker.  The nuclear shelter style bunker that his Dad, Big Jim Rennie (who is more than a little psychopathic himself but not anywhere as far gone as his son Junior)  had prepared.

With cans & canisters of propane apparently stored all around.

“The stars!”  They’re falling!”
“the pink stars!”

Barbie: “What are you doing?”
“I’m measuring it”.


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