Low Winter Sun-Episode 3-warning-spoilers-on in the UK on FOX Channel # 157 on Virgin TV

Low Winter Sun Episode 3

some excerpts:

Frank goes to Canada to look for Katia.

Geddes & Boyd at the Office:
“You’re a weird dude!”

What is with calling Detective Khalil a Chaldean Cop?

So Billy is the guy one of the (stylish) gang shot.

Blond, green eyes, emerald eyes, Katia, from Romania”..

At the Catacombs:
(distant whimpering)

The Catacombs are not very plush.

Truly terrible song:
“It’s the same outside”
(missed this bit)
“I pretend to cry”
“Even if I cry alone”
“i forgot the start”
“use my hands to”
” use my heart”
“even if I died alone”
“even if I died alone”..

*** end of excerpts***

Here is the thing, I’m getting a bit bored with Low Winter sun.  It is a little tiresome. It probably always was. I feel like I have been trying.  (really i have)

But it is a bit boring.  On reflection i realise that this episode was lacking Lennie James as Geddes.

Geddes was in it, mainly shouting inappropriately in the Police Station at his young 13 year old daughter.  I guess this is his back-story.

Not sure if we are meant to feel sympathy for Geddes over seeing him passionately but angrily deal with his daughter.

Handcuffing her to the chair in the Police station was perhaps a little extreme.

We now know that Geddes lives with his Mother and that they are close-no madness.  Well not on his Mother’s part.

Gedde’s Mother seems remarkably accepting of the fact that he came home beat up bad.  I didn’t understand who Gedde’s Mother thought had done it & why she was so calm.  Perhaps she thought it was criminals.  Or maybe she is a bit naive.

Gedde’s Mother would not know that it was really Frank.  Frank & Geddes now having become like bickering parents intermittently attacking each other but over murder, dark dealings & death.

The rest of the time Geddes & Frank are together they drive around in the daylight with Geddes saying, Shakespearean as ever that the should pin McCann’s death on somebody.  & Frank saying that we will just pursue leads until they go cold.

& That really is it.

Apart from Frank’s rather boring and mono-syllabic quest to Canada as part of his never ending search for Kata.  His beloved golden flashback lady.

Frank is very tall.  So in the all pervading gloom it is hard to spot him but for his useful white bald head.  Frank might as well be standing in a cave with a candle most of the time.  Wherever he goes.

I became too bored to follow the plot with any earnestness.

The stylish gangsters with sullen and beautiful Maya and her handsome gangstger boyfriend are building up a business as a crack house as far as i can tell.  They have been warned their name is in a file by nice Frank and threatened by nasty Geddes.

This has doom written all over it.

However our sympathy is growing for the stylish gangsters as Maya extends a helping hand to the paper tearing man at the end of her bar.  One of the gang reject a would be worker for being under-age.  Stylish and with a moral code.  (this)  Equals classic gangster in dramas.

Geddes is given huge soliloquies to rant and rave and seems very persuasive towards Frank.

Geddes is very Shakespearean to me in his deliverances of his fiery and energetic speeches.  In fact he is going at 150% pretty much.  Some of which may well be fuelled by coke.

It is hard to tell if Geddes is on it all the time or whether he is like that anyway.  certainly the people in the Police office seem to accept his shouting so perhaps Geddes has done it before.

The speeches and dialogue of Geddes, so fervent and erudite and persuasive is why i named him Iago.  Since he whispers in Frank’s ear as if Frank was Othello.

The problem i think i have with Low Winter sun is the hook on which it started.  It stretches my credibility almost too far to believe that Frank could so easily be persuaded to do what he did.  By Geddes.  Although we have been party to the verbal power of Geddes.

& Also the premise that the rest of the Police team at the station would not all have thought that Frank & Geddes were acting really extremely oddly.  I mean really strange indeed.

 I would have thought it was abundantly clear that they weren’t acting like they normally would on a case.  Unless Frank & Geddes are getting away with it on the basis of being thought to be upset about McCann.

In a really enjoyable few scenes (possibly because we see daylight) we see Frank check in on an old Police colleague, homeless and drinking  He is the ex-husband of Maya we hear.

When Frank comes home late at night his old mate is sitting on the steps, drinking and waiting.  They sit companionably together on the stoop/ step.  Then they go in.

Geddes brings home his very beautiful daughter (who he has unaccountably decided to take to the door of   Billy’s Mother)

& Boyd, the ever bumptious & irrepressible Internal Affairs man with a professed love of duck hunting, sits in the Police Station and waits.

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