Low Winter Sun-Episode 5-minor spoilers only-on in the UK on FOX Channel # 157 on Virgin TV Fridays @ 9pm


“Hey, I’m Sasha, how are you?…

“Katia, It’s Frank!”…

Geddes takes his daughter to enrol.
We find out where Geddes gets his religious education from.  Catholic School.
(except Catholics don’t learn the Bible)
“Has she done her Sacrament, her Confession?”
I really think getting an 8 year old child to confess to something she ain’t even done yet is straight up bunkum!”
( i thought she was 13)

Frank & his contact inexplicably move a couch.
“Old G bust it running dirty tricks 2 blocks away”
“Hash too”
“You know I tossed you”
(young boy) Jamal:
“I ain’t gonna say some whys and when and wheres…”

The stylish gangsters are still washing the blood off.

Moustachioed man Damon (I keep getting him and the paper tearing man, Nick confused)
“I can’t believe I did all this”
“You didn’t”
(you did actually)

Frank to Reverend Underwood’s henchman:
“How’d you jack your hand?”
“AK’s pecker was too big!”

Reverend Underwood & Frank.
“Someone got smoked in the Trap house”
“Now all of your guys is pushing weed”
“I come with respect”
“Drop a name, any heat drops on you”

Reverend Underwood:
“Let me disseminate, see what shakes loose”
To his men when Frank is gone:
“Hey-any of you punk ass hood rats know why a Homicide Detective is rolling up on me?!”

Detective Dani Khalil:
“A Challenger..I found a witness”
(is a car apparently and not the spaceship)

Mother of Billy:
“You saying my boy was with a camel when he was shot?!”
“He didn’t like camels”(what?!)
“He weren’t too keen on whitey either!” (uh oh)

Nb. I keep getting worried that Frank & Geddes might consider that Dani Khalil might have to go the way of the wicked.
Since she keeps turning up actual real clues and witnesses in their case.

Geddes to Khalil:
“How are you  and Frank?”…
“You know what they say, incest is OK as long as you keep it in the family”…

Geddes gets a brainwave in the shop of a witness: to take all the girly magazines for sighting (of) fingerprints!
“Don’t worry, we’ll return them to you, at some point..”

Detective Dani Khalil & Geddes.
“We’re partners, right?”
“Better than some rookie with a hot dog hanging out of his arse!”
“So: I reckon you have about 18 months, where, the FBI? CIA?”
“I’m confused, are you trying to get rid of me?”

Maya & Moustachioed man Damon
how did it go?”
(she means) Damon’s face show-up (as they call it-i would call it showing your face) to the brother of the man in their car.
Damon weeps on the ground in an alleyway.

Frank ambushes Katia in a rate foray (for her) outside the house.
He hugs her.
Name one thing I like?”
“You like lots of things..”

Nb. Frank is like Superman.  He zooms magically back from Canada & wherever in the blink of an eye he is back in Detroit.

Nick, the paper tearing man is having a therapy session.
He keeps looking at the clock.
“Been taking your medication Nick?”
“What’s on your mind?”

Nick comes out of therapy and just nearly thinks about stepping in front of a lorry/ truck by the looks of it.
He goes and buys 2 bottles of booze.
They are put in paper bags.
That is what you have to do in America.

Nick puts out a row of tablets on his leg.  Washes them down..
Then thinks it’s a good idea to drive.

Nick’s car is cool as are all of the men’s cars in Low Winter sun.  But it doesn’t have that lovely chugging engine sound that Gedde’s car has and i think Damon’s car.  Sounds like a V8 engine or an old British motorbike.

The victim lies on the ground eyes staring wide open.

That was the paper tearing man Nick, not moustachioed man Damon.

Frank turns up drunk at Khalil’s place.
“Can I come in?”..
“You look like shit”..
Then Frank goes in for a kiss..
“I’ve been thinking about you..”
yeah, right.

Damon & Stelios.
You’re only up on 2 feet because of your old man”

“If anything happens to me or Maya!”
“Your decrepit old ass will die in a cell!”

How poetic, the skill of excellence damns”!
“Nothing changes without peace”
“I will take over the International as well”
Stelios to Maya:
“Sorry, I know it’s been your family business..”
(Maya is pissed)

Reverend Underwood:
“This could be one of those Game Day spots,”
“get some jerseys, some ferns, all of that nonsense!”

Geddes, his mother and his daughter.
Geddes’s Mother to her granddaughter:
“You just go through the motions, but don’t really become a Catholic!”
“At least you won’t have to deal with Sister Agnes, she made my life hell!”
“No pun intended!”

Frank & Ak (Reverend Underwood’s man)
“Ak is just the messenger..”

Khalil and the witness.
The witness:
“Looked like 2 men, one dark, one light..”
“They put a body in that car”
“They put him in the river”
“By the time I was done in that interview, I didn’t know which way was up…”
“tell you what, I didn’t have him as some Middle-Eastern guy though…”

***end of excerpts***

So Low Winter Sun lurches on.  It did get a bit good.  It kind of came together.  For longer this time.

Now I’m thinking that it’s just so very hard to care. I think that’s the problem.  That is why i can’t be bothered paying attention to the ramifications of the plot.

It really should make it more interesting i suppose if i was keeping track of each and every amusing incidence . That is the result of Frank& Gedde’s lies and meddling.  Or should i say not so amusing since their dark shenanigans have already resulted in some untimely deaths.

Sometimes the lies deliberately told by Frank & Geddes in their fairy tale reconstruction of their case get people killed.

By the wrong people since the other lot hadn’t really done anything.  Frank & Geddes just made it up.

Other times, weirdly, the right people, who really have done something get killed by the right people so to speak.

Because one side really did do it.  But the side who have killed the real culprits were actually lied to as well.

Because Frank & Geddes don’t know everything that the stylish gangsters have been up to. It should be interesting all this but it’s not.

Can you see how this is turgid and boring to contemplate?

Trouble is, Low Winter Sun thinks it’s The Wire.

I divine my problem to be with the lack of sympathy for most of the characters.  It is a hard ask to sympathise with Frank & Geddes.  Frank,I find a bit leaden and dopey.  Cruel as that may sound.

Frank’s ongoing dreariness of demeanour is meant to reflect his grief over Katia i surmise.  That’s kind of old now.

Frank has been looking mean and moody for every single episode now.

Although i further appreciate the dialogue being scattered around more equally to many more characters.
Each one really had his or her own poetic individual style.

Top marks to the dialogue.  Even if i ruled it a touch too pat last wee.  It still is a bit box fresh.  If a little knowing.

So, having a hard time sympathising with Frank & Geddes whilst not being able to help myself liking Geddes.  Just for having more get up and go and more to say than Frank.

I have decided to sympathise  with Khalil. As the only fairly moral & decent character.  With any glimmer of humanity.  If all this is sounding a little judgemental it is probably because I’m bored.

We are meant to sympathise with Frank’s love and ceaseless search for Katia.  Likewise Gedde’s obvious love for his daughter and how passionately he fights for her.  I guess i do.  I mostly appreciate Gedde’s use of words & his energy.

Coke-fuelled or not.  He makes Frank look like someone in need of a defibrillator.

A little like Low Winter Sun itself which could do with the application, though metaphorical, of twin paddles and someone shouting:

The trouble is, it has all been done before.  The Wire.  The excellent Australian series Underbelly.  All the gangster

movies ever.  Countless Law and Orders.   Serpico even.  None of it is new. The fact that Low Winter Sun cruises by so easily without any proper characterisation or depth is due to it’s borrowing of every cliché’ that has gone before.

Low Winter sun is like a smorgasbord of shorthand notations of fixed dramatic fixtures made visual:  Dirty Cops.

Suspicious partner who is clean.  The bar owning gangsters with beautiful wife.  The troubled Veteran soldier with mental health issues and Post Traumatic Stress.  The kids on the block, playing hookey on bikes,

Big, chugging engines and cool old cars.  The stylish suits,  Although i stopped noticing clothes in the dark.

The Catholic Detective who goes back to see his old Priest.  Who knew/ taught him him when he was young.

The boxing gym and the championing of a young, officially troubled protege’.  & so it goes on.

The shouting, angry to apoplectic Police Chief Boss and/ or their political superior.  Constantly demanding answers and talking about how it will roll with the Press.

All this as listed would be all right if there was just some more flesh on top of the borrowed bones beneath.  But it has about as much flesh as vultures would leave carrion picked dry in the sun.

Low Winter Sun trundles on in the most appallingly unlit dark, impenetrable to the eye.  Things really buck up in the sunlight/ daylight. We can actually see.

Probably my favourite character in all is Sean,ex-husband of Maya who successfully acts everybody else off the screen.

Even writing about Low winter sun feels like pushing a wet cloth through an old wooden mangle and turning the handle.

As for all that effort, precious few drops of water fall to the ground  But i just keep on turning the handle, trying to find something to say.

I will keep watching just to see if Frank & Geddes get away with it.  Since that is the only really dramatic tension left.

( & Whether the gangsters get blatted i suppose.)

Since everything else is surprisingly dull.  it is like watching Inspector Montalbano and getting bored with the clever contorted plot.  & deciding instead to just look at the scenery and people talking a lot.

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